Book Review – Sonny Girard’s Mob Reader.

5.0 out of 5 stars Mob tales from a real mob insider!, September 14, 2012

By  Joe Bruno Sr. “Fiction and Non Fiction author” (Sarasota, Florida) –

Amazon Verified Purchase – (Duh — I actually bought and read this book))
This review is from: Sonny Girard’s Mob Reader (Kindle Edition)

So you want to know about the mob? Well, this is the book you must buy if you want an intricate understanding of mob business from one of the great mob authors of his time, or any time, for that matter.

Whether Sonny Girard is weaving a tale about mob rat Joe Valachi, or talking about veteran mob-buster cop Joe Coffey, readers can be assured they are getting an inside look at the machinations of the mob and their pursuers from somebody who was in the trenches – fighting back.

And for under five bucks – fuhgeddaboudit! – this book is a legitimate steal, even if most of the characters in Girard’s book aren’t legitimate, and sometimes they do steal.

Don’t forget, buy this book, but leave the cannoli. It’s the right thing to do.

If you don’t, I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Look into my eyes and you’ll know I’m not kidding.


One Response to “Book Review – Sonny Girard’s Mob Reader.”

  1. Good read! Both you and Sonny are great because you tell it like it is and YOU even add humor to make it that much better! I always enjoy reading whatever you guys write. And I only got 2 answers wrong out of 20 on Sonny’s trivia quizzes lol. Ciao!

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