Joe Bruno on the Mob – My Website Gets Bombarded With “Mob Wives” Hits


March 26, 2012

Joe Bruno on the Mob – My Website Gets Bombarded With “Mob Wives” Hits

            I had no idea what’s going on, but on Monday, March 26, my website Joe Bruno on the Mob  hit TILT!

            The website got an amazing 14,000 hits; and this is before 1 p.m. in the afternoon. The most I ever got in one day before was 1100 hits, and that was a great day!

            The good thing about having a blog on is that they give you detailed stats; telling you the search terms used to get to my blog, and also the search engines used. They also tell you exactly what articles (I have 320 total articles on my blog) are getting the hits. And the overwhelming majority of the hits this morning were on the 16 articles I wrote on the VH1 TV show “Mob Wives.”

            The runaway winner on hits was an article I wrote entitled “Renee Graziano and Rat Ex- Husband Hector Pagan Back Together.” This article alone got an incredible 3920 hits, and again, this is before 1 p.m. – a 13-hour period.

            I should have had a clue this was happening when I opened my AOL emails that morning. Usually I got a few comments from readers per week, which I dutifully answer. This morning I got 10 emails from readers; all on the topic “Mob Wives.”

            Here are some of the remarks:

I’d rather pull my teeth out one by one then to watch Renee “AKA Lunatic” cry, scream aggghh…and whats up with big Ang…This is some crazy shit!!

Answer: My teeth are all gone already watching this show.

Sorry, read up and now know WPP. Watch the show every week and was shocked to read about it. Looks like next week Renee finds out on the show. Their poor son. I already felt bad for the kid and now this. I have a question though, when these woman don’t work how can they afford these homes when their husbands are locked up most of the time.

Answer: They are doing the show because they NEED THE MONEY!

Wow im so sorry renee and a.j. Jr. is the lowest dirt bag scum you are a strong woman my deepest empathy

Answer: Junior Pagan is lower than the lowest dirt scumbag.

Ok so I must first admit I watch the show every weekend, as crazy as it is it makes me feel like my issues are not that bad lol. Apparently I’ve ben living under a rock bc I didn’t know about Jr being a snitch. Im utterly disgusted that someone could be so conniving, wow!

Answer: The producers are just as conniving as Junior for keeping us in the dark about him being a rat.

I really hate to admit this but I actually like “Mob Wives” Im from a very small town in North Carolina and I never really thought this lifestyle was real. I guess I just assumes it was just from the movies. I just watched the episode where JR “self surrenders” and was I had to know what happened so I googled “Hector Pagan”. I came across the things you have written and I truely enjoy it! After reading all you have wrote I am questioning what is it like to be in “the lifestyle”? Is this show totally different than the actual mob life. I have so many questions. I feel like a small town southern girl who knows nothing as if Ive been sheltered from whats really out there. I truely enjoy reading your blog and hope to read more.

Answer: The women in this show have as much in common with real mob wives as I have with Brad Pitt.

You get the idea.

I’m as startled as anyone as to the extent of the national attention given to a TV show that is so bad, it makes my nose hairs hurt.

Why is the show so popular?

It’s not realistic. The acting is horrible. There is no story line to speak of, except this wife hates that wife, and the other wife is friends with wife #1, so she can’t be friends with wife #2.

Ad infinitum…… UGH……

Then there’s the Junior Pagan thing. It’s been common knowledge for months that Pagan is an informant for the FBI. Yet, if you watch the show, and don’t read or watch the news, you’d never know this. Not once has anyone on the show attempted to set the record straight. And this could be done easily with a disclaimer as the show starts, stating something like, “Since we recorded this show, Junior Pagan has become an FBI informant. Sorry for any confusion the following show might cause.”

Was that so hard?

Stay tuned for further developments.

PS — The final stats for the day were: 16,566 total hits on Joe Bruno on the Mob. 4,564 hits on the article “Renee Graziano and Rat Ex- Husband Hector Pagan Back Together.”


10 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – My Website Gets Bombarded With “Mob Wives” Hits”

  1. My sentiments exactly on Mob Wives! People are eating this s__t up including my well-educated, republican older sister. It’s pure escapism for her while she’s recovering from cancer. Mindless!
    Check me out at

  2. My heart goes out to Renee & AJ. I can’t even imagine what they are going thru!?! I think that Jr. using her to get to her father is SICK & I think that he is lower than whale poop!! And after putting his son thru so much emotional torture he should bestriped of the title ”Dad”

  3. SugarBritches Says:

    Well i just found this blog today and there is some great info here! I Love It!! And you said it makes your nose hairs hurt- how bout every time i watch this show i drive my husband crazy talkin like Drita.. I cant help myself nor can i stop! Its loud and a little painful 😀

    • Sugar, I grew up in Manhattan’s Little Italy and lived there for 48 years. But I never met any women like the ones on Mob Wives. The show’s a bad joke made for people who never lived in a mob-related neighborhood. It’s for people who live on the moon. Or Mars, maybe.


  5. I did catch Basketball Wives and Baseball wives, and it’s ten times worse than Mob Wives.

  6. Hey Joe! I have been posting comments on Mob Wives 2 mobile site and I guess the producers don’t appreciate my thoughts. My cell was being blocked, white screened, service at one point was cut off. Even my library card to log onto the computer was messed with!! On Mothers Day I was bullied by anonymous bloggers who actually took shifts to continue the harassment for a full 72 hour period. The reason? I posted factual info taken from police records about karen gravano. The fireworks began. I felt compelled to get this documented on a site other than the VH1 site. I’d like answers but really don’t know the questions I need to ask other than, “Can producers of a show’s site interrupt your service and breach your privacy the way I’ve explained?” The library card is what got to me. I await your response, please.

    • Tess, I don’t know what to say. I don’t see any way the producers of the show can hack into the library system to mess with your library card. And anyone can block phone calls into their own phones. But not somone else’s phone. Again, I really don’t know what to say.

  7. I bet same must be so happy with Karen married to the black guy. This would never be accepted in Bensonhurst I come from that area. You can bang the black bitchs but never marry them, Scilians will not accept it.

    • Tony, grew up in Little Italy in lower manhattan (But born on 71st and 13 ave in Brooklyn). I never saw anyone, or heard of anyone, male or female, who dated interracially. Chinese yes. I have cousins who married Chinese girls. But not blacks.

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