Manager of Sarasota Oriental Restaurant Beaten to Death Over a $30 Check.

I ate at the New Dynasty about once a week. Mostly takeout. This poor man, who died last night, was a wonderful host. And he died for a $30 check three creeps refused to pay.

I wonder, if  Andrew Tian had a carry permit and had a gun on him, would he be dead now?

I have a carry permit, which was a pain to obtain. And I carry almost every time I leave my house. This is why.

There are too many human animals on the street who have no regard for human life, even here in sunny, supposedly-safe Sarasota, for people not to take their own self-protection seriously.

I wonder if Gov. Scott will appoint a special prosecutor, and provide additional law enforcement personnel to investigate this case like he did with the Martin-Zimmerman case.

Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this one?

We all know the answers to both questions, and it’s a damn shame.


2 Responses to “Manager of Sarasota Oriental Restaurant Beaten to Death Over a $30 Check.”

  1. Makes you wonder what the hell is happening to this planet …

    • In the past week, the Sarsota Herald Tribune has devoted 10 pages to dealing with the homeless proble. But not one word about a Chinese man beaten to death by three Hispanics.

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