Re: The Rosenbergs Book – I received this letter from one of my readers. It’s nice to get emails like this

“Mr. Bruno, This is Scott. We used to communicate back and forth regarding your mob story publications. They were great. I was returning from DC yesterday, for a conference, and happen to visit the spy museum. I heard someone mention a book with your name. the trial of the Rosenberg’s. I downloaded it, and read the entire book on the plane coming back to Las Vegas. It was great, and I love your style. I believe there was another author as well. Dittos.

Opinion, Rosenberg was not only in full espionage mode, but he was as well unbalanced from what I read. Even his Russian aide thought he was a bit of center, and was in fact wary of his unpredictability. I agree that his wife (Ethel) probably should not have been executed, but somehow her refusal to spill anything to the feds, and at the risk and detriment to her children, demonstrated how little regard she had for them, coupled with her over zealous ambition to aid the Soviets, (Khrushchev statement) I had absolutely no pity for her. She will not be sorely missed by those outside of her family. Family betrayal, (Greenglass’), with little knowledge of how much she really knew about her husband’s activities. I believe she knew much more than she was telling, or not telling. Perhaps, Kaufman, the judge, who I assume was jewish, felt as if he needed to make an example of them to prove that not all jews were communist sympathizers. No doubt, he hated their criminal espionage activities. It is ironic. They helped a country that was not exactly kind to the jews during the 17 and 1800s. In fact, imagine if the whole lot of them were caught doing the same but living in Russia. They all, would have been executed or sent to die in the Gulag.

Conclusively, I agree how Knickerbocker village was parodied because of the mafia. It is true, they just killed each other, and I can’t imagine any of them selling secrets to the Russians(I guess). They were very patriotic, though of course I don’t justify their activities. Being half Italian and half Jewish, I am able to see both sides, or at least offer a meager opinion. Keep writing those great books.

Anyway, just thought I would give you a quick synapse. Bonus; Whitey Bulger, can’t wait to read that.

Again, If you ever by chance come to Vegas, to give a talk, I would love to attend.”

A presto e saluti cordiali, Kim Scott


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