Joe Bruno on the Mob – Francis (BF) Guerra Not Guilty

          In a stunning setback for the government and the prosecution, Brooklynite Francis (BF) Guerra was found not guilty of the murders of Joseph Scopo and Staten Island club-owner Michael Devine.

            “The jury rejected the testimony of five fakers,” co-defense counsel Mathew Mari said of the mob rats who testified against Guerra in a series of crimes.

            The verdict was so stunning, Federal Judge Sandra Townes, who was accused during the trial by Guerra’s co-counsel Gerald McMahon of bias against Guerra, asked for the jury to go back into the jury room, so she could read their decision before it was made public. It was like Judge Townes refused to believe what she was hearing from the jury until she read the verdict herself.

Judges Townes was so biased against Guerra during the trail, she even took the unusual step of having Guerra’s 2-year-old son removed from the courtroom because the kid was waving to his father in the courtroom, and Guerra had the audacity to wave back to his own son. Like that was some sort of crime.

            The key evidence that helped acquit the defendant was when the ex-wife of the government’s chief witness against Guerra testified in court that Guerra was home playing the board game Clue when Scopo was killed. Obviously, this woman’s ex-husband had made some sort of deal with the government for his false testimony, and the government bit, because they wanted a conviction against Guerra, who they claimed was an associate of the Colombo crime family. This was the second big loss for the government in a row. In May, a jury found of alleged Colombo crime boss Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli innocent on six murder charges.  

            This is the problem with the law these days. If they even think you’re associated with the Mafia (or organized crime), they will stop at nothing to get a conviction; even going as far as making a deal with a criminal far worse than the person they are prosecuting.

            So even with the judge against him, and the government lining up false witnesses against him, Guerra’s co counsels Mari and McMahon were able to convince a jury all was not as the government said it was. As a result, Guerra walked out of court a free man.

            I have two problems with this sort of thinking by the government. First, why make deals with criminals just to convict someone they think is a criminal? And second, what if it’s you, or I, or someone with a vowel at the end of his name whom law enforcement decides is the bad guy?

The bottom line is careers are made in law enforcement, from the arresting officer, to the prosecuting attorney, when an alleged organized crime figure, or associate is put behind bars; not to mention the increase in salary they receive from a promotion based on a successful prosecution of “The Mob.”

 This type of government thinking goes all the way back to the mid-1930s when Thomas E. Dewey framed Mafia boss Lucky Luciano on a prostitution charge, when Dewey knew Luciano was committing every crime known to man, except prostitution.

Why does the government think they have the right to play God?

The bad news for the government is that juries are getting wise to their Machiavellian machinations; which is good news for all law-biding citizens.




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