The books sales and the reviews of Robert Kennedy Jr’s new book “Framed: Why Michael Skakel Spent Over a Decade in Prison For a Murder He Didn’t Commit” are so bad, they dropped the Kindle price from $15.33 to a mere $1.99.

I paid the full freight, and after reading the book, which is 95 % fiction, I can truly say it’s the most mean-spirited book I have ever read. RFK Jr., a former junkie and serial adulterer, pulls murder theories out of his butt and accuses everyone involved in the case, including two of Skakel’s lawyers, of being corrupt, or incompetent.

RFK Jr. blames everybody for Martha Moxley’s murder except his cousin Michael Skakel, who was convicted of her murder in 2002, and maybe the Pope, and I’m not sure about the Pope.

He tries to make a case that John Moxley, Martha’s brother and never a suspect, may have killed his sister, and not only that, but Moxley may have also killed three women in California by bludgeoning them, like his sister was killed.

He then accuses Martha Moxley mother, Dorthy, now 84 years old, of causing a man to commit suicide, which is real rich, since many people have accused RFK Jr. of causing the hanging suicide of his second wife.

Some people have no shame.



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