“The Guineas Show” Insults all Italians and Italian-Americans

I wrote the following letter to the producers of a disgrace called “The Guineas Show.”


To the Producers of “The Guinea Show”:

Every Italian American I spoke too, and growing up in Manhattan’s Little Italy, I know plenty, thinks your show is a disgrace, and highly insulting to Italian-Americans. Try to do this type of show highlighting African-Americans, Jews, Mexicans, or the gay community, and you would have pickets outside your home within hours. And they would stay  there until all remnants of your show were removed from any, and all types of media.


And don’t think you can hide behind the first amendment, or say, “Hey, what’s the big deal! It’s only comedy.”


Words, ideas and stereotypes can be harmful. But obviously, you don’t get it. Your main concern is making money, and you don’t care who you hurt, because at the end of the day, the number of zeros in your bank account is the only thing that matters.


I, for one, will follow you closely, and I will do everything in my power, including uniting as many Italian-America as I can, to make sure your show does not reach the light of day on any network.


If you had one iota of decency, you’d take down your filth from Utube, where it can be seen by millions.


But we both know that will never happen. So prepare for a battle to save all Italian-Americans from your indignities. I will not stop doing whatever I can to legally ostracize your show.



Joe Bruno


A Clip from The Guineas Show is below. If you find it as offensive as I do, and as the Son’s of Italy does, feel free to write to the producers of the show. Their email addresses on on their site.

The show has already been taken off Blip TV due to the work, in part, of  the Sons of Italy




5 Responses to ““The Guineas Show” Insults all Italians and Italian-Americans”

  1. Italians helped build this country, why is it ok to knock Italians God forbid if they knoccked any of the so called new Americans. Our Country is named after an Italian. Right? My Mother was Italian and I was raised Italian and proud of it

  2. italiancuisineblog Says:

    Wow… I had no idea this “show” even existed… this stereotyping is very sad and must end. Joe, thank you for your activism on this matter.

    • Robert, people like us have to stand up and complain. If this was another protected group being slandered, like gays, or illegal immigrants, the press would be all over it. But abuse Italian-Americans, and we hear deafening silence from the press.

      • italiancuisineblog Says:

        I agree with you 100%… discrimination like this has to be called out and stopped by everyone. I will monitor the progress of this show. Thanks again.

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