Joe Bruno on the Mob – The Boston Battle For the Bulger Movie

This is turning out to be a better fight than Ali-Frazier: a fight to see who will produce the better flick about Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger, who was arrested early last year after 16 years on the lam.

In one corner you have the not-so-dynamic duo of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who won an Academy Award for their movie “Good Will Hunting,” in what seems like a few generations ago. Both men are from the Boston area, but both were not exactly what you would call “street kids.”

“We’ve heard about Whitey Bulger since we were kids,” Affleck said recently.

No kidding. I’ve heard about Bulger too, for about the last 35 years, but I’m not looking to make a movie about the man.

In the other corner you have Mark Wahlberg, who did some time in the can himself as a youth, but then straightened out his life out, first as a rap star, then as a movie star. Wahlberg, according to reports, knows people similar to the type of people he would have to portray in a Bulger movie.

Wahlberg said about making the Bulger movie, “I can do it better than anybody else.”

There is even a possibility Wahlberg will visit Bulger in prison to get his “blessing.”

I’m going with Wahlberg on this one. Damon and Afleck have become Hollywood pseudo-intelligencia brats. They champion one liberal cause after another, and they have lost whatever “street sense” they may have had, if they ever had any “street sense” to in the first place.

Wahlberg is the real McCoy, a street kid who rose above his petty crime childhood, and made it big on “street sense” and hard work. His obvious acting talents, much greater that Damon and Afleck’s combined, doesn’t hurt him much either.

You can see the article below at:

H’wood war over Whitey


Last Updated: 7:15 AM, January 16, 2012

Posted: 2:58 AM, January 16, 2012

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As long as Boston’s most notorious gangster remained on the lam, the Hollywood heavyweights who told his story didn’t mind working together.

But now that James “Whitey” Bulger is behind bars, the stars trying to bring his life to the big screen are in a fight as bitter as any mob war.

On one side are Academy Award winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who are already in the process of developing a Bulger movie with Warner Bros.

On the other side is Mark Wahlberg, who said he might visit the subject himself in prison to get his personal blessing.

Both sides are counting on their Boston roots to tell the most authentic tale.

We’ve heard about Whitey Bulger since we were kids,” Affleck said in a statement.

Wahlberg says he can “do it better than anybody else.”

Bulger was arrested in August after 16 years on the run. He was charged with 19 murders.


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