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International Best Selling Author Joe Bruno has 3 of the top 6 and 21 of the top 100 Best Selling Books on Amazon/United Kingdom in the category “True Crime – Hoaxes & Deceptions.”

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Cover Five Points

‘New York City’s Five Points The Most Dangerous and Decadent Neighborhood Ever!” is highest at #2. It’s also ranked #6 in the same category on Amazon/United States.

Product Description:

“The Five Points is personal to me. In 1914, my mother, the youngest of 12 children, was born at 104 Bayard Street. When I grew up, I lived around the corner at 134 White Street. During my youth, the area was called Little Italy. But at the time of my mother’s birth, it was still called the Five Points.

The term “Five Points” was coined in the early part of the nineteenth century because the area had at its center a five-point intersection formed by Orange Street (now Baxter Street), Cross Street (then Park and now Mosco Street – Frank Mosco was my Little League coach), Anthony Street (Now Worth), Little Water Street (which no longer exists), and Mulberry Street.

Across the street from the front entrance to my White Street tenement building, and close enough to reach with three or four leaping bounds, was the imposing city prison called the Tombs. The dark and dreary structure was the third incarnation of a major jailhouse in this area, the first two being located one block to the west on Center Street. The Tombs played an integral part of the Five Points’ sordid history. Hundreds of dastardly individuals were hung at the Tombs, and hundreds of thousands more had the Tombs as their mailing address, some permanently.

In 1896, at the prodding of journalist Jacob Riis, the hideous Mulberry Bend was demolished by the city, and Columbus Park was built in its stead. Before then, the Five Points was predominantly Irish, and it is estimated that 10,000 – 15,000 people, mostly Irish, lived in horrendous squalor in the four square blocks that of “The Bend.” When the Bend’s buildings were razed, the Irish were displaced. Most moved north to Hell’s Kitchen, the area bounded by 42nd Street and 59th Streets, between 7th and 12th Avenues.

After the demolition of Mulberry Bend, the Five Points became the domain of Italian immigrants sprinkled with a few hundred Chinese, who claimed parts of Mott, Pell, and Doyers Streets as their turf. In fact, over the first two decades of the twentieth century, the Five Points district evolved into two intertwining ethnic neighborhoods: Little Italy and Chinatown. It wasn’t until the mid-1920s that the term “Five Points” started to fade from the vocabulary of the area’s residents.

Most remnants of the original Five Points are long gone. But the names of its former inhabitants still flicker across the lips of many New Yorkers, never in a flattering way.

So, fire up your Kindle and read about some of the most distasteful creatures ever to roam the face of the earth. They all inhabited my old Five Points neighborhood in times gone by.”

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Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Gangsters Put Bounty on Dublin Reporter

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If you are a newspaper reporter working in Dublin, Ireland, and write something Dublin criminals don’t like, you just might wind up in the morgue.

According to published reports, crime reporter Mick McCaffrey, who writes for the Sunday World, has a €20,000 price tag on his head because he wrote, according to the article below, “A number of articles recently about the sexual activities of a crime gang’s boss, who is currently in jail.”

Exactly what was written by McCaffrey isn’t clear, but whatever it was it enraged this crime boss, because other criminals residing in the same jail read the article and began saying salacious things to him. According to Garda sources, a man, who has taken up the €20,000 bounty from the gang, is a “violent psychopath,” and considered extremely dangerous. As a result, McCaffrey has gone into hiding, and is living in a “safe house” closely guarded by the Dublin police.

This is not the first time that a Dublin reporter has been threatened with death. Irish Sun reporter Paul Williams is under 24-hour police guard after he too wrote disparaging articles about Dublin criminals. In 2003, an organized crime gang with links to the Irish National Liberation Army placed a booby-trapped bomb under his car. Furthermore, in 1996, Dublin journalist Veronica Guerin was shot to death after leaving the courthouse, by gang members associated with convicted Dublin drug dealer John Gilligan.

