Joe Bruno on the Mob –Hector Pagan Still Showcased on Mob Wives

February 21, 2012

Because this is the work I choose to do, I decided to watch “Mob Wives” for a second time, just to see what the young ladies were up too, especially Renee Graziano (I know this is dirty work, but someone has to do it).

Because of my impeccable timing, I was able to get two shows in a row; the rerun of the 2/12/2012 show at 7 p.m., and the regularly scheduled 2/19 show at 8 p.m. Plus I was given a silly show called “Sitdown” from 9-9:30 pm.


First off the bat, I’m amazed that Hector “Junior” Pagan is still featured on the show, two months after it was revealed in the press that Pagan is now an informant for the government. Pagan even wore a wire while talking to “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano’s father, Anthony Graziano, which resulted  in her father being sent back to prison. Yet the show is on like nothing has ever happened concerning Pagan’s flipping to the Feds. I know the show was shot before all this came to light, but the fact that VH1 is still running episodes, without even a disclaimer on the screen to set the viewers straight, is disingenuous at best. In the two episodes  I watched,  Pagan is still schmoozing with Renee, like they are two love bids in a wonderful nest with nary a care in the world. And that’s misleading and disgraceful, considering what has transpired in the past two months since Pagan turned canary.

                There were a few scenes concerning Renee and Pagan that were downright laughable. In one scene, Renee snatches Pagan’s cell phone without his knowledge, and mischievously  searches  for phone numbers of his old girlfriends. I was screaming  at my TV set, “Look for the phone numbers of the FBI, you fool!”

                In another scene Renee and Pagan are seeing  a marriage counselor. In the presence of the marriage counselor Renee tells Junior, “You said I wasn’t skinny enough for you; that I was fat. I was 135 pounds, I wasn’t fat.”

                Pagan just shrugs at the remark like he’s thinking, “You’re still too fat for me.” Then he says with a shrug and no smile, “Now you’re thinner.”

                Renee looks like she’s ready to pull her own hair out.  She screams, “You’re making me paranoid!”

                In light of future developments, she had every right to be paranoid. But not because of her weight.

The counselor  finally opens his mouth, and asks the obvious question. “Why are you two trying to get back together?”

Pagan, the sensitive bloke that he is, just shrugs and says, “I don’t know,” knowing that at this exact moment he’s talking to the Feds and there isn’t the slightest chance he and Renee will ever get back together again; especially after he rats on her father, and her father’s pals like Vincent  “Vinnie TV” Badalamenti, who was also arrested because of Pagan being a stool pigeon.

There was a telling scene when Renee is sitting on a park  bench outside the Criminal Court building with another  mob wife, the name of whom escapes me, if I ever knew it in the first place. First Renee  says, referring to Junior, “What kind of man are you, or a father to your kids if you abuse me as a woman?” Her saying this makes you wonder why she ever attempted to get back with Pagan in the first place. This woman must be a glutton for punishment.

Then Renee blasts out the best line of the show; maybe in the history of the show. Pointing to the door  of the Criminal Courts building she says,  “Once a man walks through that door, the chances that he doesn’t go to jail are slim to none.  Unless he’s a rat.”

Ta Da!!

As for the show” Sitdown,” it might be the worst show on television, except that distinction probably goes  to “Mob Wives” itself. The moderator of the show is a blond kewpie doll named Carrie Keagan.  Keagan, who looks  a lot like a young Christie Brinkley, asks stupid questions, and from the mob wives she has featured on that particular show, she gets stupid answers.  In one segment,  Keagan hands out three cue cards to the guests. One says “Marry Him,” another says “Date him,” and the third says something like “Dump Him,” or “Incarcerate him.” (This show is so intellectual, I tend to forget.) Then Keagan blurts out the name of a famous male, and the girls turn over their cue cards to give their verdicts.

I’ve just turned my cue card over on the show  “Sitdown,” and it says “Dump the show—now!! Only intellectually challenged (brain dead) people would watch this show anyway. (Remember, I have an excuse; this is my job)

As for “Mob Wives,” obviously it’s a big money-maker for all involved. But in the interest of fairness, someone connected with the show should have the integrity to somehow relay to the viewers that although Hector Pagan is still appearing on the show, because of his present status as a FBI informant, he’s “persona non grata,” with everyone connected with the show, especially with Renee Graziano, and her sister Jennifer Graziano, who is the producer of the show.

But I won’t hold my breath waiting for this to happen. Integrity and the show “Mob Wives” should never appear in the same sentence.

