Joe Bruno on the Mob – Renee Graziano – The Height of Arrogance


May 12, 2012

If anyone had any reservations that Renee Graziano is not appearing on VH1’s Mob Wives just for the cash, the remarks she made to the Hollywood Reporter should remove all doubt.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter Renee G. said, “Actually this might sound a little cocky but I’m glad it’s playing out in national headlines because people know this is real. You get a lot of remarks that this is staged. Listen, if I could get the government or anybody behind the scenes to get them to pinch 127 people and get my ex-husband into a snitch we would be gazillionaires and everyone would want us!”

Glad this has played out in national headlines?? She must be kidding.

Who in their right mind would want their dirty laundry aired out in public? Your ex-husband Hector “Junior” Pagan, also a co-star on Mob Wives, becomes a rat, and then he gets wired up by the Feds to entrap your father Anthony Graziano, and several other alleged mob figures, into saying things that will put them all back in prison.

And Renee G. is glad all this has happened, just so the show can get higher ratings??

And it certainly is telling what Renee G. said when the Hollywood Reporter asked her if she was going to court when her father appears before the judge.

“No I’m not going down to court,” Renee G. said. “Every time I’ve been to court there’s been too much attention. I don’t think it’d be good for the other families. My father is fine with me and who I am, but the other families – it’s not necessary.”

If it were my father, just to get a glimpse of him in court, I’d run a 100-yard gauntlet of fiery coals. But Renee G. is afraid she will have to meet the angry glares of the family members of the men who were also arrested because of her ex-husband Pagan’s treachery. So, Renee G.  shamelessly avoids going to court to support her father, because she might get angry stares, or an angry word or two; and not another dime for her appearance.

What a creep.

I guarantee you, if television cameras were allowed in court, Renee G. would be there with bells on, just to film a neat segment of Mob Wives, complete with uncontrollable crying by Renee, of course. We’ve seen already, Renee G.’s real good at hysterical crying. In fact, that’s probably her most favorable trait.

Then, already pitching Season Three of Mob Wives, Renee G. said to the Hollywood Reporter, “If everyone thinks this is all I have they are sadly mistaken. That came, that blindsided all of us, no one was expecting that …this will not affect my story line and I have a lot more than Junior in my life.”

Quite frankly lady, who the flip cares?

What kind of intelligent person could care for one second what these highly unlikable women (the entire cast of Mob Wives) do from one minute to the next?;  or from one season to the next?

Mob Wives is a horribly disgusting TV show highlighting shameless women; women who would let the world know their intimate thoughts and difficulties just for a few measly bucks.

As for me, I’d rather watch boring reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show; or maybe Sermonette.

They still show Sermonette at the beginning and end of every day’s broadcasting?

Don’t they??


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