Joe Bruno on the Mob – Hector “Junior” Pagan Lied to the FBI


This proves there is a God.

Just as this book was going to press, a bombshell went off that blasted the FBI and Hector “Junior” Pagan’s rat-deal to bits.

The rules of the FBI-rat-program plea-deal specifically state when you agree to become an informant, you have to tell the Feds your precise involvement with other crimes you may have committed in the past. Apparently, Pagan violated the rules of his deal when he forgot to tell the Feds he was the shooter in the robbery-gone-awry murder of James Donovan.

Not only did Pagan not tell the Feds he was the actual shooter, but he said that the shooter was his co-conspirator Richard Riccardi, who along with Luigi Grasso and Pagan, cornered Donovan in a Brooklyn body shop and demanded he turn over a reported “tens of thousands of dollars” he  had on him. When Donovan balked on giving over his money, he was shot in the femoral artery and he bled to death. The thugs reportedly took Donovan’s money, while Donovan was bleeding, and spit it up later.

However, security cameras in a Key Food store across the street from the body shop conclusively show that Riccardi never left his car, and that Pagan and Grasso were the men who actually confronted Donovan.

This startling revelation may not only KO Pagan’s deal with the government, but also result in alleged Bonanno Crime boss Vincent “Vinny TV” Badalamenti waking out of court a free man. It seems that, based on Pagan’s treachery, Badalamenti agreed to a plea deal which would have netted him two years in the slammer. Now with Pagan’s truthfulness in severe doubt, Badalamenti’s plea deal could be nullified, according to his attorney Ronald Fischetti.

Fischetti said in a brief he presented to the court that without Pagan’s testimony “The U.S. Probation Department informed him that prosecutors would not have been able to prove their original charges against Vinny TV even under a much lower standard of proof than the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ standard that is needed to convince jurors at trial.”

            In Fischetti’s memo to Brooklyn Federal Court Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon, he wrote, “Indeed, the probation report indicates that ‘the government advised that they are not prepared to prove by a preponderance of the evidence any criminal acts, charged or uncharged, by the defendant (Badalamenti).’”

In other words, without Pagan’s testimony, prosecutors could not establish that Badalamenti was more likely than not to have committed those crimes.

So Badalamenti might soon be on the streets and Pagan in court on trial for murder

Like I said up top, this proves there is a God.


9 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Hector “Junior” Pagan Lied to the FBI”

  1. Holy snap! Looks like ratting on everybody didn’t work out as well as Junior thought it would! Pretty much, all he did was to drop himself in the jackpot on a murder-one charge.

    Serves this rat right!

  2. Right, Kathleen. This rat stepped on his own tail.

  3. Well well it seems this rat!!!! Is stupid as well as unloyal . Now look at the mess he,s life is in! Serves him right! it’s his ex wife and her father I feel for.wat did they Eva do to him except for bring him into there home and family. Death to all rodents

  4. he will be exicuted by the mob after trial

  5. Jared Lopez Says:

    When is the federal trial going to start? Is hector pagan or the owner of the body shop gravesend auto going to testify against luigi grasso or richard riccardi, Can they convict them by just useing a video tape or they need the witnesses for the prosecution case. Most puzzling thing is about this case when does a NYPD investigator take video evidence home and watch the whole tape over night and watch it at his home? That belonged in NYPD custody as evidence and documented when they got there hands on the tape, That would be considered tampered with states video evidence by a NYPD police officers. Joe just thinking like a lawyer would being too.

  6. […] JoeBrunoOnTheMob says Junior originally said Riccardio pulled the trigger; […]

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