So far, six people have been arrested by the garda in connection with the murder plot, but there are still others out there who are willing and able to do what is necessary to collect the €20,000 bounty.

The only related American cases I can recall is when New York City reporter Victor Riesel was blinded in 1956, when an unknown gangster threw sulfuric acid in Riesel’s face as he left Lindy’s restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Also in 1943, Italian Carlo Tresca, the editor and publisher of the Italian Newspaper Il Martello, which was sold in New York City, was gunning down on 5th Avenue and 13th street in Manhattan, allegedly by Mafia members who were acting on orders from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

So these things can, and will happen; anyplace in the world, not only in Dublin.

The article below can be seen at:

Irish gangsters put bounty on head of Dublin crime reporter

Irish police say they have uncovered a plot to murder three people, including Sunday World journalist Mick McCaffrey

The threats against Mick McCaffrey have raised fears of another assassination similar to that of Veronica Guerin, who was shot dead by Irish gangsters in 1996. Photograph: PA

An Irish crime gang has put a bounty of €20,000 (£17,200) on the head of a Dublin journalist, police sources say, provoking fears of another assassination similar to that of Veronica Guerin.

Irish police said on Thursday they had uncovered a plan “at an advanced stage” to have three people murdered in the city, including crime reporter Mick McCaffrey, a former reporter with the Evening Herald who now works for the Sunday World.

Six people have been arrested in connection with the murder plot. Among the others targeted is a member of the Garda Síochána and a witness willing to give evidence against the gang over an assault at a Dublin hospital two years ago.

McCaffrey has taken a number of security precautions while Gardai monitor his home and a safe house where he currently lives.

Garda sources said the gang behind the threat are from west Dublin.

Detectives believe McCaffrey has been targeted because he wrote a number of articles recently about the sexual activities of the crime gang’s boss, who is currently in jail. They said the gangster became “apoplectic with rage” over the reports and ordered a hit against McCaffrey. It is understood fellow inmates read the stories and started taunting him.

McCaffrey’s former Sunday World colleague, Irish Sun reporter Paul Williams, has 24-hour Garda protection following death threats from Dublin gangsters. In 2003 a crime gang with links to the Irish National Liberation Army placed a booby-trapped bomb under his car.

The threats, assaults and murder plots against Irish journalists began in 1996 when gangsters loyal to the convicted Dublin drug dealer John Gilligan shot Veronica Guerin dead as she was returning from a court case.

Her death provoked national protests and prompted the government to set up the Criminal Assets Bureau – the crime fighting unit tasked with seizing money and assets of criminals. Guerin’s expose of Dublin gangland and her death was later the subject of a Holywood biopic starring Cate Blanchett.Criminal Assets Bureau

Five years later the Loyalist Volunteer Force shot dead Sunday World reporter Martin O’Hagan in front of his wife near their home in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

This latest threat is being taken extremely seriously by both the Garda Síochána and the Dublin media. Garda sources say the man who has taken up the €20,000 bounty from the gang is a “violent psychopath”.

Joe Bruno on the Mob – Fat Freddie Thompson Out On Bail in Spain.

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As was predicted in an earlier blog, Fat Freddie Thompson’s wise move to allow himself to be extradited from Cloverhill prison in Ireland to Spain to face charges worked out perfectly. Days after he was extradited, Thompson was brought to a courthouse in Estepona where he faced charges of drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, money laundering and unlawful assembly.

And guess what?

The judge allowed Thompson out on bail, which would have never happened had Thompson remained in custody in Ireland.

According to the article below, “Sources believe that his decision to agree to extradition to Spain to face the charges is a ‘tactical maneuver’ to allow him to continue his life of crime.”

Ya think???

Just so Thompson won’t miss any conjugal visits, reports say it is likely Thompson will be joined in Marbella, Spain by his girlfriend Vicky Dempsey and his young son.

