Joe Bruno on the Mob – Nicky Santora to Plead Guilty – Junior “Hector” Pagan off the Hook

July 3, 2012

Like I said in a previous blog; some guys have all the luck.

According to an article in the New York Post, Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora has finally agreed to a plea deal that will prevent his racketeering case from going to trial. Santora is expected to appear before the judge soon and admit he took part in a “loan-sharking shakedown.”

This means that former Mob Wives star Junior “Hector” Pagan, who recorded over 70 conversations with Santoro for Team America, will not have to show his ugly face in court.

Pagan, who was once married to Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano, not only taped Santoro, but also several other alleged wiseguys, one of whom was his own former father-in-law Anthony “TG” Graziano, Renee’s father. Graziano has already agreed to a plea deal that will net him around three years in prison. In addition, all the other defendant in the case have also made deals with the government, which means Pagan will not have to sit eye-to-eye in a courtroom and testify against men he so cowardly betrayed.

In all likelihood, Pagan will get little or no jail time for several crimes he committed, including allegedly taking part in a robbery that resulted in the death of James Donovan. Soon, Pagan will be enjoying the benefits of the Witness Protection Program, including a new life in a new locale, far away from New York City.

What a deal!

I can see him soon sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping an umbrella drink, with a smirk on his face; knowing he beat the system and beat it good.

The moral of the story is that if you croon a good enough tune for the government – you can get away with almost everything, including murder.

No wonder so many so-called knock-around guys are tuning up their vocal cords. The better aria they warble for the Feds – the less time they will have to do in prison – if they have to do any time at all.

What a sick joke on society.





8 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Nicky Santora to Plead Guilty – Junior “Hector” Pagan off the Hook”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    I hear Junior was REJECTED by WitSec for what else, lying.

  2. On Nicky’s plea, that’s just so far. He’s up for sentencing in October for the narcotics. But word around here is that he’s been implicated in some way for his cousin’s crimes (murders, they say) and all because of Nicky’s ex and her big mouth. How they can harass Nicky because of what his cousin did is a crime in itself. She ratted the other guy out but Nicky’s name came up in some way. Don’t know all the details but he’s f….ked for sure if he doesn’t talk and if he talks he’s stil f…ked. All these rats.

  3. I may have not been very clear. I didn’t say Nicky was a rat or would ever rat. Personally, I don’t think anybody could break him that way. I wasn’t talking about Pagan being involved in murder. I was talking about Nicky’s cousin, Anthony Mack. Mack’s old man was Pasquale Patty Mack Machiarole. Mack was seeing Nicky’s ex and apparently shot his mouth off about his involvement in 2 murders and she ran to someone she knew in the US Attorney’s Office. Unfortunately, one of them happened to be a close relative. If that wasn’t enough she ran to the son of that person as well. He just got out in March. Although it’s not anybody’s but their business, Mack brought this on many people. She’s to blame for her big mouth but those that know what transpired blame Mack. He’s always been known as a good guy, a real straight shooter. He’s a weasel who disrespected his old man with all this big time. Nobody wants to hear his name.

    Sorry for the confusion earlier. FM

  4. The “close relative” I was referring to above was one of the guys murdered.

  5. Mick twist Says:

    I think Nicky should be set free! The mob is better than the government. Atleast, when u pay for protection from the mob u get it!

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