Joe Bruno on the Mob — Renee Graziano Had a Miscarriage – Not a Panic Attack

It’s hard to tell what’s fantasy and what’s fact when it comes to the drama queens on “Mob Wives.”

Last January I wrote a blog here that Renee Graziano was rushed to the hospital with a panic attack because she had just found out her father, Anthony Graziano, has been arrested due to her rat ex-husband, Hector “Junior” Pagan’s treachery. Pagan wore a wire while talking to Graziano about collecting a usurious debt, and the FBI was listening, prompting the arrest of Graziano and five of Graziano’s  pals who were also taped by Pagan.

Now it turns out Renee’s panic attack was a lie, and the truth was Renee had a miscarriage and the baby would have been Pagan’s.

 I look at this with a mix of anger and disgust. Anger because the public was intentionally lied to, and disgust because Renee would even think about having another baby with a piece-of-crap like Pagan.

Read the article below and either weep, or puke; whichever you prefer.

44-year-old Mob Wives star Renee Graziano revealed a bombshell tonight on the Season 2 reunion: she actually miscarried her ex husband Hector Pagan Jr.’s baby this January when she was hospitalized after her father was arrested (because of evidence Junior gathered for the F.B.I. while wearing a wire. That’s some heavy stuff!

The original reason given to the media was a panic attack over her father’s arrest.

“Because of all of this (Junior informing on her father, and her father going back to prison,) I miscarried in Janaury, and that’s actually why I ended up in the hospital.”

Renee says she knows she couldn’t have carried a child with her age and circumstances, and puts a lot of the blame on Junior for creating all the stress that possibly helped cause the miscarriage. She hasn’t spoken to him since she found out he informed on her father, and says he didn’t qualify for the Witness Protection Program because he lied to the government. He’s currently in a Queen’s detention center.


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