“The Guineas Show” is banned on Blip TV But Is Still On YouTube


Due to actions initiated by this writer, and through the help of John Fratta, who used his connections in the Sons of Italy, the apparatus was put into motion to stop an atrocity called “The Guineas Show” from defaming Italian Americans. As a result of pressure put on the state of New York by several Italian American groups, the following letter was written by the Chairman of  the New York State Commission for Social Justice and sent to the director of “The Guineas Show” and to Blip TV, which originally showcased “The Guineas Show.” As a result, “The Guineas Show has been banned from Blip TV.  


This letter, in part, stated:


Action Against The Guineas Show Series


A series of videos entitled “The Guineas Show “are available for viewing on the Internet. Both the name of the series and the episodes are highly offensive to Italians and Italian-Americans.

You must be aware that the word Guinea is tantamount to using the N____ word, the use of which has become a civil rights issue, as they are both inflammatory terms. I notice that this series comes under the heading, “It’s a Human.’” This is neither amusing nor it is entertaining.

Shows, television series, movies, and other media sources would not malign any other ethnic group, race or religion, especially where the characters speak in poor or community based English. The same courtesy should be extended to Italian Americans, so that Italian American children, teens and families can feel proud of their heritage and not be left open to ridicule by their peers. The series, Amos and Andy, was long removed from the air because of ethnicity.

Your ridiculous series would lead one to believe that Italian Americans are all about pizza, meatballs, food and poor English, yet Italian Americans can be found in very prominent positions, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Let’s take it one step further; Italians were very instrumental in the civilization of the world and the development of this country. Yet we are the most maligned ethnic group!

If this series was meant to be funny, it is not.

The Guineas Show, presented on Blip TV, was brought to the attention of the Commission for Social Justice (CSJ), The Order Sons of Italy in America. The CSJ immediately contacted other Italian-American Organizations and many social network users requesting their support in having the video removed from Blip TV. Also, members and friends of the CSJ posted comments on various forums protesting the offensive nature of the video and voiced their complaints to the producer of The Guineas series. Thanks to a tremendous show of solidarity by many concerned Italian Americans, the video has been removed from Blip TV.

However, the video series was uploaded to YouTube where it is still being shown. YouTube viewers can flag videos such as The Guineas Show, that violates the “You Tubes terms of service.” The flagged videos are reviewed by YouTube personnel and may be removed at YouTube’s discretion.

Please join us in posting a flag against this offensive video.

Directions on how to flag “The Guineas Show” videos:

Once you go to the YouTube site, http://www.youtube.com you must sign in if you have an account or sign up (subscribe) to YouTube if you don’t have an account (there is no charge to subscribe to YouTube). Note that on the first YouTube page on the upper right hand side is an area to click to Create Account or to Sign In.

The YouTube company has even created a tutorial video entitled Flagging on YouTube: The Basics and in this video they state “We don’t permit speech that attack or demeans a group based on certain characteristics.”

After the sign in onto YouTube, search for one of The Guineas Show videos. Click on the flag button located just below the video. There are four things necessary to complete the flagging process:

Indicate the type of flag (promotes hatred or violence)

Indicate the category (national origin)

Add a comment

Click on the Submit video for review button to complete the process

There is strength in numbers and if a large group of us make our feelings known, this video hopefully will be removed from the Internet entirely. “


All people who rally against racial stereotypes, not just Italian/Americans, should do exactly what this letter requests; go straight onto Youtube and search for each individual episode of “The Guineas Show.” (There are more than a dozen.)

I followed the directions of the letter above and I was able to state my case emphatically that “The Guineas Show” must cease to exist.

I spotted the small flag under each video. I clicked on the flag.

I selected “harmful or abusive comments. “

Then I selected “promotes hatred or violence.”

Where it said “Please indicate what the hate speech was about” I selected “National Origin.”

A complaint box appeared and In this box I wrote:

“Having a show called “The Guineas Show” is just as in sensitive and inflammatory to Italian/Americans, as it would be to African/American if these producers featured a show with the “N” word called The N****R Show.” This video should not be allowed on Youtube or on any Internet site that cares about the stereotyping of any segment of the American population, or the population of any foreign country.

This is simply wrong, and obviously the producers of “The Guinea Show” care only about the profit motives, and not the feelings of the Italian/American population in the United States.

Due to the work of the Sons of Italy, the Chairman of New York State Commission for Social Justice wrote to the director of the series and also to Blip TV, which originally aired this show. As a result, “The Guineas Show” was banned from Blip TV. There is no reason why it should not be banned from Youtube too.”

Readers can copy and paste my comment, or they can create comments of their own.

Either way, we must speak out against hateful speech targeting Italian Americans, or any other racial group, or national origin.

This is America – the land of the free and the home of the brave. We should all act brave and do what we can to stamp out discrimination, no matter who is discriminated against.

It’s the right thing to do.



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