Joe Bruno on the Mob – Renee Graziano and Rat Ex- Husband Hector Pagan Back Together


January 17, 2012

Real life is stranger than fiction.

This is a classic love story. Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy. Boy cheats on girl. Boy and girl get divorced. Boy wears a wire while talking to girl’s father. Girl’s father goes back to jail.

Boy and girl get back together. Live happily ever after.


You gotta be kidding me!!!

Renee Graziano, co-star of the ridiculously bad reality TV show “Mob  Wives,” is back with her ex-hubby Hector Pagan. This is after it became big news that Pagan was wearing a wire when he recently spoke with Graziano’s father, reputed Bonanno crime family capo Anthony Graziano. On this wire, Graziano Sr. was allegedly heard telling Pagan to collect on a long-overdue usurious loan. If this wasn’t bad enough for Graziano Sr., he was on the last leg of an eight-year prison term (home detention), and subsequently, because of the tape, Graziano Sr. was sent back to jail. (He did not pass “Go” and he did not collect the customary $200.)

The original reason why Renee Graziano broke up with Pagan was because he was a cheating fool with other woman. On a January episode of “Mafia Wives,” Renee Graziano and Pagan were featured explaining their past problems.

“You went into prison at 18 years old. You came home at 22. We were married two years later. We were kids,” Renee told Pagan. “We got off to a very rocky start right from the beginning. We didn’t have the most successful marriage.”

Pagan cooed back, “Listen, I made mistakes, tons of them. So did you. But I did the most damage.”

“You’ve never admitted any of this ever,” Renee said. “It’s 22 years I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been in therapy for this for 22 years. I’ve been waiting for you to just acknowledge that it hurt. That was it.”

“I didn’t know it was hurting,” Pagan said. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I think with life’s experience now, we can make it that much better. I’m having a good time. We are talking without fighting.”

Renee, with tears in her eyes said, “I’ve been waiting for this for years. For years I’ve been in love with you, only you.”

“We are exclusive,” Junior said.

Then while the show was airing, Renee Graziano tweeted, “I have so much love in my heart 4 my sons father that it hurts @ times.”

This is the cue for all you readers to puke.

Since Renee Graziano has co-starred in “Mob Wives” (with four other gaudy guidettes), which is produced by her sister Jennifer Graziano, Graziano Sr. has not spoken to either of his daughters. Nevertheless, it boggles the mind how Renee Graziano could ever go back to the man who just put her father back in prison.

Real life is stranger than fiction.

This is what I previously wrote about the Pagan/Graziano situation:

Joe Bruno on the Mob – Ex-Son-in-Law Rats on Anthony Graziano

If VHI wants to run another show to complement “Mob Wives” named “Rat Ex-Husbands of MMob afia Wives,” Hector “Junior” Pagan would undoubtedly be the star.

In a shocking development, Pagan, who was married to “Mob Wives” co-star Renee Graziano, and was a constant presence on the show last season, has joined Team America, and the first person he ratted on was his ex-father-in-law, reputed Bonanno crime family capo Anthony Graziano.

According to published reports on Jerry Capeci’s “Gangland” website (, Pagan was looking at big time in prison for the armed robbery of a high-stakes poker game. Instead of doing his time like a man, Pagan agreed to wear a wire while talking to Graziano, while Graziano was finishing up the last stage an eight-year prison bit in home detention. On this wire, Graziano allegedly instructed Pagan to collect $25,000 to smooth over a long-stand loansharking debt of $150,000.

Since “Mob Wives” is advertised as a “Reality Show,” the news of her rat ex-brother-in-law didn’t seem to faze the show’s creator Jennifer Graziano, who is, amazingly enough, another daughter of Anthony Graziano. Ms. Graziano said, “It is a reality show, and I knew this was going to be personal to me going into this. But I didn’t know this was going to happen. We’re making a reality show, and this is the reality of what’s going on.”

It sure is.

Since the show started last season, Anthony Graziano, because he didn’t like them airing out their dirty laundry in public, has refused to talk to either of his daughters. In light of recent developments, it’s a safe bet Anthony Graziano now wishes he hadn’t talked to his ex-son-in-law either.

You can see the articles below at:


Renee Graziano is back with Hector Pagan ex-husband Hector Pagan Jr. (a.k.a. Junior) and the father of her son AJ (Anthony John). Hector Pagan Jr.

Last year Junior Pagan was rounded up in a major mob bust, leaving Renee devastated. She briefly got back with her ex-husband, but left him after she found out he was seeing other women.