It’s amazing how a criminal like Thompson was able to play the system in Europe, which is a place that is notoriously light on crime. Sure the cops in Europe put on a big show or arresting this one and that one. Yet Thompson, for all his alleged criminal activities, was able to avoid prosecution in Ireland. Then instead of languishing in an Irish jail after he was arrested on a European arrest warrant issued by Spain, Thompson said something like, “I think I rather go to Spain, where those dopes will be stupid enough to let me out on bail.”

Kiddies, they used to say, “Only in the movies.”

Now I say, “Only in Europe,” where the last time I looked, two European counties named Greece and Italy, are looking for a European bailout because they have run out of money, basically because of runaway socialistic spending.

Now I know why so many rich Europeans are breaking down the door in America, trying to get into a country that only screws the rich a little bit. Europeans are fighting to get E-2 visas in America, like fat men fighting for the last meatball on the dining room table.

Criminals like Freddie Thompson perform country-hoping exercises in Europe to avoid jail as easily as an Italian drinks a bottle of wine. And to make matters worse, people are rioting in the streets in Europe because their big bad country is trying to pull the ever-present safety net from out under their lazy fat butts.

Give me the good old U.S. of A. anytime. Every time an American arrives home from across the pond, they should kiss the ground as soon as they get off the plane.

And the girls are prettier in America too.

No mustaches.

The article below can be seen at:


Sun shines on ‘Fat’ Freddie as he gets bail


By Niall O’Connor

Tuesday November 01 2011

GANG Boss ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson was today enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine after being freed on bail from a Spanish court.

The 30-year-old criminal was brought by armed officers to a courthouse in Estepona where he faced charges of drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, money laundering and unlawful assembly.

Thompson was extradited to Spain last Friday at the request of officers probing his links to Irish gang boss Christy Kinahan’s €1bn crime empire.

Sources believe that his decision to agree to extradition to Spain to face the charges is a “tactical manoeuvre” to allow him to continue his life of crime.

However the Crumlin gangster was spared more prison time after agreeing to bail conditions and was today soaking up the Spanish sunshine.

Thompson was ordered to hand over his passport and to sign on at the court twice per month until his case is heard — a requirement that is likely to bring him into contact with alleged associates John Cunningham and Kinahan’s sons Daniel and Christopher.

And it is likely Thompson will be joined in Marbella by girlfriend Vicky Dempsey (30) and his young son.

He is believed to be staying in a plush villa along with his cousin, Liam Byrne (32).

Spanish officers are expected to keep close tabs on the gangland boss over fears he may be targeted by enemies.

If convicted, Thompson is facing nine years in prison.

Thompson spent 13 days on the D2 wing of Cloverhill prison before being flown to Spain. He is thought to have then spent the weekend in prisons in Madrid and Alhaurin de la Torre — home to killers Dermot McArdle and Eric ‘Lucky’ Wilson.

Sources at Cloverhill have revealed that Thompson indicated being on bail in Spain would be a more attractive option than an Irish jail.

“He was always polite and caused no trouble whatsoever,” according to a senior officer.

While awaiting his extradition hearing, Thompson received three visitors.

One of these visitors is believed to be a close associate of fugitive Eugene Cullen, who is being sought for questioning by detectives in relation to a robbery in Dundrum and a fatal shooting in 2009.

Suspected gangland boss, ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson bailed in Spain

Costa del Sol

Friday, 04 November 2011 18:49



SUSPECTED crime boss ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson was released on bail following a court appearance in Estepona. Thompson was arrested in Dublin on a European arrest warrant on October 14 and consented to extradition.

The 30-year-old Dubliner spent 13-days in Cloverhill Prison in Ireland before being flown to Spain last Friday and spending the weekend in prisons in Madrid and Alhaurin de la Torre.

While he has not been officially charged with any crimes he “has been informed he is under investigation for crimes including money laundering, unlawful assembly and drugs trafficking,” a court source told Irish daily the Independent.