Editor’s note: There’s a woman on the show who isn’t specifically one of the mob wives, but rather a friend of theirs. Her name is “Big Ange,” and believe me, she’s big.  Not fat, but big because she claims to wear  a triple F bra. Big Ange is actually quite pleasant, and one of the bright spots of the show ( if there is a bright spot). Big Ange, who is slightly older than the other ladies, adds spice to every scene she’s in, and seems to have a pleasant disposition, not like the other ladies, who always seem like they’re ready to bite the head off a rattlesnake. ( I couldn’t leave without saying something nice about the show.)


38 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob –Hector Pagan Still Showcased on Mob Wives”

  1. dennis guinta Says:

    I agree with you – dumb show. Have to point out that Carrie Keagan is very smart and funny in other environments.

  2. Those women need Jesus, and that’s all I have to say.

  3. Hey, what happens to Hector Pagan now? WPP?

  4. Ok so I must first admit I watch the show every weekend, as crazy as it is it makes me feel like my issues are not that bad lol. Apparently I’ve ben living under a rock bc I didn’t know about Jr being a snitch. Im utterly disgusted that someone could be so conniving, wow!

    • Sonia, That’s why the producers of the show are being so disengenuous. They don’t tell anyone that since the show was shot, Junior has become a rat.

      • I don’t know, to me this is just unforgivable. To do that to those that have been there for him for years is just disgusting. We know there have been rats before but I think this bothers me bc we actually see it play out and affect everyone. It is kind of heart breaking. And as for being in the wpp, he was on tv, how well can he really “blend” in? Im not saying that murder or extortion or theft are ok by any means but I think its a part of life unfortunately, even by those in the judicial system, but I believe that what goes around comes around and if other people wouldn’t give these “mobsters” a reason to do what they do (in their mind) then all this wouldn’t happen as much, my opinion. So there is no good excuse for that kind of betrayal. Ugh *exhales deeply*

      • I didn’t see the show for the past few weeks; it’s easy to miss. But I have it recorded and maybe I’ll watch to see what all the fuss is. I’ve had over 14,000 hits on my blog this morning!! Joe Bruno

        Author of “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks, and Other Creeps – NY City” Volumes 1 and 2. _ zg_bs_11010_1_ ( g_bs_11010_5

  5. I think stool pigeon was on the show to make $… no love or respect at all, hope renee stays loyal to the man who gave her life!

    • I think Hector was on the show to get information for the FBI. I bet he wore a wire on the set. You could never tell what people might say between scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI wasn’t instrumental in getting Hector on the show in the first place.

      Stranger things have happened.

  6. P.s. you make me laugh,

  7. Angle, Like Joe Pesce in Goodfellas???

  8. Hmmmm..some interesting comments…If you don’t like the show simply stop watching it. I hate the screaming mimis on the show but I do find it entertaining. I feel sorry for them..they don’t know any other life. I think that one must have empathy for the families..the men that chose this life get whatever is coming to them..Oh well…Good luck to them all!

  9. I think the reason Junior was on the show was because renee was on the show. He had to act like he was trying to make things work with her so as to keep the respect of her father and in return the trust of her father so he could get the evidence that he needed. I do feel sorry for Renee.

  10. Remember that the show VH1 MOBWIVES is pre recorded so even know it was out in the public what Jr. had done.Noone on the show at that time knew anything.Renee didn’t know he was wire tapped when they were getting back together walking in the park kissing.It makes reality tv even more real to alot.It will either make the show or break it….never in reality tv did they show someone do anything like this.It got me watching and others that dont want to admit

    • Tina, in my opinion, it would have added to the drama, if at the beginning of the past shows they would have run a disclamer telling the truth about Pagan. Then every scene he and Renee were in, you’d know he was lying and see the scene from a different perspective.

      Either way, it intellectually dishonest to run the shows without the disclaimer. Most honorable people in the TV business would have run the disclaimer, or cancel the show.

  11. No Honor Amongst Thieves …or Murderers
    One thing that has been proven time and time again in what these “ladies” refer to as ‘the life’ is that when the going gets tough, wiseguys will sell out anyone and everyone in order to save their own asses.
    It seems these women voice no reservations when their mob guys use someone else to get ahead – it only becomes wrong when they eat their own. It will be interesting to see how the future will play out for these ladies …karma can definitely be a bitch.

