Joe Bruno on the Mob — Jerry Capeci’s Gangland Says Junior May Still Have to Testify in Court, and Junior Doesn’t Like It One Bit.

April 23, 2012

As was reported by Jerry Capeci in his April, 19, 2012 Gangland column, Hector “Junior” Pagan may indeed have to testify in court because one of the men he ratted on, Nicky Santora, has refused to take a plea deal, and his case is scheduled to go on trial on May 7. This puts a monkey wrench into the government desire not to have Pagan testify at any trials, and has pissed off Pagan to no end.

As I reported in my April 18 column, the reason the government wants no part of Pagan on the witness stand is because his disgusting performance on the VH1 television show Mob Wives has made him a hated man by the millions of viewers who watch the show. This truism will make it difficult, if not nearly impossible, for the government to find twelve jurors who would take anything Pagan says on the witness stand at face value.

According to Gangland, Pagan has been sending letters to estranged family members, saying if he didn’t turn rat, he was facing 50 years in prison. He also complained, “Why don’t these guys take a plea deal?”

Well, five out of the six defendants did take a plea, including his former father-in-law Anthony Graziano and Vincent (Vinny TV) Badalamenti. But Santora, as of this moment, has turned thumbs down on a plea which would have given him less than two years in prison. If convicted, Santora can get more than ten years behind bars.

It will be interesting to see if Santora sticks to his guns, even if only to aggravate the government, who willingly got into bed with a piece-of-garbage like Pagan; not to mention Pagan himself, who doesn’t want to stare down his former pals from the witness stand.

Editor’s note: If you have an extra $45 a year in your pockets, you could do worse than spending it on a yearly subscription to Jerry Capeci’s Gangland column ( Capeci is the Godfather of crime writers and has a knack for getting the goods on what’s happening in organized crime circles before it appears in the major newspapers, and sometimes even before the government.



7 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob — Jerry Capeci’s Gangland Says Junior May Still Have to Testify in Court, and Junior Doesn’t Like It One Bit.”

  1. michelle Says:

    hes so gonna end up deader than a fucking doornail, whether youre mob or not you should never snitch on a god damn person.

  2. Fortydeuce Says:

    (“…..Mob Wives has made him a hated man by the millions of viewers who watch the show.”)

    With his reputation, I’m sure he has found at least one woman by now who doesn’t hate him. I thinks that makes him a dog and a rat.

  3. I saw a Boston mob figure who was a hit man who turned witness for the government on his crime buddies. He said he doesn’t consider himself a rat/snitch, here’s why. He said snitches tell on people in private behind people’s backs, but a witness for the government isn’t a snitch because he’s doing it in front of the people. I wonder if he’s still alive?

    • This guy has a convoluted, or self-serving definition of a rat. A rat is a person who snitches on someone else; to the government; to his own mother – whatever. He’s still a rat.

  4. What’s the real deal with what will happen to AJ? If AJ wasn’t the grandson of a mafia boss would he get whacked because of what his pops did?

  5. Junior needs to stay in jail for the fifty years. He has ruined his sons life!!!!!!!!!! How in the hell can you turn on the man who was your father for so many years. Renee needs fo go on and forget that AJs father is alive.

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