The three conditions of his bail are that he cannot leave Spain, hands in his passport to the authorities and signs on at court twice a month on days fixed by the court.”

If convicted he faces nine-years in prison in Spain

Joe Bruno on the Mob – Fat Freddy Thompson’s Paperwork Cleared For Extradition to Spain

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It seems being in prison for 12 days in Dublin made Fat Freddie Thompson a little less hefty, but it sure hasn’t hurt his thought process.

Some people were a little shocked that Thompson would agree so easily to be extradited from an Irish prison to Spain to face charges he was involved in a drug gang run by Irish mob boss Christy Kinahan. But there may be a method to Thompson’s madness.

Irish authorities feel very strongly that Thompson would get a much better chance in Spain of getting bail while awaiting trial, than he would in Cloverhill Prison in west Dublin. If Thompson did get bail in Spain, and that is a very iffy proposition at best, then Thompson would be in a great position to go on the lam to avoid prosecution. Thompson has been a heavy traveler all across Europe in the past several years, and it would not be hard for him to pull a disappearing act to anyone of the many cities, towns, hamlets, or even somewhere in the moors of Great Britain.

One thing for sure, you can’t sell Thompson short when it comes to going “into the wind.” He’s done that before and has been very successful at it.

This might explain why Thompson waived the usual 10-day delay on the extradition. Thompson’s lawyer said that “Mr Thompson was ‘anxious’ to be surrendered to the Spanish authorities and did not want to ‘hold the process up’.”

Men like Thompson always have an ace up their sleeves. I’m anxious to see what happens in Spain. But If Thompson is indeed able to get bail (and I’m sure he had tons of money stashed away someplace to put up for bail), don’t count on him ever making it into a Spanish court.

Frankly, waiving extradition to Spain was the smart move, and Fat Freddie Thompson has always proved to be pretty smart when it comes to avoiding prison.


The articles below can be seen at:

Fat’ Freddie set to be extradited after paperwork delays

By Charlie Mallon

Friday October 28 2011

A PAPERWORK delay was finally overcome today to allow for the uncontested extradition of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson to Spain.

Arrangements are now under way to process the 30-year-old Dublin gangster in a Madrid court on gangland charges tomorrow.

He was due to be flown out yesterday but a further delay arose in the presentation of documents, which has repeatedly held up the extradition process.

He had waived all rights to contest the European warrant for his arrest on drugs and gun charges linked to Spain- based Irish gang boss, Christy Kinahan.

The move was initially expected to take just two or three days.

But Thompson has spent the past 12 days in the remand prison at Cloverhill in west Dublin where he has been accommodated in a segregated unit on the D2 landing.

Today’s plan is for the heavily armed Special Detective Unit to accompany him on the initial leg of his journey to Dublin Airport.

He is being handed over to Spanish authorities on the runway at the airport.

‘Fat’ Freddie who, according to prison sources, has lost a considerable amount of weight, is expected to be sent initially to the Soto del Real prison near Madrid.

Charlie Mallon

Jailed Freddie’s girlfriend hands over his passport

By Charlie Mallon

Wednesday October 26 2011

‘FAT’ Freddie Thompson’s girlfriend has handed over his passport to authorities ahead of his extradition to Spain.

The gang boss arranged for his girlfriend Vicky Dempsey to access his passport and hand it over.

She brought it with her on Saturday after an earlier visit to him at Cloverhill remand prison, where he is being held.

After a morning visit to his cell on the D2 wing, she returned in the afternoon and left the passport at the main gate for delivery to the governor’s office.

It is understood the passport was locked in the safe there before being taken to the office of governor Sean Quigley.

Ms Dempsey has been his most frequent visitor since his arrest on October 14.

Immediately after his arrest, on a European warrant on charges relating to weapons and drug trafficking, Thompson decided on his strategy. Following a visit from his solicitor he indicated to prison staff that he would not not be taking a legal proceedings to stall his immediate extradition.

