“Virginia Hill and Bonnie Parker: Mob Molls – Beautiful Broads With Brass Balls – Volumes 3 & 4: is now available on Amazon Kindle.

It’s FREE if you have either Amazon Prime, or Kindle Unlimited.

Product description:

“Virginia Hill was a knock-around broad who bedded down the biggest gangsters of her time. It was said Hill spent more time on her back than Michaelangelo did painting the Sistine Chapel. The word on the Las Vegas streets was that she was the exclusive property of mobster Bugsy Siegel, and it was plain to everyone in the know that Bugsy was just crazy about Hill.

But was Virginia Hill really a Trojan horse in Siegel’s camp; put there by the mob to make sure Bugsy was giving them an honest count on their Las Vegas ventures?

The answer is not that cut and dried.”


“Standing less than five feet tall and never weighing more than 95 pounds, Bonnie Parker was a malicious animal with a taste for blood; from the time she was old enough to inflict damage on another human being.

When she was ten years old, Bonnie exchanged insults with a boy named Noel. Noel had the good sense to walk away from the confrontation. But Bonnie followed him into a drug store and proceeded to beat the crap out of him. Her cousin, Bess, was with Bonnie, but she was powerless to prevent her cousin’s vicious attack.

Bess later said, “When a passing neighborhood woman separated them, Bonnie had a razor blade in her hand and was threatening to cut Noel’s throat, if he ever made her mad again.”

When she was just days short of her sixteenth birthday, Bonnie married a hardened gangster named Roy Thornton. With Thornton frequently being in and out of jail, and also possessing a roving eye for other women, Bonnie soon gave up on their marriage.

Although she never divorced Thornton, months after her nineteenth birthday, Bonnie hooked up with a short, skinny, pimple-faced, homicidal maniac named Clyde “Schoolboy” Barrow, who longed to be a mobster in the mold of his idol, Pretty Boy Floyd.

In the early 1930s, Bonnie and Clyde, employing a revolving crew of killers, committed murder and mayhem in mid-America; robbing banks, gas stations, and stores, and leaving numerous people dead, including nine law enforcement officers.

There is no doubt that Bonnie was just as brutal a killer as Clyde. In 1934, after the Barrow Gang killed two highway patrolmen, Bonnie hovered over one of the dead cops and fired another bullet into his head.

Then, while giggling, she said to Clyde, “Looka there! His head bounced just like a rubber ball!”

Finally, Bonnie and Clyde’s luck ran out. When they were ambushed and slaughtered while they were riding in their stolen Ford, a total of 150 bullets were fired by lawmen. Clyde was hit 17 times, and Bonnie was riddled with 26 bullets.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.”

To get your copy, hit the link below.



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