“Snakeheads: Chinese Illegal Immigrant Smugglers – A Screenplay” is FREE today on Amazon.com.

Snakeheads: Chinese Illegal Immigrant Smugglers – A Screenplay” is FREE today on Amazon.com.

To snatch your free copy, click the link below.


Snakeheads are the worst human beings known to man.

Snakeheads are Chinese gangsters, based both in China and in the United States, who smuggle Chinese immigrants into the United States.

The price is not cheap; $50,000 a head. And the process is brutal.

Because the Chinese people who yearn for a better life are dirt poor, a small percentage of the smuggling money is paid up front to the Snakeheads. However, the collection of the balance is certain; or bad things happen to the illegal Chinese immigrants: beatings, torture, and sometimes even death.

When they arrive in America, the illegal immigrants work in Chinese restaurants, for pennies an hour. They labor in hot kitchens for 12-18 hours a day, and after work, they are chained in a filthy room so they cannot escape.

If one of them does manage to escape, their relatives in China are punished instead.

ā€œSnakeheads” is set in Manhattanā€™s Chinatown, where the Italian-American mob tries to horn in on the immense profits generated by the Snakeheads’ human smuggling operation. The Italians want their piece of the action, and the Chinese gangsters resist ā€“ violently.

Thrust into the middle of this warfare is an Italian-America detective, who falls in love with a Chinese businesswoman. Together, they attempt to eradicate the villains who profit on the backs of the poor illegal Chinese immigrants.

Front Cover: Chinatown’s Bayard Street Park House with Tombs City Prison in the Background




IM000658.JPGsnakeheads cover


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