International Best Selling author Joe Bruno’s “Crazy Joe Gallo – The Screenplay,” co written with Lawrence Venturato, is now on sale on Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents!

Product Information:

This screenplay is adapted from the book, Crazy Joe Gallo, by Joe Bruno. A film based on this screenplay would take you deep into the world of organized crime, Italian-American style. It is action-packed from beginning to end. If Crazy Joe Gallo, a quintessential American mobster, didn’t exist, it would be hard to make him up.

Even though he was a vicious, cartoonish character straight out of a B-grade mobster movie, Crazy Joe Gallo’s murder made the front cover of Time Magazine. If Crazy Joe, all five-feet six-inches and 150 pounds of him, had not been killed in the early morning hours of April 7, 1972 inside Umberto’s Clam House in Manhattan’s Little Italy, the entire landscape of the Mafia in America might have changed, and not necessarily for the better.

Crazy Joe was born and raised in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn along with his elder brother, Larry, and his younger brother, Albert. Crazy Joe was instrumental in waging two Brooklyn gang wars against the Profaci/Colombo Crime families for control of the Brooklyn rackets. Mafia Boss, Joe Profaci, refused to give the Gallos the respect they thought they earned and deserved, so the Gallos decided they would take matters into their own hands and force their way up Brooklyn’s organized crime ladder. The main problem was the Profacis/Colombos had almost 500 strong on their side, and the Gallos had, at most, 30 loyalists, with another 200 or so mobsters, who either constantly changed sides or stayed completely out of the fray.

While doing a ten-year stretch in prison on an extortion conviction (1962-71), Crazy Joe recruited dangerous black convicts to join him in his quest to unseat Joe Colombo as boss of the Brooklyn mob (after Profaci’s death from natural causes, Colombo had replaced Profaci while Crazy Joe was in prison).

So, when Joe Colombo was shot to death by a black man, Jerome Johnson, at a June 1971 Italian-American Civil Rights League “Unity” rally at Columbus Circle in New York City, most mobsters and members of law enforcement pointed the finger at Crazy Joe Gallo.

The names of several characters have been changed in the screenplay in deference to their families.



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