Joe Bruno on the Mob – The Taliban – As Dangerous as any Mob in the World

This is from one very sad Vietnam Veteran, for all it is worth.

There’s a good chance this guy Bergdahl went AWOL on purpose to help the Taliban. We can only guess why. But the bottom line is several marines died trying to get him back from the Taliban, and in the stupid exchange Obama made with the Afghans, five dangerous terrorists were released from Gitmo, in exchange for one US Marine who loyalty to the US is dubious.

How can the Obama administration be so naive? Or maybe it’s even worse than that. 

Five for one is a bad swap no matter which way you look at it; even if you’re talking baseball cards. Unless it’s one Mickey Mantle for five Marv Throneberry’s. And even that’s a bad swap. But trading five hardened anti-American terrorists for one apparent anti-American marine is beyond the pale. 

I didn’t vote for Obama, but when he won the first term, I figured, with his intelligence and easy going manner he would be alright as President. I gave him a pass until recently. 

If I was a real suspicious person, I’d be thinking maybe Obama doesn’t have the best interests of our country foremost on his agenda. Maybe he has his own secret agenda. 

Praise be to Allah.


Yet another controversy in the White House

By Bill O’Reilly
It is truly amazing — I have never seen this before. Almost every week there is another intense situation raising questions about presidential leadership. Last week it was the V.A. This week, a trade with the Taliban to get an American soldier released from captivity.

28-year-old Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan on June 30th, 2009. Apparently he slipped out of his camp and the terrorists grabbed him.

Over the weekend the President made a deal with the Taliban to have the Sergeant released immediately. In return, five top Taliban terrorists were held — who were held in Guantanamo were flown to the Gulf station of Qatar where they will eventually repatriated back to Afghanistan. Taliban leadership has proclaimed the deal a huge victory.

So this is yet another troubling situation for the President. First of all, Mr. Obama signed a law late last year that says Congress must be given 30 days notice before any detainees at Guantanamo can be released or transferred.

But there’s some wording in the law that gives the President some discretion. In this case the President says he had to act quickly because Sergeant Bergdahl’s health was deteriorating in captivity.

Second, the Sergeant was captured under very mysterious circumstances. Colonel David Hunt will tell us about that in a moment. Third and this is the most important aspect of the story. By trading one American for five terrorists — that might encourage Americans to be kidnapped all over the world. It has been U.S. policy not to bargain with terrorists but the President made an exception in Bergdahl’s case. Reaction — fast and furious.


MICHAEL LEITER, FORMER SENIOR CORRESPONDENT OFFICIAL: I do think that these five, who were really far on the far end of the spectrum of bad guys in Guantanamo, this is really problematic, for the long term, this is going to strengthen the Taliban. Our hand is obviously weakening there.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R), ARIZONA: It is disturbing that these individuals would have the ability to reenter the fight and they are big, high level people, possibly responsible for the deaths of thousands.


O’REILLY: They are also war criminals, these men. Some Republicans are also calling for an investigation into Mr. Obama’s conduct citing the new 30 day law. But the Obama administration says it did nothing wrong.


CHUCK HAGEL, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: First of all we didn’t negotiate with terrorists. As I said and explained it before, Sergeant Bergdahl is a prisoner of war. That’s a normal process in getting your prisoners back. In war, things — things are always dangerous. And there are vulnerabilities as there are around the world.


O’REILLY: In addition to politics, there is the emotional part of this story: Sergeant Bergdahl’s parents from Idaho met with President Obama at the White House on Saturday to support their son’s release. Most parents would do that despite the intense political ramifications.

But it is Robert Bergdahl, the father, who is also engendering some controversy. He has learned to speak Pashto the language of the Taliban and looks like a Muslim. He is also somewhat sympathetic to Islam, actually thanking Allah right in front of the President. Mr. Bergdahl in addition had a message for his son who is now in Germany being treated by the U.S. military.


BERGDAHL: I’m proud of how much you wanted to help the Afghan people and what you were willing to do to go to that length. I will say it again, I am so proud of how far you were willing to go to help the Afghan people. And I think you have succeeded.


O’REILLY: So the story is very complicated. A number of reports today imply Sergeant Bergdahl may have deserted his unit in Afghanistan. And there is reportedly correspondents between him and his parents, saying how disillusioned he was with the Afghan war blaming America for much of the carnage over there. Again Colonel Hunt has the inside story coming up.

Talking Points believes there are valid points on both sides of the growing controversy. There is no question that President Obama’s actions will make things more dangerous for Americans abroad, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

But what do you do when you can save an American soldier being held in captivity for five years? Do you walk away? Possibly consigning the soldier to his death? I believe the administration when it says had it to act quickly. A 30 day waiting period with thugs like the Taliban could have easily turned into a fracas, but in war, in war, hard decisions have to be made. And these five Taliban terrorists, war criminals will kill again. There is no question about that. They are extreme haters who will be welcomed back to the jihad with enthusiasm.

Secretary Hagel is wrong when he says this is a simple prisoner of war exchange. It is not. These are top Taliban leaders — enemies who bring death and destruction to thousands. Therefore, if I had been president, I would not have made the deal.

But there is a caveat. President Obama wants to open avenues of negotiation with the Taliban. He wants a cease-fire in Afghanistan. And by opening communications over the Sergeant, the President sees an opportunity.

But if history is any indicator, the Taliban will never stop fighting, because they don’t have anything else to do. They are armed, fed and paid by other jihadists. They sit there in the mountains of Pakistan, plotting death and the reinstitution of an Islamic state in Afghanistan. Why would they ever stop?

So once again America is in a nearly impossible situation with Sergeant Bergdahl caught in the middle of it. Let the debate begin.

And that’s “The Memo.”

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One Response to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – The Taliban – As Dangerous as any Mob in the World”

  1. No one wants to admit that we have the first anti-American President in history.

    If you take the totality of everything he’s done, you will see that it fits a pattern of diminishing the U.S. He and his wife have never liked the U.S. as it was and felt it was time to dole out some comeuppance. They follow the rules set down by their communist mentors and heroes, including Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Pivens. Obama wants to redistribute wealth and power internationally as well as within the country, and since he can’t lift other countries up has to knock ours down. In foreign policy, the man who bowed to the Saudi King is at very least a radical Muslim sympathizer…supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, speaking against the American-supporting Mubarek, knocking down Qaddafi who already had given up nuclear plans and giving relief on sanctions to Iran who continues to build them, he’s announced withdrawal dates to the enemy, and has insulted our allies like Israel.

    Economically, he’s done everything to reduce the influence of the private sector and get as many as he can on the government dole so they will never vote for economic freedom again. His vision is not lifting up the poor, but bringing those who strive for better down so they’re all on one equal level.

    Unfortunately, if voters remain as stupid as they have shown themselves to be things will only get worse, and Obama will have achieved his goal of “fundamentally changing America.”

    Sonny Girard

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