Book Review “Florida versus Zimmerman” by Robert Zimmerman

Now that we know the verdict, it’s interesting to note there were two family tragedies here; not just one. Absolutely, the parents of Trayvon Martin suffered an enormous tragedy in having their son killed. But anyone without an ax to grind must surely now understand the government overcharged this case, which threw the family of George Zimmerman into turmoil too.
There are lot of bad guys and women fingered by Robert Zimmerman in his book. But to me, the two worst are Spike Lee and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Spike Lee, who has a floundering movie-making career (does anyone remember his last movie?) had the audacity to put on his website the address of George Zimmerman’s parents; ostensibly to urge people not happy with their son George’s actions, to take action against totally innocent people: his parents. This forced Robert Zimmerman and his wife, along with his elderly mother-in-law to flee into hiding. The fact that Robert Zimmerman’s mother-in-law is a very sick woman makes this tragedy all the more severe.

Shame on Spike Lee, and he should be sued by the Zimmermans and ostracized by everyone else.

The second bad guy is the governor of the state I now live in – Florida Governor Rick Scott. The case against Zimmerman was flimsy from the beginning. We all know that now. There was no case for second degree murder, and manslaughter was a slight possibility. The local Sanford police thoroughly investigated the case, and they declined to file charges against George Zimmerman. It should have ended right there.

But no, after foolish statements by President Obama (“Trayvon Martin could have been my son”), and pressure from race-baiting charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Governor Scott, a Republican who had an approval rating of 25%, decided to raise his approval rating among the liberals (who would never vote for him anyway), and appoint a special prosecutor to take a second look at the case. He chose Angela Corey, who made Torquemada look like Mary Poppins.

I know there are very few people on middle ground here. The chances are if you are white, you think the not-guilty verdict is just. And the chances are if you are black, you think the verdict was unjust. That’s totally understandable. It’s the divided country we now live in.

But after reading Robert Zimmerman’s book, “Florida versus Zimmerman,” I am surer than ever our government does not always look out for the best interests of its citizens. The recent IRS scandal and the snooping into the emails of journalists certainly emphasizes that point.


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