Best selling author Joe Bruno’s new book “Mob Rats – Danny Greene: He Thought His Luck of the Irish Would Last Forever” is now available on

Cover Danny Greene

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Product Description:

Cleveland Irish mobster Danny Greene thought he was invincible. He was convinced that God had blessed him with “The Luck of the Irish.”

Greene’s love for his Irish heritage, and his hate for the Italian dagos, as he called them, propelled him into a battle with Cleveland’s Italian Mayfield Road Mob for control of all the illegal activities in Cleveland and in the surrounding Ohio areas. After the death of Cleveland Godfather, John Scalish, Greene joined forces with disgruntled Italian mobster, John Nardi, and a mob war commenced full force in the streets of Cleveland.

Bombs were the weapons of choice, and soon there were so many bombings in the Cleveland area, perpetrated by both Greene and his enemies, the local press dubbed Cleveland, “The Bomb Capital of the USA.”

Greene was also ambushed twice by his rivals. The first time, garbage hauler, Mike Frato, fired several shots at Green from a moving car. Greene returned fire and he shot Frato in the middle of the forehead, rendering him quite dead. A few weeks later, a sniper tried to kill Greene’s as he was walking his dogs. Again unharmed, Green fired back, and the sniper beat a hasty retreat.

Shooting Green had proved unsuccessful, so the Mayfield Road Mob decided to bomb Green’s house while Greene was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom with his 18 year old girlfriend. Greene’s house was destroyed, and the windows in the surrounding houses within a city block were all blown to smithereens. But Greene and his girlfriend, both bruised and bloodied, but with no bones broken, calmly strolled out of the smoldering house through a hole in the living room wall.

The next day, after a brief hospital stay, Danny Greene, in front of the wreckage of his house, told the Cleveland press, “It was the luck of the Irish that saved me all three times those cowardly bastards tried to kill me. I’m an Irish Catholic. I believe the guy upstairs pulls the stings, and you’re not going to go until He says so. It just wasn’t my time yet.”

The mob war continued unabated. And in fact, it intensified, with numerous casualties on both sides.

Greene, after being approached by a convincing FBI agent, decided to become a canary, and he began singing a very sweet tune to the Feds, outlining the activities of the Italian mob in the Cleveland area. Greene didn’t do this for money, as some informants are wont to do. Instead, he became a stoolie because he despised the Italians, and he figured, with the FBI’s help, he could eliminate the competition by having them shipped off to prison.

On October 6, 1977, Danny Greene’s “Luck of the Irish” finally ran out on him in explosive fashion. Frankly, it was surprising the arrogant, delusional, and homicidal rat bastard had lasted as long as he did. But Greene’s death did eventually lead to the decimation of the Italian Mayfield Road Mob.

“Mob Rats – Danny Greene” will fill you in on all the details.


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