Joe Bruno on the Mob – The Producers of Mob Wives Show No Shame

March 27, 2012


                So now I know exactly why my site “Joe Bruno on the Mob” got bombarded with so many hits yesterday – March 25, 2012. (16,953 to be exact)

                I had recorded the last two shows of Mob Wives, but frankly, the show is so bad, I couldn’t bring myself to watch them. But I knew something must have happened on the show to cause all the commotion on my blog. When I finally found out what it was, I got sick to my stomach.

                The world has known for the past few months that Renee Graziano’s ex-husband, Hector “Junior“ Pagan, has turned into a government informant – rat, canary, stool pigeon – you pick the term. Yet, the show has gone on like nothing has happened, and week after week it’s the Renee and Junior love-in.

Will they get back together? Will Renee again marry her true love, who had cheated on her almost from the day they first married?


But on the March 25th show, instead of finally telling the viewers the truth about Junior’s turncoat  act, Mob Wives put on a disgusting performance that started with Renee finding a letter from Junior saying that he had “self-surrendered” himself to the law. (This actually meant that the FBI had pulled Pagan off the streets so that he wouldn’t get killed when all the facts on him being an FBI informant  came to light.)

Then the hysteria on Mob Wives accelerated  into full gear. The rest of the show was Renee literally howling and screaming that “she’s losing her mind,” and displaying so many other  bouts of hysteria, I was ready to lose my own mind. The show ended with Renee on the phone to her father’s house (looking for information on Junior), when the police arrive  (at her father’s house) and arrest her father Anthony Graziano.

Renee’s screaming gets worse, “Don’t arrest my father!” she yells into the phone. Repeatedly.

Renee starts screaming, crying, moaning, rolling her eyes, and looking like she’s ready to barf on the floor. Renee  does basically everything melodramatic  except  literally pull the hair out of her head.

It was a sickening, disgusting, and extremely  painful scene to watch.

Then the producers of the show cut to a promo for next week’s show, when the viewers, ignorant to the real story, may (and I say may) finally be told the truth: Pagan is an FBI informant; Pagan  wore a wire while speaking to Anthony Graziano, and that’s why the elder Graziano was arrested; Pagan never had any intention of getting back with Renee Graziano;  he was using her to get close to her father, and her father’s friends,  so he could wear a wire on as many as men he could. And as a result, the FBI had a field day, arresting several alleged organized crime figures, who are now awaiting trial, with Pagan as a major witness against them.

So, to shamelessly boost next week’s ratings, VH1’s Mob Wives will drag out the misery for at least another week.

I’ve always written how bad the show Mob Wives is, but this was way beyond bad; it was beyond any semblance of common decency to see a woman literally go out of her mind on television. Maybe she was acting; maybe she wasn’t. And then there’s the question of was everything happening in real time? Or were the histrionics staged after the fact for maximum effect? No matter which way you cut it, the entire scene was way over-the-top.

Sure, I feel sorry for Renee Graziano, and her son A.J. who is an innocent victim here. But to stoop so low as to graphically display a woman’s agony (faked or real), when the truth has been known for many months, is beyond dishonest.

Shame on VH1. And shame on the producers of Mob Wives, which includes Renee’s sister Jennifer Graziano. I’d rather watch the lions eat the Christians  in the Roman Coliseum then see Renee go through her convulsions again. Severed body parts would be less terrifying than what I witnessed on the March 25 show of Mob Wives.

One thing’s for sure; next week’s ratings for Mob Wives will be off the charts. And that’s all they care about anyway.

PS — I have 320 articles on my blog “Joe Bruno on the Mob.” Only 16 have anything to do with the show Mob Wives; some peripherally. That’s five percent. Yet Mob Wives’ articles get 80 percent of all hits on my blog. This proves  how distorted our society has become.

More to come next week. Hopefully for the last time.


34 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – The Producers of Mob Wives Show No Shame”

  1. If you actually look at the moment when she’s talking on the phone with her friends in the kitchen, her finger nail polish does a drastic change from purple to red. That tells me they edited that whole thing. Just shows how staged and ridiculous it all really is.

  2. actually, if you watch it closely you will notice she was actually wearing two different color nail polishes, red on one hand and a darker color on another. My wife tells me thats a trend these days

  3. If it was real in all fairness no1 is being forced to be on the show! Its VH1’s job to bring in the viewers so these women knew that if there was juicy drama in their lives it was going to end up on tv. Plus these women have been having men coming in and out of their lives from jail since they were children and they knew that wasn’t going to change as long as they were in that life so chances were that that would end up on TV and they all still made the choice to do the show.

    • Erin, all these woman are on the show for one reason – MONEY!! There’s a ton of money to be made, no matter how much they embarrass themselves and their families. And don’t forget, the producer of the show is Jennifer Graziano, Renee’s sister.

  4. of course he’s a rat, she never should have got involved out of the Italian culture!

  5. ItalyTrip Says:

    Actually, I watched the scene again and in one scene she did wear a dark purple on both hands and the very next clip she had red nails on both hands. Hmmmm

  6. I have no sympathy for any of these women anyway. If they’re going to enjoy the money rolling in, that their husbands make off of other people’s misery, then they need to balls up and not whine when it’s their time for some of the misery.

