Joe Bruno on the Mob – Mob Rat Henry Hill is Dead (It’s surprising he lasted so long)

Whenever someone dies, the obituaries in the daily newspapers usually give a glowing account of what a wonderful guy the deceased person was; but not in the case of mob canary Henry Hill.

Quite frankly, Henry Hill, who was portrayed by handsome actor the movie Goodfellas, was a creep, a thug, and a miserable miscreant, who ratted out his best buddies to save his own neck. The creepy-looking Hill – part Irish and part Italian – was such a bad guy, after five years in witness protection, the government booted his ass from the program because he was unable to stop living a life of crime; screwing whomever he came into contact with. In 1987, Hill was busted for drug charges, and he had been arrested several times since, for minor crimes, most of which could be categorized as “felonious feeble-mindedness.”

Hill often bragged he was a rags-to-riches, then back-to-rags legend. He once told a London newspaper, on the 20th Anniversary of the release of Goodfellas, “The government said a couple of hundred million dollars went through my hands. But I just blew it on slow horses, women, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.”

He probably meant rock cocaine.

Hill was a down-and-out drug addict and a hopeless alcoholic. When he was too old to be a successful thief anymore, he desperately tried to make a living selling his own line of marinara sauce; like a sane person would buy a jar of “Italian Gravy” from a criminal who was only famous for being a rat.

Better Hill should have sold rat poison – then he could have done something positive for society – by taking the rat poison himself.

After Hill had the good grace to die, his unnamed girlfriend (smart girl not giving her name) told the website TMZ, “His heart just gave out.”

That’s presupposing Henry Hill had a heart to begin with.

In 2008, Hill appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern radio show, which proves Stern (another no-class guy) would interview anyone for ratings; even the Devil himself.

Hill told Stern, with something resembling a straight face, “I’m going straight. I’m doing the right thing now.”

Hill is doing “the right thing now” – by pushing up daises.

Better late than never.


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