Joe Bruno on the Mob – Book Review – “We’re Going to Win This One.” By Lin DeVecchio and Charles Brandt

Recently, there had been a spate of cases where New York City cops have been charged with of “flaking,” or planting drugs on suspected drug dealers. So it is not impossible for someone to be framed in America by law enforcement.


But what is shocking it that Lindsey DeVecchio, a retired FBI agent, accused of helping out a faction of the Colombo Crime Family while he was still in the FBI, could be so close to conviction, even though the evidence against him was shaky at best.


The main evidence against DeVecchio was provided by eager-beaver ex-FBI Special Agent Favo, and Linda Schiro, the former long-time girlfriend of the late Colombo mobster Greg Scarpa. It was Schiro’s contention that DeVecchio and Scarpa had met many times at Scarpa’s home and that she had  heard them discuss mob business as if DeVecchio was in on the deal.


The trial could have gone either way, when Jerry Capeci, long-time mob writer, remembered a tape he had made when interviewing Schiro a decade before. On the tape, Schiro had contradicted what she was telling the court during the DeVecchio trial. Capeci presented these tapes to the prosecutor Vecchione, and the charges were immediately dropped against DeVecchio.


Author Charles Brandt, a former deputy attorney general for the state of Delaware, does a fine job putting DeVecchio’s thoughts on paper, and I highly recommend this book to readers.


But what really bothers me, is if something like this could happened to a highly decorated former FBI agent, it could happened to any one of us too.






One Response to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Book Review – “We’re Going to Win This One.” By Lin DeVecchio and Charles Brandt”

  1. Favo was one of numerous agents long suspicious of LD

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