Arlyne Weiss Brinkman – Part 3

Arlyne claimed she lost her virginity when she was only 12 years old, and it happened in The Blum and Oxford Funeral Parlor.

As was reported in Arlyne’s bio, Mob Girl, written by Theresa Carpenter, “One Friday evening her cousin, Solly, only slightly older but infinitely more experience, invited her into the tiny guest bedroom to play ‘doctor.’ He guided her to the bed, removed her panties and tried putting his fingers in her.

Solly’s fingers hit a blockage, and he stopped what he was doing. Arlyne recalled experiencing no particular physical sensation. 

Arlyne was sufficiently intrigued, however, that the following week, when Solly again beckoned her into the little bedroom, she willingly followed him. This time Solly climbed on top of her, and he forced his penis inside of her. Arlyne felt a sharp pain, and then she began to bleed.

She ran to the bathroom crying.

Soon, in quick succession, Arlyne had sexual relations with Stamey, an automobile salesman she had met at Chester Motors, and Sal, who owned a bakery shop across the street from Knickerbocker Village. She also had sex with the son of a Senator who lived in Knickerbocker Village, whom Arlyne seduced while standing up in the secluded winding Knickerbocker Village cellar which connected all 12 buildings in the Knickerbocker Village complex.

The Knickerbocker Village cellars being her main base of operation, Arlyne had sex with any boy or man who was willing, which comprised a good portion of the Knickerbocker Village male population.



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