About Joe Bruno


A Vietnam veteran in the United States Navy, Joseph J. Bruno started out in the newspaper business in the mid 1970’s as a sports columnist for the New York Tribune. During the 70’s and 80’s, Bruno was an associate editor for Boxing Illustrated and monthly contributor to Ring Magazine.

In 1986-1987, Bruno wrote a sports column for the Times Herald Record in Middletown, New York. His articles have also appeared in Penthouse Magazine, Razor Magazine, Boxing Today, Boxing World, International Boxing Digest, Referee Magazine and Inside Boxing. Bruno was elected Vice President of the Boxing Writers of America from 1982-86, and Vice President of the International Boxing Writers from 1980-89. In 1986, Bruno received an award for Excellence in Boxing Journalism from Ring#8, and in 1987 the Best Boxing Writer Award from the American Association For the Improvement of Boxing. From 1997-98 Bruno was sports director and host of “In the Know With Jolting Joe” on WQSA 1220 in Sarasota, Florida.

In 2000, Bruno’s first novel Angel of Death was published by iUniverse.com.

Bruno’s second novel “Find Big Fat Fanny Fast” was published in 2010.

Bruno’s  non-fiction book “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps – Volume 1 – New York City” was published in June 2011.

“Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps – Volume 2 – New York City” was published in December 2011.

“Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps – Volume  3 – New York City” was published in March 2012.

“The Wrong Man: Who Ordered the Murder of Gambler Herman Rosenthal and Why” was published May 2012.

“Murder and Mayhem in the Big Apples  – From the Black Hand to Murder Incorporated” was published June 2012.

“Mob Wives – Fuhgeddaboudit!” was published August 24, 2012.

“Joe Bruno’s Mobsters – Six Volume Set” was published September 16, 2012.

Visit Joe Bruno’s website at: http://josephbrunowriter.com



39 Responses to “About Joe Bruno”

  1. I was searching for information about Joseph P. Ryan and found your website. I have a photograph of Joseph P. Ryan at his annual picnic, and the photograph includes my late Aunt as a child. My father told me that Ryan was head of the ILA and held an annual picnic. My grandfather was a union loader (member of the Longshoreman’s Union) on Pier 61 and apparently knew Ryan well. My grandfather ultimately injured his back on the job and was disabled after the accident. I was wondering if I could cut and paste some of the information about Ryan to my Ancestry.com pages, because I am posting the picture of Ryan with my Aunt. Thank you.

  2. Went to Funeral Home of Stephen Maggadino With paranormal group, comprised of Town of Niagara supervisor, and various police officers, amongst others. Recorded two women, one with the name of Mary, one with the name of Helen. Trying to find out who these two women may be. Come across these names in your research? Employee? Mistress? Thanks.

  3. Just came upon this site and have been reading about Kid Twist, et al. After years of reading about these guys, I became frustrated at the lack of detail in their stories. Finally, I found your site and am finally learning something new! And, I’m an It-Am like you that isn’t offended by any of this. Grazie!

  4. I don’t suppose you have any information on Millionaire Charlie Matranga from the New Orlean’s crime families? He is actually a relative of mine, but I have zero information about him…I’d be curious to hear about the Matranga Crime family..


    PS: No, there are no more mafia connections in our family anymore that I know of. I don’t expect he was a great guy…

  5. Bird — Get the book The First Family by Mike Dash. Starting on Chapter 4 — page 89 they mention the Matranga Family and the connection they had to the murder of New Orleans Police Commissioner Hennessy in 1890.

  6. Dear Joe,

    Can you please take a look at my show… maybe a mention?

    I love your blog…



    • I wish your show had a different name. I’ve been called a Guinea many times, espcially when I was in the armed forces during the Viet Nam War. And they didn’t mean it as a compliment. I don’t know what your age group is, or the demographic for your show, but believe me, Italian Americans in my age group don’t find the word Guinea amusing.

      Still, I’ll take a look at your show.

      • Ray, I just took a look at your show, and I’m going to do you a favor; I’m not going to write a word about it. Because if I did, it would not be complimentary.

        Again, you and your people might find the word “Guinea” quite funny, but I certainly don’t and I’ve got a hell of a good sense of humor.

        I’ll tell you this, if you ever had a show called “The Nigger Show,” the Naacp would be right up your butt and rightfully so. Then Sharpton would be right in the middle, with Jesse Jackson, followed by the Black Panters. And then things would get ugly.

        Stereotypes are harmful even if you find them funny.

        Again, as a favor, I’m not going to write a word about your show.

  7. Chris Catenacci Says:

    Hey Bruno,
    I was wondering about what you wrote about the Joseph Rosen murder in 1936. You wrote that Harry Maione and Harry Strauss were at the scene and that they received the contract by Mendy Weiss. Was Weiss at the scene ? He claimed he was at his brothers birthday party and had a few family members and a girlfriend as witnesses.
    Thank you
    Chris Catenacci

  8. Chris Catenacci Says:

    thanks for answering that fast man. thats interesting. why do you think so ? I read that Weiss was pretty much involved in the opium business and was indicted on narcotic charges at Dallas and NY. Did you have any access to the 1941 kings county Rosen trial records ? Or do you know if its possible to receive them ?

