Joe Bruno on the Mob – Anthony Graziano is Not Angry Anymore With His “Mob Wives” Daughters

February 3, 2012

Even though his two daughters, Jennifer and Renee Graziano, are involved in the TV tell-all “Mob Wives,” reputed Bonnano crime family captain Anthony Graziano feels like it all water under the bridge. And despite the fact that Renee’s ex-husband Hector Pagan joined Team America and was instrumental in having Graziano arrested again, according to Graziano’s lawyer Patrick Parrotta, everything in hunky-dory in the Graziano household.

Parrotta told the press at Graziano’s arraignment in late January, “He (Graziano) does not hold what Hector did against his daughters.”

And that’s the way it should be. No matter what, blood is blood, and just because Pagan became a scumbag of the first order, does not mean Graziano’s daughters should be held responsible. Children make mistakes, and if every time a daughter or son pissed off a father he stopped talking to them, there would be stone silence throughout the world.

Parrotta also brought up an interesting point in his interview with the New York Daily News. Despite the fact that Pagan began wearing a wire in August 2011, at the same time he was appearing in an episode of Mob Wives, Parrotta said he was unsure if the government directed Pagan to go on the show as a way of “cozying up to the Grazianos.”

The more I think of it, the more it starts to make sense. I wouldn’t put it past the Feds to do anything legal they deemed necessary to put someone connected with organized crime behind bars. And where ordering Pagan to infiltrate the Graziano’s inner circle again is certainly legal, it still stinks to the high heavens.

Remember one thing for sure. High-profile arrests and convictions (and anyone associated with the Mafia is certainly high-profile) generates promotions and fame for the Feds — agents and prosecutors alike. And promotions mean more pay, and more pay means higher retirement benefits, or maybe a future in politics, or a future judgeship … and so forth and so on.

In the final analysis, it all comes down to cash and notoriety with the Feds. And putting away anyone whom the Feds perceive as “the bad guys,” is just an added bonus.

The only problem with that is, what if the Feds think you or I, unjustifiably, are the bad guys? Would they stop at anything to put us in prison?

It’s happened before that certain people were unjustly targeted by the law. Wall Street people were arrested in droves during Giuliani’s reign as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, only for it to emerge later that the charges against some of these people were dropped for lack of evidence. This was after these people were forced to do the embarrassing “perp walk” in front of the cameras.

Could the same thing happen to us?

I hope not. But I’m not so sure.

You can read the article below at:

Bonanno big Anthony Graziano has a ‘Mob Wives’ daughter who was married to a rat, but gangster’s chipper in court

Wiseguy faces extortion trial based on wire worn by daughter’s ex-husband Hector Pagan

By John Marzulli / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 9:45 PM

HIS LIFE may be a soap opera, but a top Bonanno gangster whose daughters hit the big-time with the “Mob Wives” reality show was all smiles at his arraignment Tuesday.

Reputed capo Anthony (TG) Graziano pleaded not guilty to extortion charges based on secret tapes recorded last year by his turncoat ex-son-in-law Hector Pagan.

Pagan was married to Graziano’s daughter Renee, who stars in the VH1 show conceived by her sister Jennifer.

Graziano, 71, waved to wife Veronica and daughter Lana, then greeted Brooklyn Magistrate Marilyn Go in court Tuesday.

Good afternoon, ya honor,” Graziano said.

Can you talk a little louder, I’m deaf in one ear.”

You look pretty good,” Go said.

What I got left,” Graziano said.

Graziano was arrested last November while serving the last few months of a prior conviction in a Brooklyn halfway house. He is also named in the indictment unsealed last week against acting boss Vincent (Vinny TV) Badalamenti and fellow capo Nicholas Santoro.

Graziano’s lawyer Patrick Parrotta insisted all is well in the Graziano family despite Pagan’s treachery.

He does not hold what Hector did against his daughters,” Parrotta said outside court.

The mobster’s mouthpiece said reports that Graziano was upset about the TV show were old news.

There’s no estrangement, everybody’s talking,” Parrotta said.

While Graziano may be in plea negotiations, he would never ever consider cooperating with the government, Parrotta insisted.

Pagan began wearing a wire last August and also appeared in an episode of “Mob Wives” shot last summer, but Parrotta said he was unsure if the government directed him to go on the show as a way of cozying up to the Grazianos.


