Joe Bruno on the Mob – Mob Wives – March 4th Show

March 7, 2012

In a starling turn of developments, on Monday, March 5, I had an amazing 1104 hits (in one day) on my blog Joe Bruno on the Mob. And more than half of them came on previous articles I had written on the show “Mob Wives,” or on the characters in the show (and I do mean characters): Renee Graziano, her ex-husband-turned-government-informant Hector “Junior” Perez,” or on Karen Gravano, the daughter of mob turncoat Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. So in the interest of giving the public what it wants, your humble news correspondent (No, I don’t mean Bill O’Reilly) has voluntarily taken on the task of giving the public periodic updates on the going’s on of the show “Mob Wives, “ so infantile and annoying, it makes my nose hairs hurt.

I know; it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Besides, let’s face it, I need the readership.

Because I’m a lucky guy, on Monday, March 5th, I was able to see a rerun of the last “Mob Wives” show, which aired on Sunday night, March 4th. The basic premise of the show was that two mob wives, who have severe animosities towards each other, have decided to throw separate Halloween parties on the same night, basically to annoy each other to death. Putting that aside, because it’s hardly newsworthy (if anything on the show is), I’ll get to the meat of the show, which is the interaction between Renee Graziano and her ex-husband Pagan, who when this show was shot last October, were inexplicably trying to get back together. Or at least Renee thought so, since Pagan was already a couple of months into being a mob informant, and was secretly taping every mob associate in sight, including Renee’s father Anthony Graziano, and reputed Bonanno capo Anthony “TV” Badalamenti.

As I’ve stated before, both the producer of the show and VH1 are being disingenuous by not giving the viewing audience a clue as to the present situation with Pagan now being a government informant (unknown then, but very known now). It’s obvious now that Renee was basically wasting her time in these episodes, trying to make a relationship work with a man who had no intention of ever getting back together with her. Unless of course, Pagan expected Renee, and their son A.J., to join him in the Witness Protection Program; which could never happen. But I’ve harped on this before, and still, there has been no attempt from the producer of the show, Jennifer Graziano (Renee’s sister) or VH1 to set the record straight. They proceed as if Pagan has never been arrested, and has never worn a wire, and is not presently in the Witness Protection Program.

Be that as it may, I continue…….

In the previous show, Renee and Pagan had been seeing a marriage counselor to see if they could make a second go-around on a marriage that didn’t work out so good the first time around. (Again, Pagan was just going through the motions because he was already in bed with Team America.) The March 4th show starts with Renee speaking to the camera and saying, “After seeing the marriage counselor, things are not getting better (between her and Pagan) they are getting worse!”

Then the cameras cut to a tender living room scene where Renee is sitting opposite Pagan, who looks like he rather be sitting in solitary confinement in Alcatraz Prison than in the same room with Renee.

Renee to Pagan – “You in a bad mood?”

Pagan to Renee – “You know I am.”

Renee- “OK. What can I do to make it better?”

Pagan – “Time.”

Now here is where it gets a little confusing. Does Pagan mean he wishes he was doing his time in prison already? Or does he mean he wishes Renee was doing time in prison instead? Or is he just uttering the generic term “time?”

Like it makes a difference.

So we continue……

Renee to the camera – “We go to the marriage counselor to talk about things from the past, and now he’s mad at me?”

Back to the living room with the two love birds.

Renee to Pagan – “If you are mad at me for what I said to the marriage counselor, you must be crazy!”

Pagan to Renee – “I’m crazy?”

Renee – “I said what I said on purpose to get you mad.”

Pagan (starting to stand) – “You want me to leave; I’ll go pack my bags and leave.”

Renee (in tears) – “I don’t want you to leave. (more tears) I apologize for what I said.”

Pagan (defiant) – An apology doesn’t change the way I feel.”

Cut to Renee back in the studio. She says to the camera, “He’s lucky I didn’t hit him in the head with a frying pan!”

By this time, I’d like to hit myself in the hand with a frying pan for watching this nonsense. But as your humble news correspondent, I force myself to continue viewing something that reminds me of the Titanic bashing into that darn iceberg.

Back to Renee and Pagan in the living room.

Renee to Pagan – “You’re making me crazy!”

Pagan puts his hands to his ears to drown out Renee’s shrill screams. Then, without saying a word, he gets up and exits the room, climbing the stairs to the upper floor.

Renee yells at his back – “You’re running from the truth again! You’re real good at that!”

The show is not half over, but I decide to tape the rest, so that I can take a few valium to calm my nerves from all the melodrama (I don’t have valium, so I guess a bottle of Scotch will have to do). There’s only so much your humble news correspondent can take in one sitting.

End of Part 1.

Stay tuned for part 2.


2 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Mob Wives – March 4th Show”

  1. Thanks for keeping everyone updated. Good work and will look at your reports more.

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