He confirmed this in the High Court, saying he consented to extradition “straight away”.

The 30-year-old waived a 10-day delay on the extradition with his lawyer, saying Mr Thompson was “anxious” to be surrendered to the Spanish authorities and did not want to “hold the process up”.

The Spanish authorities have been seeking his extradition on the grounds that he is a member of a criminal organisation.

Gardai insist that Thompson knows he has a better chance now of getting bail in Spain, where senior officers would be strenuously objecting to bail on any terms.

– Charlie Mallon

Joe Bruno on the Mob – Fat Freddie Thompson Extradited to Spain

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Well it looks like Fat Freddie Thompson may be in for a long stretch in a Spanish prison.

Thompson was arrested in mid-October in Dublin, Ireland, on the basis of a European Arrest Warrant issued from Malaga, Spain last year. It seems that Thompson, while he was in Spain, was wiretapped having several conversations with associate Gary Hutch. In these conversations, the Spanish authorities claim the two men were discussing the distribution of drugs in Spain, Portugal, and Amsterdam.

The Spanish police also says that Thompson was a bodyguard and chauffeur for the Christy Kinahan crime family, whom Thompson has recently fallen out of favor with. In a undercover operation called Operation Shovel, the Spanish police gathered information which they say proves that the Kinahan Crime Family is “heavily involved in gun crime, drug trafficking and money laundering through a complex network of companies.”

After staying in a Dublin jail for several days, Thompson has agreed to be extradited to Spain to stand trial. If convicted of the charges in Spain, Thompson could spend up to nine years in prison.

Before he agreed to be extradited to Spain, Thompson tried in vain to get the government to pick up his lawyer’s tab. Thompson’s counsel John Berry argued in court that Thompson was basically indigent and has been supported by his mother for the past few years. Thompson did have a €20,000 settlement he received in road accident claim three years ago, but Berry said that money has already been spent. The judge didn’t buy Berry’s argument, saying that Thompson appears to travel freely whenever he wants to (you need money to do so), and that Thompson is not registered to pay tax in Ireland, nor does he receive social welfare.

Thompson has been placed in a special protection unit in jail, because the government fears some of his former colleagues may be out to get Thompson, and also because they fear Thompson may instigate some violence of his own in prison. Also, Thompson is not allowed any visitors except for his lawyer.

Stay tuned for more developments in the Fat Freddy Thompson saga.

The article below can be seen at:

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson consents to extradition to Spain
19/10/2011 – 16:00:36

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson has consented to his extradition to Spain to face charges that he is a member of a criminal gang involved in drugs and arms trafficking.

The 30-year-old from Loreto Road, Maryland, Dublin was arrested last Friday on a European Arrest Warrant issued from Malaga last year.

While appearing relaxed at times in court, Mr Thompson seemed impatient for today’s proceedings to wrap up.

The 30-year-old has agreed to his immediate surrender to police in Spain, where he will face three charges of being part of an international criminal organisation that deal in weapons and drugs.

If convicted, he could face up to nine years in a Spanish prison.

The judge refused him legal aid after State lawyers objected on the grounds that while Thompson appears to travel freely and frequently from the jurisdiction, he is not registered for tax, nor is he in receipt of social welfare.

Thompson’s counsel John Berry argued to no avail that his client has been supported by his mother and that €20,000 compensation received in road accident claims three years ago had been spent.

Gardai in Spain for ‘Fat’ Freddie handover deal

By Ken Foy, Crime correspondent,

DUBLIN detectives have travelled to Spain to negotiate the handover of gangster ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson.

Sources say that gardai are spending a number of days with their Spanish counterparts examining evidence against Thompson.

“This is standard procedure in a case like this,” a source said.

Thompson is due to appear before the High Court today where he is expected to apply for bail after being remanded in custody on Friday when he was arrested on a European Arrest Warrant.

