Best Selling Author Joe Bruno’s “Mob Molls – Beautiful Broads with Brass Balls – Volume 2” was released last evening on, and it’s already ranked No. 2 in “Hot New Releases – Law Enforcement – Biographies and Memoirs.”

Cover - Mob Molls Volume 2

To SNATCH your copy, Click on the link below!



In bed with every mobster is his wife or his goomara and sometimes even both. Sometimes the mobster’s sex partner is in business with him all the way; even if it means her breaking a few laws in the process.

“Mob Molls – Beautiful Broads with Brass Balls – Volume 2” features “Mob Molls” Andrea Giovino and Lynda Milito. Both were women who helped run their husband’s criminal enterprises in New York City. Their stories are the same, yet so different.

Andrea Giovino reveled in her mob life. She loved hanging out in the company of men like John Gotti. Andrea got so involved in the rush that comes with being in “The Life” she resorted to running her husband John Fogarty’s shylocking business while he was in the can facing a life sentence for murder.

Lynda Milito fell in love with a hairdresser named Louie Milito. She didn’t know her lover was neck deep in the Mafia and one of its most proficient killers until it was too late; she was madly in love. Caught in the vice of passion, Lynda helped Louie run a stolen car ring, and even sank so low as to serve as a lookout while Louie went on a mad rampage for short money; stealing the coins out of every pay phone he could get his hands on.

And then things got worse for Lynda Milito, and much more bloody.


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