Joe Bruno on the Mob – Big Ang’s son Arrested For Selling Drugs


Well, I guess it’s like mother – like son. And in this case, that is not a very good thing.

Big Ang Raiola, a star in VH1’s TV show Mob Wives and soon to be the star of her own show called The Big Ang Show, pleaded guilty in 2003 to drug charges: selling cocaine to undercover officers. She got three years’ probation and four months house arrest.

Now it’s her son – A. J. Donofrio – who’s in a pickle; and it’s the same pickle his mother was in.

On Monday June 4, police barged into Big Ang’s bar “The Drunken Monkey” in Staten Island looking to arrest D’Onofrio for also selling cocaine to an undercover agent. D’Onofrio was not on the premises at the time, but the following day he turned himself into the police. D’Onofrio and four other men were indicted on 50 felony counts; including selling drugs to undercover officers and telling these same officers where they could illegally buy the prescription drug oxycodone.

“This was a long-term investigation,” assistant district attorney Timothy Gearon told the New York Post. “Over 700 oxycodone pills were sold and the price of that was close to $14,000.”

Talk about dumb. You’d think the son would learn from his mother’s mistakes, but there seems to be very little brain power lurking around “The Drunken Monkey” on any given night.

To add to his problems, D’Onofrio is not a one-timer when it comes to breaking the law. In 2011, D’Onofrio was arrested for beating up a pal with a lead pipe. He also has a DUI on his record. Taking all this into consideration, a Brooklyn judge came down on D’Onofrio with a lead pipe of his own; making A. J.’s bail a whopping $200,000. D’Onofrio’s attorney Lance Lazzaro thought the bail was a tad excessive, especially for a man who claims he’s innocent.

“He says he didn’t do it,” defense lawyer Lance Lazzaro said after D’Onofrio’s arraignment. “He’s denying it. I think we should wait to see what type of proof they’ve got before we rush to judgment.”

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But in cases concerning undercover cops buying drugs, there are usually taped conversations, and maybe even a picture, or moving picture or two to back up the arrest. So I find it hard to believe D’Onofrio will walk away from this case unscathed.

In a Season 2 episode of Mob Wives, Big Ang was shown taking her son to a jewelry store to buy him a few birthday presents. While the camera rolled, Big Ang bought her son a huge white gold crucifix and a whopping rope chain to go with it. She also bought herself a few baubles that would choke the proverbial horse. The amazing thing was the transaction was made entirely in cash, and there had to be thousands, or maybe even ten thousands of dollars involved.

While I watching this I said to myself, “Where does Big Ang get all this cash? And why not pay with a credit card, like any other normal human being would do?”

If the police are to be believed about D’Onofrio’s alleged cocaine indesgressions, I guess the answer is self-evident. People don’t usually buy cocaine, or sell cocaine using credits cards, now do they? This is a cash-only business.

Or maybe Big Ang and son won the money betting fast horses at the track.

Anyone who believes that; I have a condo in Iraq to sell them.

PS – You have to wonder if Hector “Junior” Pagan blew the whistle on his former Mob Wives co-star: Big Ang’s son A.J. D’Onofrio. When someone goes over to Team America they are required to tell the Feds everything they know about anyone they know who may have committed crimes. This is all conjecture, but it is interesting that Pagan became and rat and now someone connected to the show Mob Wives is under arrest.

It could all be a co-incidence, but…


5 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Big Ang’s son Arrested For Selling Drugs”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    As an owner of a bar myself, you are in a cash business so you tend to pay for things with cash. If you remember, she told the jeweler she would be back to pay it off. This would probably be after she made more money at the bar.

    • Jen, what you say is a possibility. But I owned a bar too in upstate New York (Middletown). I paid for everything by check, not cash. The State Liquor Authority frowns on liquor license owners making cash payments, since they feel if you pay cash for stock, or for suplies, you’re under-reporting your income and cheating the government out of taxes, which is a crime too.

      When a bar owner pays cash for almost anything, my devious mind automatically thinks this cash is money, for whatever reason, that wasn’t rung up on the cash register.

  2. Dee Young Says:

    It’s all a possibility, supposedly Ang is worth a whopping 5 million. She probably has a lot of cash at her disposal, I’m not saying Junior Pagan didn’t rat on AJ too.

    • Dee, ya think Big Ang got five million in cash from the WIZEGUYS she always says she loves? Not likely.

      And it’s a distinct possibility Pagan rated on her son, since as part of his deal with the government, Pagan had to tell them about every crime he was involved with and those he had information about. If Pagan would rat on his ex-father-in-law, why wouldn’t he rat on a kid he hardly knew?

  3. I was wondering who is AJ Donofrio’s father? Also Big Ang always is talking about wise guys who was she married to that was a wise guy?

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