Joe Bruno on the Mob – Jennifer Graziano Says She Should Have Known Junior Pagan Was a Rat

May 11, 2012

Jennifer Graziano, the creator of the VH1 TV Show Mob Wives had her “Duh” moment in her recent interview with the New York Post.  Jennifer G. told the Post she should have known her ex-brother-in-law Hector “Junior” Pagan was a rat, when he seemed overly interested in appearing on her show.

When Jennifer G. asked Pagan, before the second season of Mob Wives, if he really wanted to be on the show, he eagerly said yes.

“It’ll ruin you on the street,” Jenifer G. told Pagan.

“No,” Pagan replied. “I don’t care about that anymore. I want to be in it.” (the FBI wanted Pagan to be in it too; wired for sound, of course)

“I should have known then that something was wrong,” Jennifer told the Post.

No spit, Sherlock.

A street guy like Pagan, with a record as long as a gorilla’s arm, insists on being on a national TV show, and nobody smelled a rat? The FBI must have threw a big party when they discovered Pagan, would not only be on the show, but would be an integral part of the show, with his continuing soap opera concerning his ex-wife Renee Graziano, Jennifer’s sister.

Will they get back together? Will they not get back together? Who the flip cares??

To make the situation all the more disgusting, after Jennifer and Renee’s father Anthony Graziano was arrested based on tapes Pagan secretly made for the FBI while talking to Graziano about committing the crime of usury (the tape recorder was in his watch), the two Graziano sisters, never entertained the thought of cancelling the show.

Jennifer G. said after her father was arrested, “VH1 called me right away and asked me if I wanted to shut it down — meaning stop filming. I told them, ‘No, keep going.’ I would never shut down.”

Jennifer G. also said her sister Renee was also “full speed ahead” as far as continuing the show.

Of course, we all know that “money makes the blind man see.” But there isn’t enough money for me, and all the folks I know, to allow the people of the world an inside look at our family’s miseries.

The Graziano sisters should be ashamed of themselves. But I don’t think they have the word “shame” in their vocabulary; unless they are talking about other people. In fact, that’s all the show Mob Wives is about; cartoonish women yakking about other people, and not in a very nice way.

The bad news is that there will be a Season Three of Mob Wives. The good news is that nobody has to watch it.

Except, maybe the FBI, of course.




3 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Jennifer Graziano Says She Should Have Known Junior Pagan Was a Rat”

  1. If Mob Wives goes to season 3 please get rid of karen, agh she makes me sick, always acting like a hard ass….all mouth like her daddy!!!!!!!!!

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