The Skakel Family and the Mysterious Murder of Martha Moxley: Did the Kennedy Family’s Money and Power Trump the Truth?

Real Wiseguys – The Kennedy Family – One take on Two Assassinations

After the union of the two titan Kennedy and Skakel families became a fait accompli, for the next generation, the Kennedy family experienced a roller coaster ride of monumental successes and unimaginable tragedies.

John F. Kennedy continued as the United States House of Representatives for the 11th Congressional district in Massachusetts until 1953. In November 1952, with the backing of his father’s money, added to a substantial amount of arm-twisting and deceit, JFK defeated incumbent Republican Henry Cabot Lodge II for the U.S. Senate seat. After losing to Adlai Stevenson as the Democratic vice presidential candidate under the 1956 Presidential candidacy of Adlai Stevenson, in 1960, JFK, again with his father pulling the strings, and with more than a little help from the Mafia, became the thirty-fifth President of the United States.

At his father’s urging, JFK named Bobby as the Attorney General of the United States. In addition, Papa Joe, exhibiting monumental quantities of arrogance and stupidity, ordered Booby to go after the same Mafia pals who had been so helpful in the Presidential election.

It was a blunder that would cost both Kennedy’s their lives.

The two Kennedy assassinations have been covered thousands of times in hundreds of different publications, so we will not go into them in great detail. The basic facts are these:

After Bobby Kennedy, as the new Attorney General, went after the same Mafia hoodlums who fixed the Presidential election in 1960 for his brother, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred.

Rather than go after Bobby, the aggrieved Mafioso decided to kill the “head of the dog,” (JFK) and the body (Bobby’s tenure as Attorney General) would die. No matter how many times you hear that it was the “one bullet” nonsense, fired from the gun of the “lone gunman,” Lee Harvey Oswald, that killed JFK, be assured that it was a complete fairy tale. Also, be assured that everyone, from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to Bobby Kennedy, himself, knew it was a red herring to distract the American public from grasping the truth: The Mafia had been strong enough and wily enough to assassinate the President of the United States. J. Edgar Hoover either was powerless to stop it, or knew about it in advance and had looked the other way. Either way, what does that say about Hoover’s F.B.I.?

As for Bobby Kennedy, he knew from day one that the Mafia had killed his brother. On the night of the assassination, Bobby told a friend,” I thought it would be me they killed, not Jack.”

But Bobby Kennedy also knew, and Hoover frequently reminded him, that Hoover had a damning secret dossier on the Kennedy family that would blow the head off any illusions that the Kennedys were as righteous as they claimed to be. Bobby was, as was his brother, and as was his father (which was common knowledge at the time), a serial adulterer, who had bedded beauty after beauty, including movie star, Marilyn Monroe, who, in 1963, had turned up tragically dead from apparent suicide (the Kennedy brothers had passed Marilyn around back and forth between them like a football at the renowned Kennedy family touch-football rituals) One word from Bobby to anyone that differed from Hoover’s version of the events of his brother’s murder (and later the Warren Commission’s version of the events), and Hoover was ready to release his Kennedy report for world-wide consumption.

Bobby Kennedy signed his own death warrant, when, after being elected Senator from New York in 1964, he foolishly decided to follow his brother’s footsteps and run for President of the United States. Bobby had to know that the same people who had killed his brother would try to do the same to him if he ever tried such a bold move. The same cast of Mafia characters, who killed his brother, were still alive and more powerful than before. And they used the same “pin it on the dope” formula as they did with Lee Harvey Oswald, using another dupe named Sirhan Sirhan.

On June 5, 1968, after celebrating a major win in the California Democratic Primary, Bobby, at the last moment, was misled by someone to exit through the kitchen because it was a “short cut to the press room.” Waiting in the kitchen, working as a busboy, was degenerate gambler, Sirhan Sirhan, who owned the Mafia for more money for betting on losing horses than he could earn in a lifetime as a bussing tables.

Sirhan fired three times at Bobby with a .22 caliber Iver-Johnson Cadet revolver. All three shots hit Bobby in the front torso. But what was conveniently suppressed from the public, by Hoover, of course, was that the two fatal shots were fired from a .38 caliber revolver into Bobby head from behind.

After Hoover’s death in 1972, and after still photos from the crime scene were examined, it seemed that an phony “security guard,” hired at the last minute, allegedly from a security firm which had no records of such a hiring, could not be located, nor was there any proof, except from the photos, that he ever existed.

Based on these facts, you can draw your own conclusions.

As for the family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy, he suffered a stroke on December 19, 1961, which paralyzed his right side and limited his speech, for the rest of his life, to occasional grunts and gurgles. It is doubtful that his cuckquean wife, Rose, ever wiped the dribble from his chin.

Papa Joe lasted until November 18, 1969, when he expired at age 80. Whether he was cognizant of the fact, or not, Joe Kennedy Sr. outlived both his sons, John and Bobby, who died, respectively, at ages 47 and 42.


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