    • Chris, I have a new book coming out entitled “Murder and Mayhem in the Big Apple – From the Black Hand to Murder Incorporated.” I cover the Joe Rosen murder trial where Weiss, Louis Capone and Louie Lepke get convicted. I got this information from the New York Times internet archives. The book should be on Amazon.com next week. Only 99 cents.

      • Chris Catenacci Says:

        I will check it out. I also read Kunstlers “First Degree” which covered the trial. The original testimonies would be really interesting though

      • I have some of the original testimony of the Rosen trial in my new book. Especially the testimony of Lepke’s former parter Max Rubin, who Lepke had someone try to kill because Rubin returned to NY City without Lepke’s permission after Lepke told Rubin to go on the lam.

        Rubin was shot in the head, but he lived, albeit with a crooked neck.

        Send me your email and I’ll send you a free copy of the ebook when it comes out next week. If you like the book, I’d appreciate it if you wrote a review on Amazon.com.

        His testimony was the final nail in Lepke’s coffin.

  9. Chris Catenacci Says:

    Thanks, I would really appreciate it ! Rubin was shot by one Schlermer and afterwards Seymoor Magoon was hired by Weiss to finish the job if I am correct. my email is: checkdasaus@gmx.de

    By the way I found an interesting New York Times article which I cant read fully because I have no subscription, but it says that “in 1939 Emanuel Weiss, another narcotics smuggling suspect who is wanted also by District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey, for questioning in the murder of Louis Cohen…” Do you have access to the article ? http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=FA0B12F93854107A93C0A81782D85F4D8385F9

  10. Chris Catenacci Says:

    Is the 17 year old Emanuel Weiss in this ny times article the one we are talkin about ? This happened 1923. Weiss was born 1906. Can you send me the article if you think its him ?


  11. keith messina Says:

    hey this is keith messina as you see i did not get it iceland woman got reward

  12. Hello Mr Bruno, I just finished the book “The first family” I was shocked to see the name Salvatore Manzella mentioned as a wine and foods merchant with a store on Elizabeth street on the lower east side NYC. The story goes around 1903 or so he was being extorted By Lupo “the Wolf” for years apparently to the point of gong out of business. The book mentioned that Manzella testified(?). Could this be my Great Grandfather? In 1927 he was found dead, buried alive accidentally while working in the streets for a friend ?. Wow!, now I am obsessed in discovering if this man is my ancestor. I’ve searched a bit but thus far I’ve come up dry. I know my Grandpa came off the SS San Guglielmo in 1914 and moved to Stanton street where his dad Sal lived. Do you think you can help me find out more?
    Thank you

  13. Duane Quinn Says:

    Hey Joe,
    Did you appear on Joey Renolds overnight WOR Radio show a few years back? I think you were playing an audio interview clip you made with Henry Hill’s step daughter were she made a few semi shocking comments…Was that you?

  14. Duane Quinn Says:

    Thanks for that reply Joe…That Joey Renolds interview (I thought was with you) was with an Italian New York crime writer who had a blog. How many of you guys are doing this? (Ha Ha!!!).
    I remember Cha Cha’s weekly appearances on that show…He has a great sense of humor. Since they replaced Joey’s show almost 3 years ago he (Joey) seems to have disappeared….
    I didn’t know these stories could be so interesting until I started reading around here on this blog. I’m originally from Coney Island and Gravesend Brooklyn. Great writing here….I’ll pick up your material on Amazon….Thanks!!!!!

  15. Dear Mr. Bruno, I am a biographer and author. I find your book fascinating. You have an interesting way with words. Like from another era. That era. The 1920s. The Cotton Club specifics and detail comes to mind. It makes me want to know more. If there is more you can tell me about the shows. Especially those with the jungle theme it would be a true windfall for me. I’m familiar with a certain black dancer, from Havana. He returned to Cuba choreographing and incorporating Cuban dances with the Lindy Hop and Black Bottom he learned there. Also the shows that LeRoy Prince staged. Anything?
    As a side note, I too am a veteran of the Vietnam War. But, not as a serviceman, but as an entertainer with the Hollywood USO. That was during August of 1967. The experience so moved me I returned with my own show, leaving before TeT.

  16. krith Messina Says:

    Hey joe i did not grt money from the reward she got it all fbi sent me denial letter told us it was the actress from iceland tha rated him out call me at 7605965711

  17. Hay,!!!!!
    Anybody remember Charlie ()
    or Harry ()
    156 Allen st.
    Here,s a reminder,
    The Orient Resteraunt,
    On the 2 nd. fl.
    Ok, I understand if no – one wants to say so, They were Class A-

    • Sorry, Brian. Can’t recall the names or the restaurant. I lived in the 6th Ward for 15 years until 1964, and in Knickerbocker Village in the 4th Ward for 34 years. 1964-96. Was it an after-hours joint? There were several in that area. Christie Street too.

  18. HI! There.., I’m a fan of your website, good works…

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