Best Selling author Joe Bruno’s new ebook “Mob Rats Joe Valachi The First Mafioso to Sing to the Feds” is now available on


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Product description:

Joe Valachi was a small-time thief, who, because of his participation with the winning side in the Castellammarese War between Joe “The Boss” Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano, became a made man in the Mafia, under Maranzano, the new “Capi di Tutti Capi,” or “Boss of all Bosses.”

Valachi was not a good earner, and despite the fact he had his “button,” by the mid-1950s Valachi was practically broke. So, Valachi got involved in one of the Sacred Society’s few forbidden acts; he sold drugs.

Arrested, tried and convicted, Valachi found himself in the same Sing Sing Prison jail cell as his boss, Vito Genovese, who was also stewing in the can as a result of a drug conviction. For some reason, Genovese thought Valachi was a rat (he was not at the time). So, he kissed Valachi on both cheeks – the proverbial Kiss of Death.

Valachi now knew he was marked for extermination.

One day in the prison yard, Valachi saw a man who looked like a notorious Mafia hit man. Figuring it was either kill or be killed, Valachi grabbed an iron pipe and beat the man to death.

Unfortunately, the man was nothing but a low-level burglar.

Now facing the death penalty, Valachi tuned up his vocal cords, and he began singing a sweet song to the feds concerning the criminal acts of numerous fellow Mafiosi. As a result, dozens of mobsters, were tried, convicted and sentenced to significant prison time.

Valachi was the first known Mafia member to turn state’s evidence. His name will forever be associated with detested terminologies; such as informer, squealer, snitch, stool pigeon, fink, canary, and double-crossing rat.

And rightfully so.


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