International Best Selling Author Joe Bruno’s new ebook “Crime Pays: Scoundrels and Their Schemes” is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Crime pays Amazon cover

To GRAB your copy, click the link below.


Product Information:

“Crime Pays: Scoundrels and Their Schemes” also includes TWO BONUS BOOKS!

“Virginia Hill – Mafia Molls – Beautiful Broads With Brass Balls: Volume 3”


“MOB RATS – Bald Jack Rose – This Bald-Headed Bastard Would Rat Out His Mother To Save His Own Skin,” making it 3 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!


Throughout the history of mankind, there has always been one constant creed among those scoundrels who inhabit the Underworld – crime pays.

Whether it be John Allen – “The Wickedest Man in New York City,” pimping off young girls in his Manhattan Lower East Side brothel/dance hall, or George Leonidas Leslie, “The King of the Bank Robbers,” knocking off a New York City bank, or Fredericka “Marm” Mandelbaum, all 250-pounds of her, fencing stolen good from her Clinton Street grocery store, making money in a life of crime was a fait accompli; that is, unless you get caught, which happens all too often.

Some pay back society with time in prison, other’s pay with their miserable lives, and some scoot away scot-free, never to answer for their wicked offenses against humanity.

Crime Pays: Scoundrels and Their Schemes will bring you on a seedy ride that slithers across the underbelly of American society, where every crook and criminal has their own unique gimmick to fill their greedy pockets with other people’s hard-earned cash.


Virginia Hill was a knock-around broad who bedded down the biggest gangsters of her time. It was said Hill spent more time on her back than Michelangelo did painting the Sistine Chapel. The word on the Las Vegas streets was that she was the exclusive property of mobster Bugsy Siegel, and it was plain to everyone in the know that Bugsy was just crazy about Hill.

But was Virginia Hill really a Trojan horse in Siegel’s camp; put there by the Mafia to make sure Bugsy was giving them an honest count on their Las Vegas ventures?

The answer is not that cut and dried.


Degenerate gambler and sportsman, Jacob (Bald Jack) Rose (Rosenzweig), due to a rare disease, had nary a hair on his entire body. But what Rose lacked in hair, he more than made up for with a diabolical criminal brilliance that put him “head and shoulders” (no pun intended) above the competition.

In the early 1900s, one of Rose’s competitors was fellow gambler Herman Rosenthal, a mean and snaky runt who had the reputation of being a stool pigeon, or as they say on the streets – a rat – for the New York City Police Department. Rose and Rosenthal both owned competing gambling joints in the seedy uptown area of Manhattan called the “Tenderloin,” or “Satan’s Circus.”

Rosenthal’s partner of sorts was corrupt New York City Police Lieutenant Charles Becker, who was not adverse to taking money with both hands (graft) from the Tenderloin’s gambling joints and houses of prostitution. Rose and Rosenthal both paid Becker handsomely, but then Rosenthal got the idea he was too big a man to continue to line Becker’s pockets with cash.

What happened next was called “The Crime of the Century.”


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