Spanish authorities want to extradite him to Spain and they allege that Thompson operated as a bodyguard and chauffeur for the Christy Kinahan drugs organisation, which was targeted in a massive international police operation in May, 2010, known as Operation Shovel.

Spanish authorities say that the Kinahan organisation is heavily involved in gun crime, drug trafficking and money laundering through a complex network of companies.

Sources have revealed that in the weeks before his arrest, Thompson had fallen out of favour with the Kinahan mob — organisation who his gang has been sourcing drugs from for over a decade.

A European Arrest Warrant has also been issued for Thompson’s close pal Gary Hutch (30) but gardai have not been able to find him.

The Herald has previously revealed that Thompson’s arrest warrant contains explosive details about a phone call tapped by Spanish police in December, 2009, between ‘Fat’ Freddie and Hutch in which the two criminals discuss firearms.

The warrant also alleged that ‘Fat’ Freddie and Hutch travelled together to Portugal in November, 2009 and Amsterdam in May, 2010, to organise drug shipments.

The warrant also states that Hutch and Thompson lived together in Spain and were “right-hand men” of Daniel Kinahan — the son of Ireland’s richest drugs trafficker Christy Kinahan.

Also mentioned on the warrant is Ross Browning (27) from north inner city Dublin who is alleged to have collected a major Irish criminal from Malaga Airport in May, 2010, in a car which was also regularly used by the notorious criminal Hutch.

Browning was one of around 30 people arrested by police investigating Kinahan’s drug organisation last year.

He was released without charge after being questioned for a number of days by Spanish authorities.

Since being sent to Cloverhill Prison on Friday, Thompson has been placed in the protection unit in the jail because of fears that he may become a victim of a feud related attack or that he may orchestrate violence within the prison.

It is understood he has had no visitors in jail.

Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Gangster Rides a Bike to Avoid Being “Hit.”

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Martin Foley, an 59-year-old Irish criminal called “The Viper,” is a wanted man these days. So to avoid his car exploding when he’s headed on a trip to collect his money on the streets, “The Viper” has taken to riding a bicycle around Dublin.

How embarrassing, and not the safest thing in the world to do either.

It seems that Foley has a €60,000 bounty on his head, which was allegedly posted by The Godfather of Irish mob bosses: Christy Kinahan, affectionately called “The Dapper Don.” It seems that over a decade ago, Foley swindled Kinahan out of €100,000, and now that Kinahan is scheduled to begin serving a four-year jail term for money laundering, he wants to tied up some “loose ends.” Unfortunately for Foley, he is one of those loose ends Kinahan wants tied up, or actually eliminated.

According to the article below in the Irish crime reporting publication call Sunday World, Kinahan has given the contract to Fat Freddy Thompson to whack out Foley, who has survived four murder attempts already. But Fat Freddy as problems of his own, since he is reportedly “holed up at his mother’s house after it was firebombed by rivals who want him dead.”

So to sum things up, Kinahan is headed to the can, Fat Freddy is incognito for the time being, and Foley is peddling his butt around Dublin, with his head on a swivel.

Not a great time for organized crime figures in Dublin, Ireland.

The article below is available at the following link:


September 12, 2011

GANGLAND hardman Martin Foley has taken to his bike in a bid to dodge another assassination attempt.

”The Viper’ is paranoid about car bombs and hitmen outside his Dublin home after ‘Dapper Don’ Christy Kinahan offered €60,000 to have him whacked.

Each morning Foley, who has survived four murder bids already, checks for hidden devices under his car and is now cycling instead of driving himself. And the Viper is not the only gangland tough guy under siege this weekend.

Violent mob boss ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson is holed up at his mother’s house after it was firebombed by rivals who want him dead.

Thompson has even gone to the gardai looking for protection as the feud threatens to explode.
Viper’s Vicious Cycle

MARTIN ‘The Viper’ Foley has been warned that his life is in serious danger after ‘The Dapper Don’ Christy Kinahan put a €60,000 bounty on his head.