On tonight’s episode Junior wanted to spend time with Renee in the six months he had while he wanted for his sentencing for the last bust. He told Renee that her brush with death during her plastic surgery nightmare scared him because he didn’t want to lose her. When she asked if he didn’t want to lose her because he was still in love with her, or because he loved her, he replied “both,” which made her break down. Renee replied “I’ve been waiting for this for year. For years I’ve been in love with you, only you.”

She asked him to completely forget all the other girls.

We’re not sure if they’re still together, as this episode was taped several months ago, but Renee tweeted while watching the episode: “I have so much love in my heart 4 my sons father that it hurts @ times.” That’s so sweet! Sounds like Renee and Junior have a very strong bond that won’t ever be broken.

This December we actually learned that Pagan was an FBI informant this year for Renee’s dad Anthony Graziano. Junior was reportedly wearing a wire for a year. That’s bound to create more trouble in the family. Anthony Graziano wasn’t speaking to his daughters Renee and Jennifer (Mob Wives producer) because of the Mob Wives show.

Renee has made it very clear that she doesn’t want her son A.J. to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. She wants him to go to college and make an honest life. Hopefully, with his parents happy, and his father cutting his mob ties, he’ll be able to fulfill his mother’s dream.

Junior Pagan, Mob Wives, Renee Graziano

Renee finally gets the apology that she’s always wanted from Junior. Watch.

At the end of Jan. 8 episode of Mob Wives, Renee Graziano had a serious talk with her ex-husband Junior Pagan — and they decided to try and get back together. During the upcoming Jan. 15 episode, Junior takes Renee to a nice dinner so that they can spend some time talking. But during this emotional dinner, Junior finally admits that he is the reason their marriage fell apart.

You went into prison at 18 years old. You came home at 22. We were married two years later. We were kids,” Renee tells Junior in a preview video. “We got off to a very rocky start right from the beginning. We didn’t have the most successful marriage.”

Junior at first tries to blame Renee. “That’s because you like to control people,” he says. “That’s why we had issues.”

No Junior,” Renee interrupts him. “We didn’t have a successful marriage because you were having affairs.”

Renee explains the story to the camera. “Junior’s cheating started before we even got married,” she reveals. “He kept on cheating. He kept blaming me. Bottom line was the liqueur, the strip bars, his jerk off friends, that’s what happened. That’s why he cheated.”

Junior realizes that Renee is right and does his best to attempt an apology. “Listen, I made mistakes, tons of them,” he confesses. “So did you. [But] I did the most damage.”

You’ve never admitted any of this ever,” Renee cries. “It’s 22 years I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been in therapy for this for 22 years. I’ve been waiting for you to just acknowledge that it hurt. That was it.”

Junior seems truly sorry for his past. “I didn’t know it was hurting,” he returns. “I didn’t know what I was doing.”

I think with life’s experience now, [we] can make it that much better,” he continues. “I’m having a good time. We are talking without fighting,”

Renee agrees to try.

We are exclusive,” Junior smiles.


45 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Renee Graziano and Rat Ex- Husband Hector Pagan Back Together”

  1. After everything she said about the other girl and her father for being a rat she is going to stay with the rat that turned in her father wore a wire’
    No wonder her father don’t speak to her.

    • Kelly cifone Says:

      As of today march 25th 2012 does anyone know for sure if Renee is back with Junior? It really is no ones business but if she is the only person she has to answer to at the end of the day is herself……hope she can handle it!!

      • Kelly, as of December 2011, Junior is officially in the Witness Protection Program. No getting back with Renee. He put her father back in jail. Wore a wire speaking to her father. But you’d never know that watching the show.

  2. dee dukes Says:

    Hector messed his whole life up i dont think he was really thinking because now if his in the witness protection program hes not supose to have any contact with his son . But i guess it was more important to him to put a old man in jail so he didnt have to do his time. i dont know how renee can ever forgive him he does’nt deserve it.

  3. cynthia Says:

    Were is jr at rene husband

  4. Wow it’s crazy how jr gave the impression of a true gangster in the show and he is nothing but a low down RAT! Thats why Renee should had never talked all the dirt she did about that other RAT Sammy the bull!!! It just came back and bit her in the ass! And if she got back with that RAT she’s as bad as him!!!!!

  5. theuresamaven Says:

    Mr. B: how does one bother to get into witness protection after having his face all over the television? What’s the point?

    • The point is it’s better than life in jail. Plus he can get plastic surgery like Sammy the Bull did. Grow a beard. Things like that. Henry Hill has been out in public for 20 years. Nothing’s happened to him yet.

