Joe Bruno’s “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps” reviewed on Youtube

The first review of one of my books ever posted on Youtube.

If you know me personally, you know the answer why I sometimes write in street slang. Living on the Lower East side for almost half a century will do that to people.

PS – Just for the record, I don’t know Jeff McArthur from General McArthur or even McArthur Park.

This is the actual review on

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Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps, Volume 1, as it implies, covers a number of underworld activities throughout the history of New York City. It does so in the form of short stories, each chapter telling a different one. This was a good, straight-forward way to tell these stories, in my opinion, and they really seemed to have a lot of credibility. The author lists his sources at the end of the book, and there was enough detail, (and I also know a lot about some of these stories,) to believe they’re quite accurate.

My only criticism would be that the writing often used slang which sometimes came across a little unprofessional for a non-fiction book. However, ironically, these moments gave the book a little more credibility as the type of slang was the kind you’d expect to hear gangsters use. It therefore gave me the impression that the author was either somehow related to these underworld stories, or he just became so closely connected to them that he began sounding like them.


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