  7. Duchessbecky Says:

    I pray that karen can be a good friend to rene. As a woman who also stuck around way to.long for a man in and out of the system I can only hope rene grows stronger, as I did, and that she and her son stay safe. Its hard to comprehend what junior pagan was thinking..but I feel it was a very selfish move on his usual the families suffer. Let it end with rene and I hope she rises up to realize her own strengths and possibiliites in this life..Her Life. ❤

    • Duchessbecky Says:

      Its not just money ..its a sickness being in an emotionally chaotic relationship one that I saw growing up and continued on with my life. I chose to end it after I figured out I Deserved a better life and saw how negatively it affected me and my children. im quite content to live without the drama I hope rene stops the cycle and starts living a healthy life. She deserves it!

  8. Ok, I grew up in a NJ suburb just a 1/2 hr from NYC (by how the crow flies). Growing up, one of my best friends’ father was in the mob. In fact, at one point they just packed up and moved away. Overnight. No word. No calls (Before email)
    She never liked the rumors and whispers. Her father was a muscled up touugh guy as were all of his friends. Half her cousins ended up in jail over the years. So what if they take a few takes. It’s TV but I do think its as close to reality as they can show on TV.

  9. Crazy. Someone so televised. I first read this a while back on I like the show mobwives I feel bad for Renee.


  11. I think Junior did a flip to get away from that crazy women. Don’t think it’s right at all but I don’t see any other way for him to get away from her.

    • Debbie, they were divorded. He could have just split. But the Feds put him back in bed with Renee so that could get the goods on her father and her father’s friends. Sure Renee’s a nut. But what Pagan did was unexcusable.

  12. For some reason, when think about this “show,” I can’t help but think of Willie Moretti. He was brought before the Kefauver hearings in 1950. He never divulged anything about mob activities, but he joked around quite a bit and put on a “show,” and was gunned down for it. In the old days, someone like Junior Pagan would have been popped for even being on a program or for cheating on a bosses daughter. If you do a google search, he actually poses for a promotional photo for the show. OMG, in the old days he would have been soo gone!

    • Joseph, Willie Moretti was whacked because his brain was shot from venerial disease and the mob was afraid he would blab by accident. It was considered a mercy killing by the mob.

      • Morgan Rebekah Vanderbilt Says:

        The good old days have gone unfortunately ..I have no respect for a man who used his wives family ties to save his ass. HONOR AND LOYALTY I see only in the face of my dog… Lucky-Luciano…♡

  13. It may be staged and maybe it isn’t. But the fact that the editors cut, paste and splice things up does not determine whether the scenes are “staged” or not. But its a “reality” show, so its all contrived to begin with. Btw, that big ange is a blast. Can derek tobacco come out of hiding now that JR has broke like the wind?

  14. This site may answer some of the questioning in regards to the nail polish discrepancies. According to the site Renee was rushed to the hospital after receiving the news, which would explain the retakes n fakeness of the show…..

    • Secret, Thanks for the information. I wrote a blog on Renee being rushed to the hospital the day after it happened. But now I feel, considering the show is basically one big embellishment on the truth after another, if all this wasn’t staged for the benefit of increasing the viewership of the show. I wouldn’t put anything past the producers of the show.

      Junior was arrested in mid-November and the world knew, if they read the neswpapers, or go on the Internet, that he had become a government informer. But it wasn’t until last week that they even hinted at the truth.

      Sure the show is shot months in advance, but a simple disclaimer at the beginning of each show would have set the record straight. But they were afraid that doing the right thing might decrease their viewership. Shameful.

  15. Fan of Big Ang Says:

    It was definitely staged. While Renee is in the kichen having her extremely long hysterical breakdown her nails start out dark blue and instantly change to a vibrant red. How sad they can’t even get a minor detail right such as the color of your nails need to be the same just like the outfit you were wearing last time you were shooting…
    As far as feeling sorry for any of the wives. Can’t muster it up. If you play you pay. They reep what they sow.

    • Good observation. Only a woman would have noticed the change in the color of Renee’s nails. This shows how amateurish the Producers of the show are. They can’t even get the color of Renee’s nails right, when they are doing multiple takes of the same staged scene. Simply amazing.

  16. Do you think the feds should have investigated Renee for nail tampering? Or should use her hysterical screaming as evidence of fakery?

  17. First off…if you glorify this lifestyle, then you should be able to handle the pitfalls that come with it. 2nd… how many times did she defend that piece of crap …saying don’t talk bad about my son’s father…acting like he was supposed to be imune from anyone to say what he really is…you looked foolish then…and plain stupid now…Also, why do these women think they are too good for “civilian” men with real jobs… I think civilians have good qualities and good character…at least i am not a snitch…

  18. This show is so staged, but I’m addicted!!! I can’t help it! They all shit me individually but if I had to choose, Drita is my favourite. As a woman, these women give us a bad name. Ramona is an idiot, Karen is a fat moron with a monotone voice, Renee needs to be medicated, Karla is a two faced snake, big Ang is sweet but the ugliest she/man I’ve seen in my life, and Drita is the only one with a quarter of a brain.

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