      • theuresamaven Says:

        A New Yorker being exiled to Arizona is as close to being in prison as one could possibly get. Frankly Mr. B., Sammy the Bull with plastic surgery looked like Sammy the Bull with a bad nose job and a chemical peel. His plastic surgeon should have been arrested. Regarding Junior, Rene should have known that she was going to have a problem because no one as old as he is should still be called Junior. From the way in which he acted, perhaps he should have been called Peter Pan. Remember those rumors that said that Junior only married Rene because of her father, and that without Rene he was just aa loser? Hmmm …

  6. There’s no many rats in witness protection, they might have to send Junior to Hawaii. Maybe he’ll choke on a pineapple.

    • Theresa padilla Says:

      Hell no he dont even deserve the paradise hawaii is instead send his snitch ass to siberia and burn his passport! Wat a punk!!!

  7. SugarBritches Says:

    I have always thought it was customary for people in the mob to insist there is no such thing as a mob but now you have these women on national television telling stories that im sure were never supposed to be told so im thinking thats bad news for those mob guys that are trying to make a living and while its entertaining for those of us that are really not part of the mob its like picking up the winning duck at the fair for the FBI!

    • theuresamaven Says:

      Sugarbritches, you obviously do not watch the show. The only “family” secrets that have been divulged on Mob Wives was apparently done by Junior. For the most part, the show is about four unemployed and undereducated single mothers trying to make a living to support their children because their significant others are either too pathalogical, or too stupid, to stay out of jail. The FBI must be very disappointed since the only information that they get is on old school mobsters who died of old age, and that anyone could have seen in the movies or read about in The Post. Two of the so-called wives’ husbands went to prison for white collar crimes, and weren’t very good at it because they got caught, and right out of the halfway house one us appearing on the show. This isn’t the mob, just their relatives who quote a lot of Jerry Capasi.

  8. What a punk now hes gotta walk around blue banded and feel as low as a pedophile you do the crime you do the time a lot of guys act like wise guys but when it comes down to everyone chooses to live there lives the way they wish you choose that lifestyle you go by the codes of ethics if it wasn’t for rats more OG’s would make it wish u luck sr

  9. I don’t understand the hatred these folks have for “rats.” Sure, it’s lowdown to snitch on your own associates. But, in that culture, they MURDER their own associates!
    Think about the ability to INTENTIONALLY make widows of the women in your inner cirlce . . .
    And it’s worse to snitch?!? Really???

    • Kate, in this culture (I lived in Manhattan’s Little Italy for 48 years), agree with it or not, a rat is worse than anything other than a child molestor, or a rapist. Murderers are ranked much higher on the food chain than a rat. But I can understand if someone who wasn’t exposed to this type of culture wouldn’t understand the rationale. Murder is part of the life.

      Women don’t enter into the equation. They know what they are getting themselves into when they marry into the life. They know if their husband is in the life, there’s a good chance he won’t come home some day. But they like the fancy cars and fancy clothes, and the jewelry. And they willingly choose this life rather than marrying someone else with a legitimate job. There’s no secrets in the neighborhood who does what. It’s common knowledge.

      But a rat is alien to everything people in the life have been taught since the day they were born. And even people, like myself, who are not in the life, detest rats. When you inform on someone, you are stripped of your manhood. You become the lowest of the low.

      It’s just the way it is.

      • brandon galvez Says:

        well said Mr.Bruno just a part of life a rat is always DETESTED.

      • Richard Says:

        Then all Mafiosi are “the lowest of the low,” because they all rat each other out.

      • Richard, not all Mafiosi rat each other out. Maybe 5-10 percent become rats. You don’t hear about the other 90-95 percent because they stay under the Fed’s radar.

  10. Nadine Velasco Says:

    Ive been watching the show since it started, and I have to admit that the first thing I thought was “here we go again, more woman on tv who can’t take of themselves, and have to live off their husbands names…” But the more I watched, the more I saw that living that kind of life, aint no joke..Loyalty is huge, and when that loyalty is betrayed the way Pagan did to his wife, son and especially to a father in law who treated him like his own, thats just wrong..Im not Italian, but RAT means the same thing not matter what language you speak, and so does FAMILY. How does someone live with that kind of guilt and selfishness?

    • Nadine, I doubt Pagan suffers from pangs of guilt. He obviously has no conscience. He only cares about himself.

      • brandon galvez Says:

        if had a conscience he would’t of ratted being a rat is only for one’s self intrest in avoiding serious prison time sure you avoid jail but your just a marked individual for the rest of your life you live with that fear of looking over your shoulder.

  11. Vito Noodles Says:

    What do you exspect Junior’s not MADE, he is a PR not Italian. This problem of rats is because Charlie lucky Luciano let in Italians from all over Italy to LCN. It was exclusive when only us Sicilians were able to be members. He let in the bad blood.

