“Mob Rats Two Volume Set” is on sale today for only $2.99! That’s 70% off the price of buying the books individually.

Mob Rats - Two volume set

In addition to the two Mob Rats books ““Whitey Bulger – The Biggest Rat,” and “Mob Rats – Gangsters Who Squeal – Volume 1,” there’s a third “BONUS BOOK” included – “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps – Volume 1.”

For your copy, click the LINK below.

Product Description:

What Makes a Rat, a Rat?

MATHEW J. MARI – New York City Criminal Attorney for 37 years, and host of the “Mathew Mari Show” on WVOX 1460 AM – Westchester, New York.

“Contrary to popular opinion, rats are born and not made.

People think law enforcement ‘turns’ people into rats by persuading them to ‘turn state’s evidence,’ as the old saying goes. There is a difference between the verb ‘rat,’ which is what a lot of people do, and the noun ‘rat,’ which is what a lot of people are.

Real men don’t rat because they still have to look at themselves in the mirror. The reason they don’t rat is not because of some oath of silence (omerta), or because they are afraid of being killed, but because they simply ARE NOT RATS. The people who rat (the verb) do it because they ARE RATS (the noun). The people who rat were born rats and simply do what they were born to do when the circumstances benefit them.

It’s really that simple.”



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