Joe Bruno on the Mob – NYPD Cop William Masso Called a “Wiseguy.”

Just because a cop is a relative of a known organized crime figure, doesn’t make that cop a mobbed-up guy himself.

Officer William Masso is one of the eight cops recently arrested on gum smuggling charges in New York City, after the FBI ran a sting allegedly duping the eight cops into thinking that a gun transaction was about to take place. Maybe Masso, who is described as the “ringleader” of this gang of cops, is guilty, and maybe he’s not guilty. That’s besides the point.

Now through innuendo and a family association with a well-know organized crime figure, Masso reputation is being sullied with accusations that he is a Mafia associate himself. The FBI said in the article below that they have secretly made recordings of Masso in which they said he “sounded like a wiseguy.”

Well, how exactly does a wiseguy sound?

Some wiseguys speak better English than some FBI agents. It’s a stretch to say that just because a person sounds like someone the FBI portrays as wiseguy-sounding, makes that person an actual wiseguy. (Get it?)

Then we have the guilt-by-association charge.

Alphonse “Allie Shades” Malangone is a mob figure who people in law enforcement say is a relative of Masso’s, but they don’t say exactly how he is a relative.

Is Malangone Masso’s cousin?

Is one of the two men married to the others cousin?

Not that it really matters anyway, because it’s all irrelevant.

When Malangone was about to be sentenced more than 15 years ago, Masso allegedly wrote the presiding judge a letter asking him to “go easy on his relative.”

Well, who wouldn’t do this for a relative? I know I would. Wouldn’t you?

Is it such a crime to write a letter asking for leniency for a relative, or even for a good friend?

Look, there are a lot of bad guys out there and the FBI is doing a good job putting them behind bars. But this extraneous bull crap is not necessary.

Try Masso on the merits of his case. That’s all the FBI needs to do, and should do.

How Masso speaks, and the social quality of his relatives, are not pertinent to the case of gun smuggling, of which Masso is charged.


You can see the article below at:

Officer William Masso, Accused In Smuggling Ring, Described As Wiseguy

October 26, 2011 8:52 PM

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The arrests of eight current and former NYPD officers on gun smuggling charges has rocked the department. The alleged ringleader of the operation, William Masso, is a veteran of the force.

Unlike most of his co-defendants who dashed past the cameras, Masso walked with a slight swagger as members of the media snapped pictures and asked questions. He didn’t run at all and practically posed.

While Masso’s alleged actions may have been for the sake of his family, it also could have been because Masso knows the code of the streets better than most — he’s a cop with family in the mob.

Robert Morgenthau, the legendary former Manhattan District Attorney put a relative of Masso’s, Alphonse “Allie Shades” Malangone, away.

He was the captain of the Genovese family, represented the Genovese interest in the fish market as well as in the carting industry,” Morgenthau told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

When “Allie Shades” was about to be sentenced, Masso wrote the judge a letter asking him to go easy on his relative. “Allie Shades” got out of prison a couple of years ago after serving a 15-year sentence.

The FBI said they picked up Masso and secretly made recordings in which they said he sounded like a wiseguy.

For example, Masso is allegedly heard on a tape putting a crew together saying:

(I can get a) retired cop, active cop, ex-cop, bad guy…one guy seven-foot tall, with muscles out to here…You want a guy to beat the [expletive] out of somebody, we got that. We got cops with vests and guns.”

Now, all the investigators are comparing notes. To see if there’s more about Masso. That they should know.


One Response to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – NYPD Cop William Masso Called a “Wiseguy.””

  1. “Oh’ how ” I would love to agree with you Mr. Joe Bruno I know you are a writer I follow your work ,and you sound like a” Wiseguy “yourself ! the way you got to the point is exactly how the Mob opperates ,what I am wrong ,just because you are an author you know how to maybe convey your words and feelings of a mafioso How many years have you been writting about the Mob ?
    You must have been hooked,
    like the rest of them about the good parts of this once life was fast and short and prison or the grave ,the game was changed with the notoriety of” Henry Hill” , is another way they like to conduct them selve’s as if this can be duplicated , just look at “Mob over Miami’s” own in paradise everyday , is serious ! While people in prison going to die !

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