Joe Bruno on the Mob – Anthony Graziano Pleads Guilty


Pleading guilty was the smart thing to do; the right move. But Anthony “TG” Graziano has only one man to blame for his latest trip to the slammer. And that man is his former son-in-law Hector “Junior” Pagan.

Graziano was on home detention, the last leg of his eight-year bit, when Pagan paid him a cordial little visit. Of course, Pagan was wired for sound by the FBI when Graziano asked Pagan to help him collect on an old loansharking debt. Pagan said he’d do his best to help out his former father-in-law, then he  turned over the tape to the FBI, and went immediately into the Witness Protection Program (He did not pass “Go” or collect the $200).

Pagan had previously been wired up while he was talking shop with several other alleged mobsters, which led to their arrests. And Pagan is scheduled to testify at their upcoming trials, if it ever comes to that. All of this happened while Pagan was co-staring in the VH1 television disaster called Mob Wives, who also stars Graziano’s daughter Renee, who had the misfortune of once being married to Pagan, and was foolishly trying to reconcile with Pagan while the TV cameras rolled. To complete the Graziano trilogy, Graziano’s daughter Jenifer (Renee’s sister) is the producer of the show.

However, the 71-year-old Graziano, knowing the Feds had the goods on him with the Pagan tape, decided to plead guilty and now he faces approximately three years in prison when sentenced. If Graziano had gone to trial, he could have gotten as much as 20 years in the can, making it virtually a lifetime sentence.

Like I said; it was a smart move by Graziano. And if the other alleged mobsters, including Nicholas Santora, play it smart too, they’ll cop a plea like Graziano. When the FBI has you on tape admitted to planning or committing crimes, it’s as good as a conviction.

The only question is why would the Feds play ball with Pagan, when one of the crimes they had him on was involvement in a murder during a robbery gone awry?

Of course, the FBI is notorious for making deals with the Devil if it means numerous convictions against Mafia figures. But considering what a slimeball Pagan is, they would have been much better off putting the cuffs on Pagan, then trying to make their cases involving the other men by other means (Old fashioned police investigation? Old shoe leather? Knocking on doors?). At least then, the FBI’s hands would be clean.

Don’t you just hate it when the Feds turn a rat loose to munch on some more mouthwatering cheese?

I know I do.



You can read the article below at:


‘Mob Wife’ dad guilty


The wiseguy father of “Mob Wives’’ star Renee Graziano faces up to three years in prison after pleading guilty yesterday to collecting an illegal debt.

Anthony “TG” Graziano, a 71-year-old consigliere of the Bonanno crime family, could have been hit with 20 years behind bars before he accepted a plea deal from Brooklyn federal prosecutors that is expected to slash his prison time.

He now faces 30 to 37 months in prison, said Patrick Parrotta, his attorney.

The mobster was ensnared late last year by Hector Pagan, a former Bonanno associate-turned-federal-informant, who is Renee Graziano’s ex-husband.

Pagan wore a hidden “wire” and taped Anthony Graziano during a Drug Enforcement Administration probe.

Another senior Bonanno mobster, Nicholas Santora, must decide this week if he wants to accept prosecutors said yesterday.


5 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Anthony Graziano Pleads Guilty”

  1. Don’t you think TG is wrong also? I mean don’t get me wrong, I hate to see someone turn rat to save their own ass.
    But, isn’t when you collect a mob debt, either mean pay or die?

  2. The fact he ratted is in itself shows him for what he is a piece of scum. However to do this within your family and to a man who is in his 70’s. It just makes me think that this cheese eating scum really could care less about his child we all after all know he could have cared less about Renee but his kid?? come on what a piece of crap. i hope as much as i hate to say it that he gets his due

  3. Anthony D Says:

    This is sad i hope tg survives till he is released,now…jr that no good rat fake ass gangster lost every1 because he wanted to play KING RAT……. let him go out to arizona and wait for the other rat garbage bag to get out…karma jr…karma.and i hope aj & renee HATE U SCUMBAG!

  4. i hope he rots. digusting.god have mercy on his soul. and i hope renee and aj get through this.

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