Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Gangsters Put Bounty on Dublin Reporter

If you are a newspaper reporter working in Dublin, Ireland, and write something Dublin criminals don’t like, you just might wind up in the morgue.

According to published reports, crime reporter Mick McCaffrey, who writes for the Sunday World, has a €20,000 price tag on his head because he wrote, according to the article below, “A number of articles recently about the sexual activities of a crime gang’s boss, who is currently in jail.”

Exactly what was written by McCaffrey isn’t clear, but whatever it was it enraged this crime boss, because other criminals residing in the same jail read the article and began saying salacious things to him. According to Garda sources, a man, who has taken up the €20,000 bounty from the gang, is a “violent psychopath,” and considered extremely dangerous. As a result, McCaffrey has gone into hiding, and is living in a “safe house” closely guarded by the Dublin police.

This is not the first time that a Dublin reporter has been threatened with death. Irish Sun reporter Paul Williams is under 24-hour police guard after he too wrote disparaging articles about Dublin criminals. In 2003, an organized crime gang with links to the Irish National Liberation Army placed a booby-trapped bomb under his car. Furthermore, in 1996, Dublin journalist Veronica Guerin was shot to death after leaving the courthouse, by gang members associated with convicted Dublin drug dealer John Gilligan.

So far, six people have been arrested by the garda in connection with the murder plot, but there are still others out there who are willing and able to do what is necessary to collect the €20,000 bounty.

The only related American cases I can recall is when New York City reporter Victor Riesel was blinded in 1956, when an unknown gangster threw sulfuric acid in Riesel’s face as he left Lindy’s restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Also in 1943, Italian Carlo Tresca, the editor and publisher of the Italian Newspaper Il Martello, which was sold in New York City, was gunning down on 5th Avenue and 13th street in Manhattan, allegedly by Mafia members who were acting on orders from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

So these things can, and will happen; anyplace in the world, not only in Dublin.

The article below can be seen at:

Irish gangsters put bounty on head of Dublin crime reporter

Irish police say they have uncovered a plot to murder three people, including Sunday World journalist Mick McCaffrey

The threats against Mick McCaffrey have raised fears of another assassination similar to that of Veronica Guerin, who was shot dead by Irish gangsters in 1996. Photograph: PA

An Irish crime gang has put a bounty of €20,000 (£17,200) on the head of a Dublin journalist, police sources say, provoking fears of another assassination similar to that of Veronica Guerin.

Irish police said on Thursday they had uncovered a plan “at an advanced stage” to have three people murdered in the city, including crime reporter Mick McCaffrey, a former reporter with the Evening Herald who now works for the Sunday World.

Six people have been arrested in connection with the murder plot. Among the others targeted is a member of the Garda Síochána and a witness willing to give evidence against the gang over an assault at a Dublin hospital two years ago.

McCaffrey has taken a number of security precautions while Gardai monitor his home and a safe house where he currently lives.

Garda sources said the gang behind the threat are from west Dublin.

Detectives believe McCaffrey has been targeted because he wrote a number of articles recently about the sexual activities of the crime gang’s boss, who is currently in jail. They said the gangster became “apoplectic with rage” over the reports and ordered a hit against McCaffrey. It is understood fellow inmates read the stories and started taunting him.

McCaffrey’s former Sunday World colleague, Irish Sun reporter Paul Williams, has 24-hour Garda protection following death threats from Dublin gangsters. In 2003 a crime gang with links to the Irish National Liberation Army placed a booby-trapped bomb under his car.

The threats, assaults and murder plots against Irish journalists began in 1996 when gangsters loyal to the convicted Dublin drug dealer John Gilligan shot Veronica Guerin dead as she was returning from a court case.

Her death provoked national protests and prompted the government to set up the Criminal Assets Bureau – the crime fighting unit tasked with seizing money and assets of criminals. Guerin’s expose of Dublin gangland and her death was later the subject of a Holywood biopic starring Cate Blanchett.Criminal Assets Bureau

Five years later the Loyalist Volunteer Force shot dead Sunday World reporter Martin O’Hagan in front of his wife near their home in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

This latest threat is being taken extremely seriously by both the Garda Síochána and the Dublin media. Garda sources say the man who has taken up the €20,000 bounty from the gang is a “violent psychopath”.


2 Responses to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Irish Gangsters Put Bounty on Dublin Reporter”

  1. A Mafia member on order of Mussolini? Never heard this. Mussolini had been the worst mafia’s enemy in Italian history. In fact during his power Mafia went “in sonno” in sleep in Italy. No mafia crimes were recorded. Mafia came back with American troops when they landed in Sicily, called Cosa Nostra.

    • Angelo,

      This was true of Mussolini before World War 2. He chased the Mafia out of Sicily. That’s why we had hundreds of Mafioso running to America. Around 1926, Mussolini did arrest Don Vito Cascio Ferro, who was the head of the Mafia in Sicily. When that happened, the rest escaped to America.

      However, when Vito Genovese escaped to Italy to avoid a murder trial in New York City, he became fast friends with Mussolini. Gave Mussolini tons of money; did Mussolini many favors. One was having Tresca killed in New York City. Allegedly by Carmine Galente. Tresca was writing bad things about Mussolini and fascism.

      In return, Mussolini let Genovese run the black market goods in Italy. This went on until Mussolini was killed.

      After the war, Genovese went back to America. All the witnesses against him in the murder trial were either dead, or disappeared. The charges were dropped and Genovese began his quest to get his power back. in New York City.

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