“Whitey Bulger – The Biggest Rat” Book Review by Brenda Perlin

Published on Goodreads.

My review for a few titles by Joe Bruno are way over do! My apologies. Whitey Bulger – The Biggest Rat I read while on vacation which was fully enjoyable for me. Joe Bruno’s books are so easy to read that I get lost into the stories completely. I just went right from one to the other. They are all so entertaining, spooky and at times hilarious the way Bruno puts his own comments in whenever he choses. It cracks me up even though at times some of these ‘fellas’ and their crimes send chills up my spine. This book really makes you think about how much of the whole story we do not know. 
In this book we learn what a greedy rat and a brute Whitey Bulger really is. This book, among others are great reads. Whatever this author has to do to keep writing, I say, don’ ever stop. These books are classics!




Whitey Bulger - The Biggest Rat



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