  12. Theuresamaven Says:

    Last Friday, April 13, 2012, Renee Graziano stated on “The View” that she was completely done with Junior because he was a rat, and that she did not deal with rats. She also stated that it took her a while to believe what Junior had done. We’ll she if she means what she says.

  13. I’ve heard several radio interviews with Renee and she’s said every time that this betrayal sealed the deal for her. She said her family (her father) comes first. Obviously, Junior had no interest in being apart of her family. In my eyes he was a complete wimp, a coward. I’m sure most people will disagree with me and say that a rat is a rat, regardless. However, I’d have to say that the only rat I can sorta understand was Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Only because it was obvious that John Gotti wasn’t in that lifestyle for anything more than himself. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I think Gotti was probably the beginning of the reason why the Mafia was brought into “reality” for the rest of the word. I remember, as a child, thinking that the Mafia was only something in the movies. But then, when you started seeing Gotti flaunting himself and all his money in public, it became a lot more “real”. So, in my opinion, (whether it’s viewed as correct or not) I can understand how Gravano felt like Gotti was double crossing him and putting the whole lifestyle, or family, in jeopardy. Just from my research, from what I understand, I can’t imagine being side-by-side in prison with someone you have been completely loyal to your whole life (while in the life) and have them plotting behind your back. I realize that is probably what happens a lot in that lifestyle, but can you imagine being betrayed like that? All and all, when I think of a rat I think of a coward who is too scared to do the time they are given for a crime they willingly committed (knowing that day of judgement would probably, eventually come and still committing the crime anyways). That is obviously the definition of Junior. A coward. Sammy, on the other hand, I don’t think he was afraid of the time given to him. I think he felt betrayed by his “family” and took on an eye for an eye mentality.

  14. Beverlee Says:

    They say love is blind. If Renee is back with pagan, doesn’t she have to go into the program with him? I thought that he would have taken his girlfriend with him.

  15. Theuresamaven Says:

    Mr. B: Exactly how many people were arrested as a result of Junior’s cheese eating proclivities, or as Renee calls it: cooperating with the government?

  16. I think it was six altogether. As of today (April 24), all have pleaded guilty except Nicky Santoro.

  17. Theuresamaven Says:

    Thank you for the information. What exactly was Hector Pagan accused of doing? All one hears is something vague about attempting to rob a private poker game, and someone having been injured or killed, for which seven years in jail did not seem like enough time. Was Junior alone, or with others?

  18. It was an armed robbery. A man names James Donovan was killed. Junior was involved. I don’t know if he was the shooter. And I don’t know how many people were involved.

  19. Wow this is hard to believe how can this be. Will Renee get revenge on Junior and turn on him and get the last sweet turn for her father name and family and for Junior’s cheating too.

  20. brian wells Says:

    as soon as renee needs the cash she will ‘write’ a book.just like karen (daughter of king rat) gravano did,she told everyone that her book would be a ‘best seller’,what a joke…

    • Brian, as of this morning, my book “Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps-Volume 1 – New York City” is ranked #23 on in the categorry “Organized Crime. The hardcover version of Karen Gravano’s book is ranked #26 in “Organized Crime.

      So much for her book being a best seller.

      Also, my book is rated 4 stars. Her book is rated 3 stars. She has almost the same amount of 1 star reviews (43) as she has 5-star review (48).

  21. Appreciation to my father who shared with me regarding this web site, this blog is in fact remarkable.

  22. This show Mob Wifes is total BULLSHIT, you have the wife of a bank robber and a crooked stockbroker on the show. Where do these two come in as Mob Wifes? I was raised in Bensonhurst and Staten Island in the 60’s and 70’s. I had 7 of my family, memebers of 2 of the 5 crime families and never saw this kind of BULLSHIT. These broads think they are WISE GUYS the way they talk,”go to war with me”, “sit downs” what the hell is wrong with these broads? They wouldn’t know a WISE GUY if he bit her on the ass.

  23. Theuresa Maven Says:

    Of course I will watch the show to see what happens with Rene and Big Ang, but am sorry about Karen (who was the most interesting of the group) leaving the show. Do you have any information about why Ms. Gravano is leaving? What’s the latest information on Junior Pagan?

    • Pagan has disappeared into Witsec.

      The main reason Karen leaving the show is the same reason Ramona and Carla are leaving the show. Money. Producer Jeffifer Graziano keeps the bulk of the show’s profits, but I’m sure she takes care of her sister, Renee.

  24. Theuresa Maven Says:

    Mr. B: Will you please address the rumor that J. Edgar Hoover refused to publicly acknowledge that organized crime and/or the Mafia existed because at least two of the family heads had blackmailed him with photographic evidence that Hoover and his number two, Clyde Tolson were lovers? Thank you.

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