Joe Bruno on the Mob – Lucky Gambler is Unlucky at the Wrong Kind of Pot

November 15, 2012

If Lee Fama plays his cards right; he might keep winning at poker.  However, if Fama is truly involved in the wrong kind of pot, his next poker-playing days might be in the slammer.

Fama, 44, won thousands of dollars in casino poker tournaments; both in Atlantic City and in Las Vegas. He hit for $22,000 in Atlantic City, but only a measly $666 (the Devil’s sign and not a good sign) in Las Vegas.

However, according to an article in the New York Daily News , Fama, allegedly took a boyfriend of “Mob Wives” star, Carla Facciolo, along on a drug deal in Staten Island. Unfortunately, the person Fama allegedly bought the pot (marijuana) from was an informant wired for sound.

According to a high level Drug Enforcement Administration agent, Fama met with his “dealer” in Staten Island to buy two pounds of pot; hardly an amount of drugs a sane person could claim was for his personal use.

When the wired-up stoolie asked who the stranger was that Fama had brought along for the ride, Fama said, “That’s the mystery boyfriend, Carla’s boyfriend.”

The pot dealer looked puzzled. “Who’s Carla?” he said.

Fama scoffed, “From Mob Wives,” adding that Facciolo’s co-star Renee Graziano was always talking about “Carla’s boyfriend.”  

 (Truthfully, Renee Graziano is always talking – period.)

The puzzled pot dealer said, “I don’t watch much TV.”

(Thank God for that. Mob Wives is truly an abominable television program. I wrote a book – Mob Wives Fuhgeddaboudit! – criticizing the show and its participants and the less said about Mob Wives – the better.)

A day after the alleged Staten Island pot buy, Fama got pinched by the Feds, and when the New York Daily News contacted the representative of Mob Wives’ Carla Facciolo, this person said, “Carla’s trying to find a boyfriend. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in years.”

Yeah, right.

In addition to the drug dealing charges, the Feds claim Fama is a wiseguy in the Gambino crime family, as if the name of the alleged boyfriend of a Mob Wives star involved in a drug deal wouldn’t get the Feds enough publicity.

Fama’s lawyer, Fred Sosinsky, denied that Fama is an inducted member of the Gambino crime family, but quite frankly, who gives a bleep.

Fama was arrested for allegedly buying a large amount of pot with the intention of selling said pot to make a nice profit for himself. The fact that Fama may or may not be a made-guy in the Gambino crime family is beside the point. However, the Feds get their rocks off and garner much publicity when they throw in terms like “Mafia,” and “Italian crime families” when yakking to the press.

I wish the government would try the Fama case on its merits, and with the tape of the drug deal in their hands, there seems to be enough evidence to convict Fama without the “Gambino crime family” smokescreen being heaved in our faces.


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