Joe Bruno on the Mob- The Show Mob Wives Again Causes My Blog to Get Bombarded With Hits


It happened last Monday, and now it’s happened again on Monday April 2, 2012. And all it  proves  is that the American public loves to watch a train wreck. My blog Joe Bruno on the Mob got 20,000 hits before noon today; the great majority of those hits were  on articles I’ve written concerning the TV show Mob Wives. (I’ve written over 330 articles for my blog; only 16 on Mob Wives

Go figure.

I forced myself to watch  Mob Wives last night (Sunday night, April, 1) and it certainly was an April Fool’s joke turned bad. Last week (March 25) the show finally disclosed that Hector  “Junior” Pagan was in police custody.  But even though, before Thanksgiving last year, it was revealed in the newspapers and on the Internet that Pagan was a rat for the FBI, viewers, not aware of the fact, were conned into thinking  this was happening real time. Or close to real time.

On last night’s show, Renee Graziano was featured for most of the show doing her “I’m going crazy” routine.  And doing a damn good job of it.

Crying. Banging her hands over her face and head. Hugging other crying mob wives like Karen Gravano, who has some experience with the rodent kingdom herself.

It was enough to make my eyebrows hurt. And my four dogs were howling at the TV screen.

It wasn’t until the last few minutes of the show that viewers were given a hint that Pagan was now a stool pigeon. But this revelation did not come through Renee, but from other mob wives reading the local newspapers. At the show’s end, Renee was still supposedly in the dark as to why her ex-husband “self-Incarcerated” himself, (Pagan was actually pulled off the streets by the FBI because he had served his purpose by wearing a wire while talking to several alleged mob figures, including Renee Graziano’s father Anthony “TG” Graziano, who was arrested the same day Pagan went bye bye).

Then the  viewers got the all–telling promo for next week’s show.  Next week, Renee will go from despair, to plain anger, as well she should, when she finds out the truth about Pagan; a man so low, he can lick the curb standing up.

The producers of Mob Wives, which includes Renee’s sister Jennifer Graziano, are milking this Graziano family tragedy for all its worth (like making chicken salad out of chicken spit). Instead of telling the viewers in one minute what happened five months ago, it’s taking them three shows (maybe more) to lets the viewers know:

  1. Pagan went into the wind.
  2. Renee is overwrought that her ex-husband is going back to jail, as well  as her father.
  3. Pagan is FBI informant who was instrumental in putting TG Graziano back into the can.

Welcome to the wacky world of Reality TV. It’s all about ratings, not about the truth. Surprise, surprise.

I now await with bated breath the April 9, Mob Wives extravaganza. But before I watch, I’m going to get myself good and drunk so that I can endure almost 60 minutes of bad, over-the-top acting, that is no longer part of a Reality Show, but in actuality a rotten piece of half-truths manipulated by the producers to bring more viewers to the table.

I know. Watching and reporting on Mob Wives is dirty work, but someone’s got to do it.

Tequila anyone?

PS – The final tally for Monday, April 2 on my blog “Joe Bruno on the Mob”  was  25,652 hits.  I’m starting to feel punchy from all the hits.



12 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob- The Show Mob Wives Again Causes My Blog to Get Bombarded With Hits”

  1. marie silva Says:

    i think renee can be over te top at times but lets cut her some slack the father of her only chld became a rat and not only that he rats on her father who is 71 i believe any woman would break down. i personally dont think renee knew junior was going to turn especially on her father, i think had she known or had any idea she would have told or warned her father and i do not think its right saying that the Graziano family is milking the situation for ratings, they all knew in doing a reality show all the dirty landury would come out and reality is that life style isnt all it seems to be to out siders and some people cant do the time and its possible anyone can turn on you. my heart goes out to the Graziano family i hope they all can pull though this

    • Marie, I didn’t say the Graziano family was milking the situation for ratings. I said the producers of the show Mob Wives are milking the situation for ratings. And Jennifer Graziano is one of the producers. Just my opinion.

  2. I’m sorry I feel so bad for Renee and her son and her family. I have to say I didn’t know about her dad until my husband mentioned it to me when I told him about the 3/25. I hate that Jr did that to her and her family and I hope one day he gets what he deserves!!!!!

