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Production information:

Cleveland mobster Danny Greene’s love for his Irish heritage, and his hatred for Italian dagos, as he called them, propelled him into a battle with Cleveland’s Italian Mayfield Road Mob for control of illegal activities in Cleveland and the surrounding area. After the death of Cleveland don, John Scalish, Greene joined forces with disgruntled Italian mobster, John Nardi. The two gangsters and their minions waged a savage street war against the Mayfield Road Mob for control of organized crime in the area.

Bombs were the weapons of choice, and soon there were so many bombings in the Cleveland area perpetrated by the warring factions that the local press dubbed Cleveland, “The Bomb Capital of the USA.”

Greene, after being approached by a smooth-talking FBI agent, decided it was in his best interest to become a canary. As a result, he sang a sweet tune to the Feds, informing them of the illegal activities of Cleveland’s Mayfield Road Mob and the Italian gangsters who ran the operation.

In the end, Danny Greene, feared Irish mobster, became what his Irish ancestors hated most – a rat.

“Mob Rats – Danny Greene” will fill you in on the gory details.


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