Book Review – Murder and Mayhem in the Big Apple -Tampa Examiner by Nola Cancel

Joe Bruno, author of Murder and Mayhem in the Big Apple – From the Black Hand to Murder Incorporated, knows of what he writes. Having grown up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan he was exposed at an early age to the type of men he writes about in his book and this first hand knowledge of the subject matter shows on each page.

From men like Joe Morello and Ignazio Saietta who formed the Black Hand as a way to extort money and goods from honest Italians who did not trust the local police thru “The Boys from Brownsville” who became the enforcers for the notorious and bloody, Murder Inc., the stories in “Murder and Mayhem in the Big Apple” tell a history that was forged in blood and bound by honor.

Whether you recognize the names of Al Capone, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, or Lucky Luciano, one thing is certain, after reading this book, you will. A veritable “who’s who” of the mob in New York from the beginning of the century thru the start of World War II, the reader is transported back to a time where murder was an everyday occurrence and finding a body in the street was nothing new.

Well-written and concise, each story is told with a respect for the subject and a love of the gangster genre. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the mob and mobsters. A must read for all those who like their murders bloody and the goons scary.


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