The Sunday World has learnt that Christy Kinahan’s son Daniel has been telling criminals around Dublin that his father will put up the money to anybody who manages to shoot the Viper dead.

Kinahan wants Foley whacked after accusing him of scamming him out of €100,000 in a row that goes back over a decade. Foley was recently approached and warned to pay up but refused so Kinahan has decided that he should be taken out according to Sunday World sources.

Foley has escaped four previous assassination bids and is said to be concerned about the latest murder contract and has taken to travelling around on a bicycle in disguise.

He also no longer drives himself and checks under his car and van for bombs each morning and evening according to insiders.

The Sunday World observed Foley on his bike last Friday morning and when he returned after an hour an associate arrived in a van to drive the 59 year-old criminal around to intimidate people as part of his debt collection business.

It can also be revealed that gardai recovered three guns a short distance away from Foley’s house on Cashel Avenue last week and believe that they were being stored to use in another hit attempt on the notorious villain.

A close associate of Fat Freddie Thompson was arrested close to where the deadly arsenal was being stored and detectives believe that he was intent on shooting the Viper and claiming the loot.

Because the recession has drastically affected the sale of drugs it is thought that a number of serious criminals will consider taking up the contract.

Martin Foley has been told by gardai that there is a threat on his life with sources saying that he is taking extreme personal security measures and is using anti-surveillance techniques wherever he goes to make sure he is not being followed.

Gardai have stepped up patrols on Foley’s road because of the death contract.

In January 2008 a close associate of Freddie Thompson ambushed Foley as he was leaving the Carlisle Health and Fitness gym on the Kimmage Road. The 24 year-old calmly walked up to Foley’s Audi A6 and opened fire with a Glock 9mm pistol.

Seven shots were fired at Foley from close range with four hitting him in the lower chest, shoulder and leg. Another bullet grazed his head.

Foley believed he was going to die and shouted out the name of his attacker but after he survived he refused to cooperate with gardai.

Christy Kinahan was also behind that murder attempt and ordered Freddie Thompson to set it up. Kinahan is the undisputed godfather of Irish organised crime and operated for over a decade from Marbella masterminding the importation of an estimated €1bn worth of drugs.

However he was targeted by Spanish police a year ago and his empire fell apart. He was extradited from Spain to Belgium last week to serve a four-year jail term for money laundering.

Sources say that Kinahan has been “tying up loose ends” over the last few weeks and that he will not rest until Foley is six feet under.

The Dapper Don was furious that the murder attempt failed but it had been thought that peace had been declared between the two men but garda sources have told them about the latest contract and are taking the threat very seriously.

Christy Kinahan and Foley fell out in the late 1990s after Kinahan accused The Viper of scamming him out of €100,000. Kinahan despised Martin Foley, but he never tried to exact revenge on Foley for the alleged con job.

However, Kinahan was eager to return to Ireland but knew that he couldn’t show his face in Dublin if he did not seek revenge for the missing money. So, he asked Thompson to take out Foley as a personal favour to him.

Joe Bruno on the Mob -Corrections on Irish Republican Army Article

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I received an email from Ronan Falsey concerning the article below, where I commented on an article posted about the Irish Republican Army. The article appeared in the Irish Republic newspaper. Ronan pointed out some inaccuracies to me which I will attempt to correct.

First of all his brother first name is Dearan, not Darren. Also Dearan was 36 when he passed away, and not 37.

Most importantly, Ronan said his brother was not a drug dealer, and when the Gardi searched his property, they found no evidence of drugs. Also, the IRA issued no statement claiming any responsibility for Dearan’s killing, as they usually do. And finally Ronan said Dearan did not have any friend killed for not paying extortion money to the IRA.