2 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Anthony Graziano is Not Angry Anymore With His “Mob Wives” Daughters”

  1. This is SOOO funny! I can’t believe these people actually think these guys are being discriminated against because they’re Italian. All these guys…and I mean ALL of them…not just the guys that got arrested, are scumbag hoodlums. The ITALIAN with a Genovese father/brother who was murdered back in 78, got arrested in June (Middle Village) for 18 firearms, including an assault weapon, still hasn’t gone to jail…or to court for that matter. His mob lawyer also happens to be a “friend” of the ADA prosecuting the case. Per the ADA, “…he’s a friend, I’ve known him over 20 years…he tends to….) He’s also currently under investigation by the Justice Dept. for 2 murders.

    Discrimination against Italians? I’m Italian. I see Italian’s who have committed murder after murder, narcotics, extortion…are in prison on RICO charges and ask a Judge to be let out to coach their son’s Little League game, attend their daughter’s wedding, attending their children’s First Holy Communion. The Judges grant the requests. I ASK ANY READERS WHEN IN HELL HAS A U.S. JUDGE ALLOWED A BLACK PERSON TO DO THAT? WHEN? And I answer, NEVER! I sat in May in a Federal District Court and watched a fat scumbag casually lean back in his chair with one arm behind the backrest and brag about 18 murders the Gov’t. was NOT going to prosecute him for. That doesn’t include the many murders that the Gov’t knew about! One of the murders was because some wiseguy said Gambino, Paul “Big Paul” Castellano, had a big nose. So he was whacked. It was this same pig that got a deal with the Govt. He kept millions of dollars out of the deal, kept his mansion in Howard Beach, kept his mother’s house around the corner from me in Middle Village and the Feds agreed NOT to touch his close friends. There were a “select few” that got a pass from the Feds…it was those few that were close pals of this scumbag I’m talking about – JOE MASSINO.

    I moved to Long Island from Middle Village just recently. Not much better but better. You can walk into several businesses in Middle Village and see these scumbags conducting business as usual. Not everybody is young either. Some of these guys up in age are still conducting business as usual…that’s all they know.

    As for Nicky Santora, he’ll be 70 yrs old in June, 2012. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen Nicky hanging out on a street corner waiting for guys. I can’t tell you how many times he’s hung out on the corner of Phillies Pizzeria in Middle Village and then gone in to the back of the restaurant with other wiseguys. Then you consider WHO owns the establishment…yep… you remember the “Pizza Connection” case don’t ya? In September, 2011 I ran into Nicky, again, on the street corner of Metropolitan/Woodhaven…pacing back and forth…waiting for some other guys.

    So you people who whine and moan and say, “Poor Italians, they’re old…leave them alone…” ALL these guys are doing just as much as they ever did in the 70’s…during the Donnie Brasco days! In July, 2009, when Santora was SUPPOSED to be in a half-way house and leaving during the day to work at his daughter’s candy shop in Garden City he was conducting business. One day he counted out over $10,000 in cash, small bills in a Marriott in front of me. He said it belonged to “Vito”. Then on any given day wiseguys would come meet him outside across the street of the candy shop or next door at his son-in-laws construction business. That’s not counting all the other times I had to drive him here and there to meet this guy and this guy…and all this when he was supposed to be at his “work” location since he was in a half-way house. He’d call to report he was at lunch which was a lie.

    Nicky Santora got started at the age of 10, like most of the degenerates that served as Alter Boys at St. Nicholas Catholic School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He used to steal blank Baptism records from the Rectory Office and sell them.

    So for those of you who idolize these degenerates, for all of you Italians that cry to everybody that WE are discriminated against because we’re Italians, for all of you who really believe these guys are innocent? You live in your own world. All the Genovese, Bonanno and Columbo members that I was in contact daily and still even now (you can’t be Italian in New York and not be exposed to it) belong in cages.

    By the way, the guy with the weapons that’s also being investigated for 2 murders, including that of Genovese member, James Delio, Sr.? He’s the son of Pasquale “Patty Mac” Macchirole. Funny thing is, Nicky knew I moved to NY for field research in organized crime. Guess he didn’t know what the term “field research” meant.

  2. pat lydon Says:

    Believe Delio Sr daughter doing real estate Long Island under name Tuminello

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