  3. theuresamaven Says:

    Mr. B: Don’t flatter yourself. I fell over your blog while looking for Jerry Capasi because Carla had mentioned his comments on Junior’s newly found addiction to cheese. I started watching the wives by accident and then realized that I had had a nodding acquaintance with Carla while I was working my way through Pace, and I guess that she was starting her Wall Street thing. Only a novice who watches a “reality show” believes that its done in real time, and only those people who don’t live in the tri-state area didn’t know about Junior. Remember, while we know that New York (that is Manhattan) is the center of the planet, people in the rest of the country have other things to do. ABC’s account about TG’s arrest was interesting. Rene always goes around the show saying do you know who my father is? Eyewitness News introduced him as Rene’s father, and then told you his name. Its been so long that a whole generation of people probably had to Google him. Granted Rene’s Lady MacBethisms are a bit much, but in terms of reality shows Mob Wives and (God help me) Housewives of Beverly Hills are most realistic, but it took a suicide and three arrests to do so.

    • Theuresamaven, I’ve known Jerry Capeci peripherally for more than 30 years. We worked in different NY City newspapers at the same time. He worked for the Daily News. I worked for the NY Tribune and the Middletown Record. He’s a few years older than me. We were hardly friends. The difference between Capeci and I (besides the obvious superiority I have in the art of writing — my uncle Sal Gerage was Capeci’s editor at the Daily News), I actually know, grew up with, hung out with, and have relatives who are real wise guys (in Manhattan’s Little Italy). Capeci just writes about them; from a distance. If he ever found himself in the same room with a real wiseguy (and not the courtroom), he’d choke on his tongue. They wouldn’t trust Capeci as far as you can thrown Big Ange, with one hand. Capeci gets his information from snitches, lawmen looking to make their cases in the press (not very ethical for the lawmen), and lawyers looking to get their names in his column, so they can get more mob-related business. The fact that they mention his name on such a sophomoric show like Mob Wives, tells you all you need to know about Capeci, and Mob Wives. Still, I’m one of the suckers who pays $45 a year for his Gangland column on his website. I live in Florida now and don’t have personal contact, not can I talk on the phone, or email my contacts. For obvious reasons. So I need to know what going on in the Big Apple without actually being there. If that makes Capeci $45-a-year richer, then so be it. I can afford the freight. PS – I enjoy flattering myself. If I don’t who will? Joe Bruno

      Author of “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps – NY City” Volumes 1, 2 & 3. _ zg_bs_11010_1_ (

      _ zg_bs_11010_5_ (

      _ sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1332690571&sr=1-1_ ( 2690571&sr=1-1)

  4. SugarBritches Says:

    Well i live in georgia and the closest thing i know of a mob is a batch of crazy ladies that knock you down getting to a sale at the walmart! So- to find anything about the mob that does not include bluehaired old ladies i must google. There is where the Joe Bruno blog came up first and i found alot of other interesting facts above the mob wives info (a little note i was looking up Jr the Rat) anyway Toot your own horn if you like and keep writing interesting and funny tidbits and i will continue to visit 🙂

    • Sugarbritches, Thanks for the kind words. My daughter-in-law comes from Georgia and she don’t know what to make of me either. Us New Yorkers are a rare breed. Love us or hate us, but we’re mostly real.

  5. Good blog Joe. I’ve watched the show but I got really turned off watching “grown women” have fist fights. It does not send a good message to the younger viewing audience. With all of the bullying going on in schools throughout the nation, it just really turned me off. I’m a NY’er born & raised & I’ve thrown a few good right hooks in my day but that was many moons ago. When you reach a certain age you have to use better judgement.

  6. You know what’s funny is the girl Drita. She talks about beating people up all the time. I was her size when I was 10 years old. If that girl weighs 115 pounds soaking wet she’s heavy. TV gives you 10 pounds too. What’s sad is that when you watch all of these shows, everyone is pitted against one another. Then the others form an alliance. The next generation of shows will be called “Former Realty TV Stars – Where Are They Now?”

    • Patti, This is called the dumbing down of the American television show. People like to watch train wrecks, and everyone on this show is a train wreck waiting to happen.

      • They have real life stories but the fighting is hideous. It’s like when everyone bottlenecks on the highway to stop & see the accident. I’ve only seen the show 2x & that was enough for me.

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