Unfortunately, I comment on articles written throughout the world. These newspapers and magazines have fact checkers, so I can only assume what they have written is correct. I’m a one-person operation. And I write one post on my blog a day. It’s impossible for me to independently fact check articles that should have been fact checked already.

However, if anyone finds any inaccuracies in what I write, when I take my information from accredited news organizations, I will gladly correct the inaccuracies.

Joe Bruno


The moral of this story is not to piss off the Irish Republican Army.

In a move right out the America Mafia, it seems that the IRA has been demanding protection money from every drug dealer in Ireland. The latest drug dealer, who has been killed because he refused to pay up, was Darren Falsey, who was murdered in what the Irish police (gardai) called a “professional hit.” The 37-year-old Falsey was shot soon after he returned to his Ashbourne Court home in Carrigaline, County Cork, after having visited a pal in Cork prison.

Last year the Real IRA compiled a list of drug dealers who were slated to be whacked because they had refused to make protection payments. Falsey was not on that original list, but it’s likely he was added later, after a friend was killed, reportedly because Falsey’s friend had refused to pay extortion money. The gardai then think Falsey was told to pay up a substantial bit of cash (from 50,000 to 80,000 pounds), and when he refused, he was given the same treatment as his pal.

The gardai, putting two and two together, think the IRA has come up with a new way to raise more money for their cause. And who better to extort this money from than drug dealers, who can’t run to the police once they’ve been threatened?

The Irish Independent in the article below say that “Gardai have been carefully monitoring the Real IRA in Cork amid concerns that a new leadership structure is trying to “bolster funding and recruitment levels.”

Still, the gardai feel it’s part of their job to protect all citizens, even those who ride on the wrong side of the law. So they have contracted numerous drug dealers, whom they believe to be on on the IRA’s “hit list,” and have advised them to “review their personal security,” which is a cute way of saying “Either hide your butt or get the hell out of Dodge City.”

Drug dealers, being the hard type of people they usually are, are not likely to listen too closely to the IRA, when the IRA is seeking to dig deeply into their drug profits. So expect a few more Irish drug dealers to bite the dust.

Worse things could happen.

The following article appeared in the Irish Independent

DRUG-GANG members who faced death threats last year from the Real IRA are being contacted about their personal safety following the murder of Darren Falsey.
Mr Falsey — who was associated with a major drugs gang on Cork’s southside — was murdered last Wednesday in what gardai now consider to have been a professional killing.

The 37-year-old was shot within minutes of returning to his Ashbourne Court home in Carrigaline, Co Cork, having visited a friend in Cork prison that morning.

Gardai are convinced that the killer had the rented house shared by Mr Falsey and his partner, Lorraine, under surveillance for some time.
Detectives are focused on two investigation theories: that the father of two either owed money to a major Cork criminal or was targeted because he refused to pay protection money to a dissident republican cell.

Last year, the Real IRA issued a list of named drug dealers that it threatened to kill.

Mr Falsey’s name was not on that list. However, an acquaintance of his was later assaulted in what detectives suspect was an attack by dissident republican supporters.

Gardai conducted raids over the past 18 months in which suspected dissident republican supporters were arrested after intelligence that attacks on named individuals were being planned.

The Real IRA claimed responsibility for the murder of Gerard ‘Topper’ Staunton (42), who was killed in front of his partner and her child in Wilton, Cork, in January 2010.
Mr Falsey got a bullet in the post last month although he did not subsequently upgrade his personal security.

Gardai are examining claims that attempts were made to extort ‘protection money’ of €50,000 to €80,000 from Mr Falsey over recent weeks.

Detectives are also trying to determine if other individuals in Cork have received extortion demands or death threats over recent months.

The Irish Independent understands that some individuals will be advised to review their personal security.
Senior gardai are concerned that dissident republicans may believe that extorting money from criminal figures offers a new fundraising avenue.

Gardai have been carefully monitoring the Real IRA in Cork amid concerns that a new leadership structure is trying to bolster funding and recruitment levels.