Joe Bruno on the Mob – Karen Gravano Goes Toe-to-Toe With George Stephanopolous in ABC Interview


I guess people would do almost anything to sell a book, but it was a little strange watching “Mob Wives” star Karen Gravano try to defend herself and her former lifestyle while being grilled by ABC news commentator George Stephanopolous in a recent TV interview.

                In this interview, which took place on 2/14/2012, Stephanopolous seemed a little peeved at his perception that Karen Gravano seemed more upset about the fact that her father became a rat, than she did at the fact that her father admitted being involved in 19 murders, including the murder of her uncle, her mother’s brother Nicholas Scibetta.

                Karen Gravano tap-danced around the notion,  saying “I was disgusted at the entire life my father was involved in. The life all around him was bad. My father was going against everything he believed in and everything he told me to believe in (when he became an FBI Informant).”

                Amazingly, after Sammy  Gravano admitted in court he was involved in 19 murders, he got a measly five years in prison. After his released, he took his wife, daughter and son to Arizona, and got them involved in a major ecstasy drug operation . All were arrested. Sammy Gravano  got 19 years, his son got nine years, but his wife and Karen got suspended sentences. Karen said she is living with her 11-year old daughter in Arizona, but is looking to move permanently back to New York and continue her career as a businesswoman. In addition to staring on “Mob Wives,” she said she presently owns a spa and a skin care line.

                Good luck with that.

                However, the main  purpose for Karen Gravano appearing for the interview was to plug her new book “Mob Daughter – The Mafia, Sammy the Bull and Me,” which is ranked #1 on in the category “Organized Crime,” and #443 all the books on Amazon Kindle. Stephanopolous said that the families of her father’s murder victim were claiming her making money on the book was “blood money.”

                Karen Gravano denied this, saying, “This is my story. I didn’t commit the crimes. This is a lifestyle all these men chose. As for the family of the victims, we are all victims. My uncle was killed too.  I’m profiting off my life, not the deaths of the people whose murder my father was involved in. It’s my life and I want to shed light on a lifestyle that is so glamorized. If you read my book you’ll see that I’m not glamorizing anything.”

                It’s an indication of the dumbing-down of America that Karen Gravano’s book is such a big hit. People love to see a train wreck, or read about people whose lives are a proverbial train wreck. And the show “Mob Wives,” a conglomeration of lifestyle train wrecks,  is a wonderful advertisement for her book.

                As for me, I’m going to pass on reading the book. I made the mistake of buying her father’s autobiography more than a decade ago, and the book turned out to be a pack of lies, half-truths, and plain crap.

                At the present, I’m reading Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Lincoln,” which is the story of a true American hero. Why waste your time reading about the Gravano family (hardly the Nelson Family of “Ozzie and Harriet”), when you can read about someone who made a difference in making America the great country it is?

                Having said that, I know Karen Gravano’s book might be a best-seller for the foreseeable future.

                Like I said before, people just love train wrecks.               


PS – In the interest of full disclosure,  I do have an personal motive for panning Karen Gravano’s book. While her book is ranked #1 under “Organized Crime” on Amazon Kindle, my book “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and other Creeps – Volume 1- New York City,” is not doing as well as hers. After rising as high as #8 under “Organized Crime,” It’s presently at  #13, out of the 100 ranked. Not shabby, but not Karen Gravano-book territory. I guess I’d need my own TV show to compete with her, but unfortunately, I have a face for radio.

 For the Kindle version, Karen Gravano’s books costs $11.95 (hardcover-$15.95); mine costs only 99 cents.

                And don’t be a wiseguy and say, “You get what you pay for.”


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  1. not worth your $29 to much bragging didn’t enjoy it.

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