  12. I always wondered how they have the big houses, the cloths and things with their husbands in prison, but they are married to the mob I’m sure these guys have money stashed everywhere When Renee said she was broke, her broke is probably what most of us what find comfortable. She is probably use to big big money. I hope the dear lady will be alright, I would constantly be looking over my shoulder after having a husband for a stool pigeon. I worry for her and her sons safety. She is so addicted to Hector, everything she has done was for him (like almost dying during plastic surgery). But after getting Daddy put back in prison I think that would be a deal breaker for me, I would never speak to him again. And I think her Father cut off a relationship with her because of Hector. Her own father warned her about him, there was something he didn’t like. Daddy was right all along 🙂

  13. Wow… how sad when the husband & father of your child just used you to gain more info.He sold his ENTIRE family out!!! How the hell do you sell out your family to a gov’t that doesn’t give a rats ass about you? It’s despicable. I believed something was up with Jr, when he & Renee went to Ramona’s Halloween Party & he started bugging out & became paranoid for no reason. Maybe he saw an uncover agent he recognized. Poor Renee. God doesn’t give you more than what you can handle. Renee will get through this. Life’s too short. I hope Renee & her father can repair their relationship. As far as Jr’s concern. He’ll get dealt with in his own time. God bless’em all!

  14. Linda Brown Says:

    I have watched this show and the one good thing about it, it does not glorify the mob life like so many movies did, like Good Fellas and the Gotti movies, how many of those are out there now? Clearly as dumb as some of these wives are like Renee, they stay with the loser husbands and are faithful and love them, only seeing them in a visiting room and if the tides were turned none of them would do the same? D”rita woke up and decided to dump her loser and Karen and Carla are in limbo, sounds like Carla is wishing her and Joe will hook up again? Usually I am not attracted to these Guido types, but Joe is one fine looking man! As for Renee what a piece of work! A complete drama queen, everything is a major issue with this woman, it is like being happy is not something she ever wants? I think she needs some heavy duty therapy and heavy doses of Valium! And I could tell right off that RAT was only sucking up to her because he knows she will wait for him, send him his salami and faithfully visit, he does not love her, probably never did, just wanted into the life and what better way than to marry the daughter of a major capo? And it sounds like ole Renee took it on the chin every day, he with other women, stints in prison and when she asked him on an episode if he loved her, he actually had to muster up a lame yes like it was killing him (which it probably was) And there she sits all teary eyed, it is clear this loser has her completely under his thumb? And here she thinks he is gonna do a yr or so bid and she happily agrees to be there for him, little does this woman realize how he was gonna rip her heart out? He leaves a Goodbye Renee letter, does not even have enough stones to admit he is looking at way more time and charges and was turning himself into the feds and isn’t it a ponder that her father gets popped that night? Like no one can figure out he flapped his lips? He is nothing more than a loser rat and it is too bad he donated the sperm to make AJ as the poor kid’s life has now been revealed to kids who might not have known his family has mob connections? Can you imagine the flack this kid has had to take? But there is Renee flipping out, who I do not feel is a good mother at all and the other wives, their parental skills are also a tongue in cheek with me, she is on the floor wailing like a banshee, screaming into her phone, the troops come running to comfort her as they all know the life and prison and death loom over them every waking minute of every day? Now kindly, I will toss her the bone where she now has to live with the fact her loser husband is a mob rat and her world has been rocked. She fully expected to wait for loser and then he gets out and they all live happily ever after? Just a fantasy now? Her Daddy will likely never get out of prison again and who knows what will will happen to that rat bag?

  15. SugarBritches Says:

    Oh Lord! I just read that renee had plastic surgery and almost died? I mustve missed that show :/ Dang she had plastic surgery and still looks like that! Somebody needs to get sued!!

  16. SugarBritches Says:

    I agree with Lena about the Halloween party when Jr started buggin out i think he saw someone there he needed to get away from because it was just after that when he ”surrendered” He probably saw someone he didnt need to be recognised by…. I thought that was fishy..

  17. I’m actually glad they didn’t say anything about jr since I’m not from NY and don’t read the times or the post it made a great cliffhanger and I couldn’t wait for the next episode than we,find out he turned states evidence and now the cliffhanger is will he live he wasn’t my fav character to begin with since he has absolutely no personality

  18. I’m thoughts and prays goes out to Renees family Hector is such a loser I know he will be killed soon and its a promise he broke are code and I already know of tons of people who are putting a hit on him it 100,000 for his death he gone it all goes to show he had the nerve to put his face on live shows well we found u rat bastard even after my relationship with him I look at the past and something was wrong the whole time he asked me to work with him I’m glad I left that life!!!!! Hector my family was ruined by you but now you Better pray they keep you locked up cuz everyone is coming for u rat

  19. I’m wondering how much the girlfriend knows? Remember Renee said he had talked to his girlfriend a lot the weekend prior to his going into the WPP. Did she go with him? Can girlfriends come along into the WPP.

  20. How did renee father let her marry this guy he is not itallan, And sammy the bull daughter got knock up by a black guy, My uncle is turning in his grave

  21. Carrie Keagan is just not the right person for that show. She doesn’t fit in and quite frankly a short barbie should never be caught dead with those women. But, I gotta say I love watching them!

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