Best Selling author Joe Bruno’s “Mob Wives Fuhgeddaboudit!” is on sale today for only 99 cents!

cover mob wives

Also included is the FREE Bonus Best Selling Book “Mob Rats – Danny Greene.”

To GRAB your copy, click the link below.

Product introduction:

People love to watch train wrecks, and the VH1 hit show “Mob Wives,” which miraculously has run for two seasons, is a train wreck of biblical proportions.

“Mob Wives” is such a monstrosity that it is beyond belief that a show starring several loud, cranky, surgically altered, unpleasant, and uninteresting women could be such a big commercial success; so much so, there’s two spinoffs presently on television: “Chicago Mob Wives,” and “The Big Ang Show,”staring Big Ang Raiola. (Big Ang is a character in “Mob Wives,” who is so big in so many ways she resembles a WWE wrestler in drag; with breasts the size of boulders and lips the size of limousine mud flaps.)

“Mob Wives – Fuhgeddaboudit!” consists of my “Joe Bruno on the Mob” blogs concerning “Mob Wives,” along with the responses I’ve received from my readers, both on my blog and on my Facebook page “Mobsters, Gangs,” where I also post my blog.

Some of the responses are hysterical; some are dumb; and some are downright obscene. I’ve tried to clear up the obscenities and the bad English the best I could.

After reading this book, if you still decide to watch Season 3 of “Mob Wives,” then there’s nothing I can do for you. You’re hooked and you’re probably watching “Chicago Mob Wives and “The Big Ang Show,” too.

God have mercy on your soul.


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