Best Selling author Joe Bruno has 5 of the top 8 ranked books on in the category “Hot New Releases in Law Enforcement Biographies & Memoirs.”

Famous Murders Volume 1

“Famous Murders, Riots, Disasters, and Crooked Politicians: New York City – 1834 to 1938” is ranked highest at #2.

Product Description:

Murders are mostly gory. But some can be delectably delicious, especially when they revolve around a torrid love triangle. In “Famous Murders, Riots, Disasters, and Crooked Politicians – New York City – 1834 to 1938” we have several famous New York City murders that fit that bill.

Without issuing a “spoiler alert,” some the murders featured here are: The Murder of Helen Jewett by Richard Robinson – 1837, The Murder of Mary Rogers – “The Beautiful Cigar Girl” by Daniel Payne -1841, and The Murder of Architect Stanford White by Harry Kendall Thaw – 1906.

Riots and disaster are tragedies, and in this book we treat them as such. These riots and disasters include: The Civil War Draft Riots of 1863, The General Slocum Steamship Disaster of 1906, and The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – 1911.

Bringing up the rear are the crooked politicians, who all too often approximate the rear end of a horse. These creeps include: William “Boss” Tweed – 1850-1973, Timothy “Big Tim” Sullivan – 1894-1912, and the man who came within an inch of becoming the President of the United States – New York City Special Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey – 1931-1938.

So, slip into a nice comfortable chair with your beverage of choice; fire up your Kindle and enjoy!


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