Joe Bruno on the Mob – Fat Freddy Thompson’s Paperwork Cleared For Extradition to Spain

It seems being in prison for 12 days in Dublin made Fat Freddie Thompson a little less hefty, but it sure hasn’t hurt his thought process.

Some people were a little shocked that Thompson would agree so easily to be extradited from an Irish prison to Spain to face charges he was involved in a drug gang run by Irish mob boss Christy Kinahan. But there may be a method to Thompson’s madness.

Irish authorities feel very strongly that Thompson would get a much better chance in Spain of getting bail while awaiting trial, than he would in Cloverhill Prison in west Dublin. If Thompson did get bail in Spain, and that is a very iffy proposition at best, then Thompson would be in a great position to go on the lam to avoid prosecution. Thompson has been a heavy traveler all across Europe in the past several years, and it would not be hard for him to pull a disappearing act to anyone of the many cities, towns, hamlets, or even somewhere in the moors of Great Britain.

One thing for sure, you can’t sell Thompson short when it comes to going “into the wind.” He’s done that before and has been very successful at it.

This might explain why Thompson waived the usual 10-day delay on the extradition. Thompson’s lawyer said that “Mr Thompson was ‘anxious’ to be surrendered to the Spanish authorities and did not want to ‘hold the process up’.”

Men like Thompson always have an ace up their sleeves. I’m anxious to see what happens in Spain. But If Thompson is indeed able to get bail (and I’m sure he had tons of money stashed away someplace to put up for bail), don’t count on him ever making it into a Spanish court.

Frankly, waiving extradition to Spain was the smart move, and Fat Freddie Thompson has always proved to be pretty smart when it comes to avoiding prison.


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Fat’ Freddie set to be extradited after paperwork delays

By Charlie Mallon

Friday October 28 2011

A PAPERWORK delay was finally overcome today to allow for the uncontested extradition of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson to Spain.

Arrangements are now under way to process the 30-year-old Dublin gangster in a Madrid court on gangland charges tomorrow.

He was due to be flown out yesterday but a further delay arose in the presentation of documents, which has repeatedly held up the extradition process.

He had waived all rights to contest the European warrant for his arrest on drugs and gun charges linked to Spain- based Irish gang boss, Christy Kinahan.

The move was initially expected to take just two or three days.

But Thompson has spent the past 12 days in the remand prison at Cloverhill in west Dublin where he has been accommodated in a segregated unit on the D2 landing.

Today’s plan is for the heavily armed Special Detective Unit to accompany him on the initial leg of his journey to Dublin Airport.

He is being handed over to Spanish authorities on the runway at the airport.

‘Fat’ Freddie who, according to prison sources, has lost a considerable amount of weight, is expected to be sent initially to the Soto del Real prison near Madrid.

Charlie Mallon

Jailed Freddie’s girlfriend hands over his passport

By Charlie Mallon

Wednesday October 26 2011

‘FAT’ Freddie Thompson’s girlfriend has handed over his passport to authorities ahead of his extradition to Spain.

The gang boss arranged for his girlfriend Vicky Dempsey to access his passport and hand it over.

She brought it with her on Saturday after an earlier visit to him at Cloverhill remand prison, where he is being held.

After a morning visit to his cell on the D2 wing, she returned in the afternoon and left the passport at the main gate for delivery to the governor’s office.

It is understood the passport was locked in the safe there before being taken to the office of governor Sean Quigley.

Ms Dempsey has been his most frequent visitor since his arrest on October 14.

Immediately after his arrest, on a European warrant on charges relating to weapons and drug trafficking, Thompson decided on his strategy. Following a visit from his solicitor he indicated to prison staff that he would not not be taking a legal proceedings to stall his immediate extradition.

He confirmed this in the High Court, saying he consented to extradition “straight away”.

The 30-year-old waived a 10-day delay on the extradition with his lawyer, saying Mr Thompson was “anxious” to be surrendered to the Spanish authorities and did not want to “hold the process up”.

The Spanish authorities have been seeking his extradition on the grounds that he is a member of a criminal organisation.

Gardai insist that Thompson knows he has a better chance now of getting bail in Spain, where senior officers would be strenuously objecting to bail on any terms.

– Charlie Mallon


One Response to “Joe Bruno on the Mob – Fat Freddy Thompson’s Paperwork Cleared For Extradition to Spain”

  1. Once again regarding EU law he cannot be extradited to spend years awaiting trial trial must be ready to go ahead or he may have been convicted in his absence therefore making it a detention warrant.. The Garda already said that the evidence was insufficient to convict in an Irish court! Once Freddy is out of his country where he holds citizenship he is covered by “Primary Law” which in this case means EU Law.

    Since Freddy supposed crimes happened in 2008/9/10 whenever the new legislation was not implamented and Spain does not have jurisdiction over crimes that supposedly happened in the Netherlands and Holland have not issued an arrest warrent in this case i.e.: no crime reported.

    My opinion this is further “Shovel” intervention and what do you do with a shovel you dig, he has been extradited really under an EIO (European Investigation Order) which Ireland have not signed and the legislation has not been ratified.

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